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Scream Queens' Killer Suspects

Presumed Dead
• Mrs. Bean
• Chanel #2
• Coney
• Rodger
• Dodger
• Sam
• Tiffany
• Jennifer

Suspects (and M.O.) from least likely to most likely
•Dean Munsch - she hates the Greek system and what it represents, yet she has had the blame placed on her so many times that I think she is an easy scapegoat. Granted, she is extremely manipulative and as THE scream queen, who better to turn out to be the villain.

• Zayday - she has the desire to change the entire way that the Greek system works. Still, she has been presumed guilty too many times for me to think she’s anything more than a red herring.

•Earl Grey - knows more than he lets on. Part of me think that he staged Zayday’s capture, in order to get her to be more recognized. More than anything I think he’d be a copycat killer/abductor.

• Grace - as the show’s chief protagonist, she has a dark side to her. What better of a twist than for her to actually be unmasked as the villain. Yet, so much attention has already been drawn to her that I feel it would be predictable, were she the killer.

• Hester - obsessed with a morbid fascination of death, yet suddenly freaks out at the Haunted House. She has the same dark features of Gigi and Boone, so she could be the girl baby. But, her craziness seems too pronounced to make her such an obvious suspect. She wants everything Chanel has, but if she were the killer, why not just kill Chanel outright? Randomly, the name Hester also ties back into the SCARLETT Letter… it’s a reach, but RED Devil.

• Pete - Something is off about Pete. He has a history of “stalking” and was the mascot. He could easily turn into the Billy Loomis to Grace’s Cindy, which is something I am definitely keeping in mind, given that Ryan Murphy loves his homages. Again, though I think so much attention is drawn to him that it would be too predictable.

• Denise - Denise has been at the scenes of multiple of the attacks, yet has failed to protect the girls. Something, in the way that she and Dean Munsch talk about her conquest of Chad and her vehement pinning of blame on Zayday strikes me as peculiar. She would be one to least expect, but she’s high on my suspect list.

•Chanel - For one of the show’s strongest visible antagonists, the blame has been thrown off Chanel a remarkable amount of times. Like she hasn’t even been suspected in some cases. Plus, she “saw” the Red Devil in her room, yet he failed to kill her. Seems slightly suspicious. However, she has very little to gain from the murders, unless she is the baby or unless she is seeking FAME.

• Chanel #5 - obviously has her issues with Chanel. Is threatened multiple times by Chanel and essentially treated like garbage by her. At first, she was going to leave Kappa, yet she came back. Why? And why would she slowly pick off every other sorority member? However, she and Boone did seem to have that conversation in the coffee house staged.

• Chanel #3 - What actual facts do we know about Chanel #3? Allegedly, her father is Charles Manson. Allegedly, she is pansexual. Allegedly, her boyfriend threatened to cut off her ears. And allegedly, she believes Zayday is the killer so much so that she will pay Denise 3 million dollars to prove her guilt. She additionally made Sam, who she just happens to condemn to death by going down to the vault, be her alibi. She also bails Chanel out of jail and then proceeds to plan her murder? My money is strongly on Chanel #3. After all, Sam did say she knew who it was.

• Weston - sketchy to the max, especially as of late. He had to have known Gigi, which means in some sense he knew about the baby. My thoughts are that he burned down the house because Boone is in fact his son, and Grace is his daughter. They are the twins. Maybe, Gigi doesn’t know this, but maybe she does. Maybe he is playing her, so that he can get his revenge on her later on. Wes has ALWAYS been highly suspect on my radar. And again, I POINT to the FACT that he is obsessed with playlists, and the killer plays 80s music.

• Chad Radwell - At first, I thought it would be too obvious if Chad was indeed the killer, given that early on they tried to pin it on him. But again, Ryan Murphy loves his homages, and I think he might be the TRUE Billy Loomis to Chanel’s Cindy. Yes, I in fact believe that Chad’s over exaggerated sexual prowess is hiding the fact that he and Boone are working together. He is overcompensating and I firmly believe that if he is not the killer, he will at least, come out by the end of the season.

AND LAST OF ALL…. Hear me out on this.
Melanie Dorkess - former Kappa president, who was injured by Chanel. Granted, she was only in one episode, but I think that she has exacted revenge on the Kappa house not only for what happened to her, but for what happened to that baby in the tub. I think she is the other Twin and that the image of the Red Devil she saw, who just happened not to kill her, was an offer to join the pack. Not only that, but she said that you literally have to “dance with the devil”, which was alluded to in Chanel #2’s murder. I think she’ll come back to haunt them. After all, Gigi was called in, when Dean Munsch threatened to revoke their charter after the event. Maybe Gigi and her are in cohoots? Who would ever expect her??