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Kiss the Pain Away, an Elsanna fanfiction

Disclaimer: The following is a non-profit work of fiction. I do not own or claim to own the setting or characters associated with the movie “Frozen”. Frozen is copyrighted and owned by the Disney Corporation and its respective owners. Please support the official release.

Kiss the Pain Away

On an icy day, long ago, two girls, named Anna and Elsa, skated. Anna’s constant insistence and provoking finally convinced Elsa to skate on the frozen lake near their home. The adults were still asleep as the sun gently broke over the snowy hills. The snow gently nipped their noses and they giggled happily. The cold air formed stalactite icicles while the cold mist refreshed anyone who would walk through it. Anna’s strawberry brown pigtails bounced against the crystal buttons on her black dress. But it was the perfect French braid and blue finery that distinguished Elsa as the oldest.

“C'mon, let’s race!” The earliest memory Elsa had was when Anna’s face transformed into a toothy grin whenever they went ice skating. Even though Anna often tripped and fell and wobbled on the ice, she couldn’t have been happier. But, that happened a lifetime ago. Before the accident. Before Elsa’s powers began to separate her from Anna. Before everything changed. It would have been a happy day if not for one incident.

“Elsa! Elsa!” Anna waved her hands. “Look at what I can do!” Anna skated very quickly, building up speed. At first, Elsa thought nothing of the action. Anna continued to skate faster and faster, pumping her arms in order to gain momentum. When Elsa realized Anna jumped and attempted to spin in the air, she feared for the younger girl’s safety.

“Anna, look out!” Elsa threw her hand out, but it was too late. Anna, for a few seconds in the air, spun with a smile on her face. Elsa watched as that smile turned into gasp as Anna landed on the ice and slid on it. Elsa skated to Anna’s location as quickly as she could.

Elsa followed a smear of dark red coming from where Anna had landed to where Anna sat, holding her knee.

“Ow!” Anna cried and held her knee. “It hurts!”

“Oh no!” Elsa covered her mouth in shock. “It’s bleeding!”

Elsa almost hyperventilated. Her parents had specifically told her not to take Anna out ice-skating because of how dangerous it was. When Anna slipped on the ice, her knee skid across it. Now her sister was bleeding, Elsa knew she was in very big trouble, especially if anyone found out and told their parents. She looked around and to both her relief and panic found no one else around for miles. The relief came in that no one would tell her parents, but the panic came in that Elsa was still stuck with a crying Anna with a skinned knee.

The worst part was seeing Anna hurt. Elsa had hurt her. She had a horrible habit of doing that.

“Aah!” Anna winced and a tear fell to her cheeks. Elsa’s guilt grew as did the sinking feeling at the pit of her stomach.

“It’s okay!” Elsa tried her best to calm the younger girl down. “It’s going to be okay.” Elsa thought very hard about what their parents would do at this moment, on how to calm Anna down. Elsa remembered how she got a paper cut one time and their mother came in and kissed it. While it didn’t do anything to heal the wound, Elsa felt much better because of it. Just like that, Elsa thought of a way to ease her sister’s pain.

Elsa leaned down and placed her lips on Anna’s bloody knee. She gave it a quick peck and Anna’s crying died down a little.

“What are you doing, Elsa?” Anna asked, trying very hard not to cry.

“Kissing it. It’ll magically get better.”

“It will?” Anna wiped the tears from her eyes.

Elsa nodded. “How do you feel now?”

“A little better.” Anna sniffed before she took Elsa’s hand and pulled herself up.

“If something ever hurts you again, I’ll kiss the pain away.”

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It’s shit like this that infuriate me! When will the hacks realise that it’s not Rob’s fans that are racially abusing Tahliah? It’s the horrifically deluded twats that believe Rob is secretly married to Kristen Stewart with a child. Believe me, they are NO fans of Rob. Attacking Tahliah’s race is the most blatant and vicious thing any one can do. And calling her “IT” is nothing short of sickening. She is somebody’s daughter, and a human being, not your metaphorical punch bag to take your frustrations over the TRUTH out on. People like SRWN, HKN, Nicole and so on are nothing but repulsive trolls who need to step away from their deluded world and step in to reality. Your lies do not shadow the truth, your words are pointless and have no weight, imaginary insiders, marriages and babies included.

MW3: Pros and Cons


  • fast-paced
  • competitive
  • private matches
  • casual game types included
  • campaign picks up from where it was left off well
  • Spec-ops game modes


  • 10 year olds
  • douche bags
  • try hards
  • finding yourself complaining a lot
  • The creators arn’t listening to the community as much as they should
  • bad spawns
  • lag compensation
  • bad connections
  • small maps accent the bad spawns
  • a lot of things are over powered
Let's just think about this a minute

Mark Ruffalo has a tumblr, right? Robert Downey Jr is constantly posting things from tumblr on his Facebook, am I correct? So that leads us to three possibilities: 

  1. Mark Ruffalo shows Robert amusing things he finds on tumblr. (Unlikely)
  2. Robert pays someone to troll tumblr for him. (Probably the most likely and most disappointing)
  3. Or, my personal favorite, Robert actually has a tumblr of his own and amuses himself watching us cry over how fabulous he is. 

So if you’re out there Robert, reblogging Science Brothers or masquerading as a Captain America fangirl, I only have one thing to say.

We’re on to you.