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Jackson Robert Scott has advice for young actors!

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She’s 6, how can she scare you?

“Robert she’s six, how can she scare you?” Aaron couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing.

Pausing in his typing Robert looked at Aaron over his laptop, before replying, “you’ve met April, right? She’s not a normal six-year-old Aaron, she knows things.”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at the look of utter terror on his husband’s face, “you make her sound like she’s a kid from a horror movie or something. She’s not going to hurt you, you know.” He gave him a playful smack on the arm as he walked past on his way to the kitchen. “Besides, what the hell do you mean by she knows things? I think you might be getting her mixed up with Faith there mate.”

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Basic Math Tutorial with Giles Christophe (kid!MC & others)
  • Giles: Okay, listen to me. Alyn has 50 chocolate bars and he eats 35 of it. What does he have afterwards?
  • Louis: Cavities. Alyn has cavities.
  • Leo: No, he has diabetes! My parents say that if we eat too much sweets, we'll get diabetes.
  • Giles: No. Both of you gave the wrong answer.
  • Byron: But you asked what does he have, sensei. You didn't ask HOW MUCH does he have now.
  • Albert: King Byron was right.
  • Nico: Wait, why do you call Byron king, Al?
  • Sid: I don't care how much or what does he have. He should've sold it.
  • Robert: Can I use the chocolate for painting?
  • Princess: Alyn! Why didn't you share your 50 chocolates?! I hate you!
  • Alyn: [frowns then he turned to Giles] Now she's mad at me. You better fix this.
  • Giles: [facepalm]

This picture completely melts my heart!

Actually, any picture or video I see of Matt Smith with kids makes me smile, he’s always so sweet with them! Ugh, I just want to give him children, like, can I have kids for you because you would be an amazing father.


Robert Lewandowski being a little kid

so cewuuute !