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Shantel VanSanten, Bethany Joy Lenz, Robert Buckley and Sophia Bush’s top 3 most popular Instagram posts of 2015 — and all of them are One Tree Hill related!

TOP 10 Really Superficial Things to Take from Monday’s Episode

10.  Robert likes sleeping on the right side of the bed (Remember the hotel), but, he likes sleeping on the left side when he’s in the barn.

9.  Aaron takes a bath in just water.  I was looking for bubbles.

8.  I spilled my drink when I got caught off guard seeing naked Aaron in the bath.

7.  I dropped my sandwich when I got caught off guard seeing shirtless Robert in the bed. (My dog grabbed it and ran away).

6.  Robert definitely (expensively) decorated Aaron’s room when he moved in, it didn’t look like that before. 

5.  When Aaron was in the bath…I was looking for his hair gel and I think I saw It.  Also, I think I saw Robert’s moisturizer.

4.  Robert has like a thousand books on his side of the bed and Aaron has none. 

3.  Their bed is so small, Robert probably kicks Aaron so much when Aaron is sleeping.  By now, Aaron probably can’t sleep without being kicked-Aaron probably stayed awake all night in France.

2.  Robert brought so much bread for his proposal…I think he was just nervous and kept putting bread in the basket.

1.  If Aaron is going to take a bath with the door open, he can’t get upset when Charity walks in.


I was like, guys, it’s not that heavy. And they were like, actually it is, so that became the joke. Originally, it was like, we’re all worthy, aren’t we amazing, what a team! And then they couldn’t pick (Mjolnir) up! - Chris Hemsworth (x)

anonymous asked:

Do you have addresses for Anthony Allen and Robert Thousand?

Sure!  Just a disclaimer: Robert Thousand has a girlfriend so he’s not really responsive to other ladies.  Not sure if you’re female or not, just putting that out there.
Below, Robert Thousand (left) and Anthony Allen (right)

Anthony Allen 11B0205
Clinton Correctional Facility
P.O. BOX 2001
Dannemora, NY 12929

Robert Thousand 11B0026
Great Meadow Correctional Facility
11739 State Route 22
P.O. BOX 51
Comstock, NY 12821-0051