robert x rosalind

the same coin
a lutecest fanmix | lutecelabs

break the sky  ☛ the hush sound
{before the world dies at my door / i’ll break the sky, for you and i are going nowhere / kiss goodbye, a dozen times before we get there / why do i need anyone else, when i can break the sky myself?}

la llarona  ☛ beirut
{all it takes to fall / what a quiet world after all / of the things that you guessed will come / what a moment it was after all}

never tear us apart  ☛ paloma faith
{i, i was standing / you were there / two worlds collided / and they could never tear us apart}

two planets  ☛ bat for lashes
{and life is so much dark and light / when day cannot exist without a night / and you are not separate from me}

bernadette ☛ iamx
{you and me in our playhouse, living in a veil, we never need to go without / memories bring no joy or peace, we are alone , and all we need}

something about us  ☛ daft punk
{but there’s something about us i’ve got to do, some kind of secret i will share with you / i need you more than anything in my life}

future starts slow  ☛ the kills
{you can holler, you can wail, you can swing, you can flail, you can fuck like a broken sail / but i’ll never give you up / if i ever give you up my heart will surely fail}

paradise circus  ☛ massive attack
{the devil makes us sin, but we like it when we’re spinning in his grip / love is like a sin, my love, for the ones that feel it the most}

in my veins  ☛ andrew belle
{oh, you’re in my veins, and i cannot get you out / oh, you’re all I taste, at night inside of my mouth}

crystalised  ☛ the xx
{things have gotten closer to the sun and i’ve done things in small doses / so don’t think that i’m pushing you away when you’re the one that i’ve kept closest}

destined for great things  ☛ nick cave & warren ellis


HEADS & TAILS || a lutecest fanmix

“Heads?” “Or tails?”

Skyfall - Adele // Avenue - Agnes Obel // Trade Mistakes - Panic At The Disco // The Masochism Tango - Ringlefinch // Lighthouse - The Hush Sound // Always - Panic At The Disco // Never Tear Us Apart - Paloma Faith // Symmetry - Little Boots // Alternativ Reality - Dirty Honkers // Habits - Maria Mena & Mads Langer // Echo - Jason Walker // If It Kills Me - Jason Mraz // Next To Me - Emeli Sandé // My Kind Of Love - Emeli Sandé // Did I Make The Most Of Loving You - Downton Abbey OST // Mirror - Ellie Goulding // That Man - Caro Emerald // Life And Death - The Dear Hunter // Chin Up - Copeland // Birds Of A Feather - The Civil Wars // I Know That He’s Mine - Caro Emerald // A Thousand Years - Christina Perri // In My Veins - Andrew Belle // Talking To The Moon - Bruno Mars // Lutece - Bioshock: Infinite OST // Pioneers - Bloc Party

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(Spoilers for Bioshock Infinite abound)


It’s been ages since I’ve purchased a video game or system. In fact, the last video game system I purchased was the original Nintendo Wii, years ago, pretty much solely so I could play Smash Brothers Brawl and the Wii version Mario Kart with my friends. I haven’t played a single player video game in ages.

However, the fact that Astrid (of x4ashes4ashes) kept reblogging stuff about some “Bioshock infinite” sibling pairing of characters named Robert and Rosalind made me extremely curious, so naturally I had to look into it. Astrid has previously stated on her tumblr and main blog that she isn’t particularly interested in video games, so for her to reblog multiple entries about video game siblings meant that there had to be something special going on between them that I needed to check out.

I had a former roommate who had an Xbox 360 and played the original Bioshock constantly, so I knew the original Bioshock’s game and storyline pretty well. I’ve never even seen a millisecond of Bioshock 2, though.

So after I saw Astrid blog posts about this pair on Bioshock Infinite, I looked on tumblr for the “Lutecest” tag, and found a HUGE following for it. Very encouraging.  I knew I had to investigate it further.

I looked at the Wikipedia entry for the game and found out that they are a pair of “twins” who mysteriously appear at various occasions and help (or confuse) your character throughout the game. And then I saw that they weren’t actually siblings, but alternate reality versions of the same person who came in contact with each other, and yet regarded each other as siblings.

Good enough for me! Especially once I saw that she always calls him “brother.” I ship “reverse gender clones who regard each other as siblings” all the time. See: Wolverine/X-23 and Ultimate Spider-Man/Ultimate Spider-Woman. Alternate reality gender-swapped versions of the same person counts as well, especially if they consider each other siblings. That’s good enough for me to consider each other brother and sister. And from what I’ve seen, we see Robert and Rosalind refer to each other as “brother” and “sister” plenty of times.  

As such, I found this video which entails every scene in which they make an appearance very engaging. It was great! I watched the video of all of the scenes in which they appear, and I loved it.

Best/incest-y parts:

2:09: Robert is just randomly juggling for no reason, with Rosalind as the only apparent witness. Showing off his skills in order to impress his sister?

02:54: Rosalind cutely and flirtatiously lifts his head and says “Chin up, there’s always next time.”

09:47: Romantically ballroom dancing with each other. Um, okay. Wow. Bonus points: When searching for the “Lutecest” tag, I saw that one of the entries apparently zoomed in on this scene and saw that this was the only time in the entire game where Rosalind was seen actually smiling. To reiterate: Romantically dancing with her brother is the only thing that makes her smile. Meanwhile, they’re talking about how they finish each other’s sentences and how that’s natural.

16:42: Rosalind laments that she’s apparently trapped in some sort of dimension between space and time. And yet, despite this horrible fate, she says that she’s “content” because her brother is there with her, so she’s okay with it.

17:49: Rosalind doesn’t agree with Robert’s decision to do their best to rescue Elizabeth, but his threat of leaving her is too much for her to bear, so she has to agree to help him solely because she doesn’t want to lose him.

“Alternate reality gender-reversed duplicate from an another dimension” incest for the win!