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Top 10 Most Fabulous Male Characters

10.  Obi Wan Kenobi
9.   James Bond
8.   Atticus Finch
7.   Captian Jack Sparrow
6.   Neal Caffrey
5.   Severus Snape
4.   Hannibal Lecter
3.   Iron Man/Tony Stark
2.   Loki Laufeyson
1.   The Elven King/Thranduil

volkswagonblues  asked:

how much does George Parros look like an adult version of Shitty?

Holster squints at the image Ransom pulls up on his laptop. “Eeeeeeh, Imma go with like a 6? Outta 10? I mean, there’s the mustache and the flow, but you’re missing like basic similarities in facial bone structure there.”

Holster looks back at Shitty, who’s reclined in Ransom’s bed because of the Never-Again-Shitty-With-No-Pants-In-Holster’s-Bed Act of September 2013.

“Meh, 6.5. Because eyebrows.”

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Tahiti Trip

Thanks to Tahiti Tourism Office we had the best VIP welcome ever in Tahiti with a group of local dancers.

Big thanks to Air Tahiti Nui for flying us from Tokyo - it takes some 12 hours, and you leave Tokyo in the afternoon and reach Tahiti Faa’a in the early morning hours. What I loved about Air Tahiti Nui was that you receive a fresh gardenia flower straight during boarding, so even during a takeoff in Tokyo you start feeling holiday mood.

Les grottes de Mara’a - Mara’a natural caves reserve.

Le Laboratoire du Formulateur (+689 87 77 37 64)  is a place where you can learn everything about moon oil, they produce moon for majority of French luxury brands, but it is also possible to follow a workshop (which we did) and create your own moon oil.

Here is how the bar of various monoi oils looks like. This oil has fantastic moisturizing proprieties on hair and skin and has been used by the locals for ages. It smells beautiful. Monoi oil is a tiare flower macerated in coconut oil. Tiare is a special Tahitian gardenia plant with beautiful white flowers.

Later in the afternoon we went to Intercontinental Tahiti to see Robert Wan pearl shop.

Tahitian black pearls.

This pearls are being farmed on private islands of French Polynesia, where the water is clear and without any traces of pollution. The pearls are created by black-lipped oysters. and carefully selected, the color is dark black or green.

The very first farmed pearls were made in Japan, where in 1888 it was discovered that if a foreign body is placed into an oyster, it will either be covered with layers of a substance called nacre, or rejected.

And in the evening back to Le Meridien Tahiti. The island life starts early and by 5pm shops close, apart from a few local bars and hotel venues. Many Tahitians go to bed around 8-9pm, and wake up very early to enjoy the beauty of the island during the daylight.