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10 рандомно выпавших песен из моего плейлиста? ладушки, интересно, что включится.

1. ed sheeran – thinking out loud.
2. the pretty reckless – zombie.
3. synoid – bow down.
4. daughter – landfill.
5. halsey – young god.
6. robert pattinson – love hurts.
7. the pretty reckless – heaven knows.
8. linkin park – numb.
9. adam lambert – mad world.
10. troye sivan – fools.

передаю всем желающим.

Sometimes I do get really upset

about all the hate for the cast of the new live action of Beauty and the Beast.
I understand you might not like them or whatever but we don’t realize how extremely lucky we are for having Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

I mean, you do all know that Bill Condon thought of hiring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for Belle and the Beast.

Nothing against them, really, but I wouldn’t have loved a Twilight 2.0

So, cheer up guys, we have a really great group of actors in this film *^*



Connection to: Clyde Foy
Character Name: Up to the player
Face Claim OR Up to Player? Jared Leto or Robert Pattinson or Daniel Radcliffe
Age: Up to Player
Master, Slave, or Professor: Master/Professor
Species: Up to player

He’s calculated and rather thinks ahead than doing anything just for the fun of it. That doesn’t mean he’s not humorous though. Hanging around with him can still be fun considering he has lots of stories to tell and is open-minded in general. He enjoys working and connecting to people and rather faces struggles straight on instead of ignoring them. He’s hard-working, determined and witty in his language.

For the most part its extremely open and can be discussed.
It would be nice if he either runs a business of his own too or has some other kinds of experience in business management or anything of that kind.
If you decide to play a supernatural, we could add that you gladly agreed to his friend’s request, knowing in what kind of school his son ended up in.

How are the characters connected?
He is a childhood friend of Clyde’s father who has send him to the Institute to have an eye upon his son to make sure that he really does take his education seriously and doesn’t fool around. [Clyde is at the Institute because his, i.e. his father’s business, got bankrupt and he tries to fix it, though Clyde usually keeps this hidden from others, rather bragging about owning a business. So that’s for instance one thing, that he knows about his background too]
The two of them never really had much contact with each other yet. His father most likely did tell some significant stories about him but that’s about it.

Anything else:
It’s still a pretty open character so we definitely can get in contact and flesh him out together!

Please contact Clyde Foy for more information


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Iconatomy, al final todos los famosos se parecen

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Iconos de distintas épocas de Hollywood son mezclados en un collage digital por  George Chamoun. En Iconatomy , llamado así por la unión de las palabras Icono y anatomía,  podemos ver a las mezclas de Elisabeth Taylor con Angelina Jolie, Cary Grant con George Clooney, Natalie Portman con Audrey Hepburn, Robert Pattinson con James Dean; y finalmente Marilyn Monroe con Scarlett Johansson. ’

Claramente las parejas a unir no son al azar, porque algunas tienen un parecido impresionante y un punto importante de aclarar es que las imágenes no están retocadas, solo recortadas, ya que Champoun  busco foto por foto hasta encontrar el calce perfecto entre las imágenes.

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Robert Pattinson και FGA Twigs σε μία πολύ σπάνια έξοδο! Bίντεο
Το συγκεκριμένο ζευγάρι είναι από αυτά που τα χαρακτηρίζεις πολύ «χαμηλών τόνων», μιας και πολύ σπάνια -έως και καθόλου θα λέγαμε- το βλέπουμε έξω μαζί σε δημόσιες εμφανίσεις.Μάλιστα, πριν από μερικούς μήνες κυκλοφόρησαν και φήμες πως άλλαξαν τα σχέδια τους και τελικά ο αρραβώνας τους