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robert sugden’s hair appreciation (7/?)

↳ 25th february 2016


Aaron Tveit - I’ve Been (Tom Kitt’s Band Version)

The Belasco Theatre- Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, May 14, 2017


get to know me: [3/10] films  → the road within (2014)

“You don’t know what it’s like. I’ve got a lot to offer but these stupid rituals take over everything, made my world smaller and smaller. I’m stuck in a fucking cage. I’d give anything to be free, but it doesn’t stop.”


robert sugden’s hair appreciation (4/?)

↳ 2nd march 2016  


My new robron video about this amazing wedding! (:

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Because you are a Sweetheart and I love you, front and back. Here have fic!

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Nothing was how he’d pictured his honeymoon with Aaron, but Robert had made his bed, so to speak, and the most important thing was making sure that his family was okay. If they stopped being his family once they knew truth, he wanted them to be happy, healthy and safe first.

But inner struggle aside, Robert never thought he’d be escorting his mother in law back to their hotel because she was drunk off her ass, on his honeymoon.

“Careful!” he warned, when she went to step out into the traffic without looking first.

Chas stopped and tilted her head observing Robert. “You know, Robert Sugden, you’re not half as bad as you think you are,” she said, before letting out a god awful, and extremely unladylike, burp.

He’d given up on trying to know what to expect from her by this point, but still her words shocked the hell out of him.

“Don’t you mean, I’m not half as bad as you think I am?” Robert replied, trying not to laugh.

“Yes, that too my lovely,” Chas said, patting Robert once on the cheek, all gentle like before slapping him twice hard. “I’m still mad at you.”

“I know. If I could take it back I would, I never wanted to cause Aaron pain,” Robert said, suddenly feeling less than jovial.

Chas let out a snort of, what Robert assumed was, disgust.

“You hurt me too Robert Sugden. I can see why he loves you and I know you love him. I just forgot you were an idiot and that pissed me off. I didn’t like that you let me down. I was rooting for you,” Chas said, stumbling against Robert.

He put an arm around her and safely guided her into their hotel, then into the lift.

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i feel like this is hella specific while still being incredibly vague as a prompt but i believe in u: how about rob is upset about something (your choice) and trying his damnedest to hide it as usual, and liv cheers him up without even realising she's doing it? bonus points if aaron does notice but actually thinks that is the most effective way of cheering up rob <33

Liv raised an eyebrow as she looked at Robert hunched over on the couch, staring blankly at the television. It was late enough on Saturday morning, late enough for it to be strange that Robert was still in his pyjamas, the ridiculous Star Wars patterned trousers she’d bought him last Christmas paired with a hoodie of Aaron’s she was prone to stealing herself.

Spreading some more chocolate spread on the pile of toast she’d made herself, Liv picked up her cup of tea, padding across the kitchen to join Robert on the couch, plonking herself down beside him unceremoniously.

“Why are you watching the news?” Liv rolled her eyes, dumping her plate and mug down on the coffee table, half expecting Robert’s usual lecture about getting a coaster.

Robert shrugged, glancing at the television. “Wanted to see if the world had ended yet,” he quipped, gesturing at the news story about Trump.

Liv rolled her eyes, grabbing the control and turning Netflix on, flicking through the shows they’d been watching. She and Robert had been working their way through American Horror Story, Aaron not one bit interested in watching it with them.

“Have you been watching it without me?” Liv asked, suspicious. She could have sworn they’d only been on season three, but Netflix was telling her otherwise.

Robert shook his head. “I think we both fell asleep the other week when we were watching it,” he admitted, leaning back in his seat, the sleeves of Aaron’s hoodie tugged down around his wrists. “Bit gorey for this hour of the morning though, innit?”

Liv rolled her eyes. “What do you want to watch then?”

Robert reached across for the control, flicking through the options on Netflix before he came to an unfamiliar title. “Fawlty Towers,” he grinned, as if Liv should know what that was. “We used to watch this all the time growing up. It aired in like the 1970s, and they only ever made twelve episodes, but it’s the best.”

“The 70s? Jesus, Robert, how old are you?”

Robert rolled his eyes, shoving at her side. “I’m not that old, cheeky. It’s a classic, you’ll love it.”

Liv settled back on the couch, offering Robert a slice of toast before she spoke. “If I don’t, I’m making you watch all of Stranger Things from the beginning again.”

“For the third time?” Robert raised an eyebrow. First time around, the three of them had watched it together, and Liv had then roped Robert into watching it all again, knowing Aaron had little interest.

Liv grinned, confirming his suspicions. “For the third time.”

It was hours later when Aaron finally got home, and they’d managed to work their way through ten of the twelve episodes, half eaten pizza scattered across the coffee table, Liv sitting with an ice cream tub in hand.

Robert was as much of a slob as she was, when he wanted to be, ordering them in a feast from Dominos and trekking to David’s to get in some ice cream and crisps. It was the best kind of day, and Aaron arriving home only made it all the better.

“Hiya,” Aaron greeted, kicking his boots off at the door. “Have you two been lazing in here all day?” he inquired, padding across the room in his socks to drop a kiss to Robert’s chocolate covered lips.

Liv did her usual of pretending like they were disgusting her, but in actuality, she loved days like these, when nothing in the world had gone wrong, and the three of them were just happy.

A happy family.

“I need to piss,” Robert mumbled, Liv wrinkling her nose at his admission.

“Gross, go away.” Liv kicked at Robert with her slippered foot, Aaron snorting as his husband stumbled slightly, his knees cracking as he eased himself up off the couch. “Boys are disgusting.”

“Yeah, they are.” Aaron agreed, sitting down next to her on the couch, stealing a spoonful of the ice cream, reaching for some of the leftover pizza as he ate. “How’s he been today?”

Liv raised an eyebrow. “He’s been brilliant, we’ve been watching some old show he used to watch with his family all day,” she shrugged, wondering why Aaron would even need to ask.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “So he’s been fine, all day?”

“Yeah, why?”

Aaron tugged her close, pressing a kiss to the side of her forehead. “You’re a star, you know that?” he said, a bright smile on his face. He genuinely looked proud of her, as if she’d done something other than slob about in her pyjamas all day long, eating junk food and watching telly.

“Why are you being so weird?” Liv asked, not protesting the cuddle Aaron was giving her. He was her big brother, after all.

“It’s his mum’s anniversary today,” Aaron admitted, glancing toward the bathroom, checking if Robert was on his way back. “He finds it really tough, and I was worried about him being alone today.”

Liv didn’t know much about Robert and his family, just enough to know his parents were both dead, that he’d lost his mum in tragic circumstances - she’d been a good mum, as well, judging by how Robert would talk about her sometimes, briefly mentioning something she’d do, or cook, a soft, sad smile on his face.

“I didn’t know,” Liv said quietly, glancing at the paused screen. She’d been happy to indulge Robert and watch all of Fawlty Towers with him when she realised just how genuinely funny it was, Robert quoting every character as though he’d watched it a million times over himself.

“Did a stand up job either way,” Aaron beamed at her, munching his way through his slice of pizza.

Liv couldn’t help feeling a little bit proud of herself. Robert had been a rock for her for a long time now, sorting her problems and getting her place back at school, making sure she was getting on alright.

She’d never really thought about how she’d ever be able to help him, return the favour.

But she had, and without knowing, too.

Liv grinned, scooping out the last of the ice cream, the chocolatey mixture mostly melted now, chunks of cookie dough floating in the soupy dregs left in the tub. “Well, he’s my brother too, had to look out for him, didn’t I?”


robert & aaron | love gone wrong

And I’ve lost who I am, and I can’t understand
Why my heart is so broken, rejecting your love  

Rhaegar x Stark!Reader...

Word Count: 1,864

Warning: None

((I hope you like it anon!))

You knew the moment the crowned prince offered you the crown and gave you the title as “Queen of Love and Beauty” over his wife that this wasn’t just a harmless action. The way his purple indigo eyes watched you as you took the crown from the tip of his lance and placed it on your head…it scared you. The way he watched you even as everyone in attendance remained seated, all watching with eyes wide and full of shock, confusion, and a few of outrage. This wasn’t something you and your twin sister, Lyanna, would be gushing about later in your tent.

At least it wasn’t Lyanna. You couldn’t help but think as your brothers, Brandon and Ned, pulled you from the stands and back toward where the tents of the North had been set up among those of the Stormlands and the Vale.

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Light For The Lost

This title sounds really emo but i promise it makes narrative sense

Anyway here’s Pere Robert and Belle because I have Feelings

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Robert looked up when he heard the sniffling from outside the door.

It was late, late enough that the sky was on fire and the shadows were thick and reaching. In windows, lights were blown out as the night came sneaking into Villeneuve. It turned the small chapel into a haven of shadows and dancing candlelight, soft and gentle on day-tired eyes. Robert wasn’t unused to the people of Villeneuve making their way to the chapel. People felt safe there, protected against whatever beasts had risen up to nip at their heels. So, when Robert heard the tiny cries, he set down the book he’d been reading (he always read before bed) and went to go see what unfortunate needed help.

When he opened the door, the girl who’d been sitting there, back to the doorway, gasped and jumped backwards, falling over with a start in the dirt. She blinked owlishly at him, face red and tear-sodden.

He recognized her, of course. Belle Durant, daughter of the artist Maurice Durant. The pair kept mostly to themselves. Robert generally saw them when they showed up at the chapel nearly every Sunday, very polite and quiet, singing along to the hymns, although also whispering to each other during lulls in the service. While they were hardly unfriendly, they were very private people who rarely mixed with the rest of the townsfolk. Robert had never seen Belle at the school -

Whispers on the air, the sweet scent of roses -

Which was right, of course. The schoolmaster had never let girls into the school, not for as long as Robert could remember. Such a shame, really.

He knelt down carefully in front of Belle. “What’s the matter, Mlle Durant?”

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