robert sink

“Thank you,” he whispers, his fingers running through the hairs on Aaron’s chest. His muscled, gorgeous, chest made all the more beautiful for it being Aaron’s.

“For what?” 

Aaron’s hand runs absentmindedly through Robert’s hair, gentle and soft and so loving Robert just sinks into it. Their relationship has always just been something Robert sinks into; after a long day, or a hard day, or any day, they fall back to each other, touching and kissing and talking with an ease that sometimes scares him.

“Today,” he says, his head lifting to meet Aaron’s gaze. 

Their legs are entangled, their naked bodies pressed against one another, still warm and slightly sweaty. They are relaxed in a way only really felt after intense release, and it’s almost the facet of their relationship Robert loves the most. Almost. 

“I can’t remember the last time I had such an amazing birthday,” Robert says and the corners of Aaron’s mouth lift in a small smile. 

“You’re just saying that because of all the s-”

“No, I’m not,” Robert interrupts. His hand goes to Aaron’s cheek, thumb caressing the skin there, before bends down and presses a sweet kiss to Aaron’s lips. 

“I love you Aaron,” he says, their lips inches apart. Their foreheads touch and it’s grounding, his mind overflowing. He has been in love before, but never as all-encompassing as it is with Aaron; heart bursting, toe-curling, ‘I can’t stop smiling’ love, and it’s moments like these where Robert doesn’t know how to contain it. 

Aaron pulls him back down, letting him rest his head on Aaron’s chest again as he continues running his hand through his hair. 

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you,” Aaron says quietly. “I wanted to show you how much I love you.” 

Robert’s heart swells, and he wraps his arms around Aaron’s middle, squeezing, holding him close. The nights he spent alone, on a sofa, sleepless, fitful, awful run through his mind and he holds on tighter to the most important thing in his world.

“You have,” Robert whispers, pressing his lips to Aaron’s skin. “You’ve given me something I never thought I’d have; you’ve given me a home, a place I feel loved and protected and wanted.”

“Likewise,” Aaron says. 

Robert keeps his right arm around Aaron’s waist, his other arm curled up beneath his body. His breathing slows, his mind peaceful, tired after a day of being so relentlessly happy. 

“Good night, Mr Dingle,” Aaron says as he presses a kiss to Robert’s temple.

“G’night, Mr Sugden,” Robert manages through his exhaustion. Sleep takes him soon after, wrapped in the peaceful arms of his husband.

Rapping Twenty One Pilots songs

Level Easy: Car Radio

Level Moderate: Migraine

Level Hard: HeavyDirtySoul

Level Insane: Ode To Sleep

Level Impossible: Kitchen Sink

somewhere only we know

robert/aaron | 2k of fingering porn, i don’t even know

Ao3 link

Robert has big hands. Wide palms and long, thick fingers and neatly manicured nails.   

Aaron looks down at his own in the washing up bowl, distorted winter pale by soapy water. They’re calloused and work roughened, scabbed over knuckles because he’s useless at remembering to wear his gloves in summer; hands are built for doing things, for action. Some would say they get too much of it.  

Robert’s different. His hands are capable, never still, big enough to hold together all the broken parts of Aaron, big enough to take him apart. Aaron could probably lose hours thinking about those hands on him, probably has.

“Alright?” Robert blows through the door from the pub, noise swelling as the door swings open. Clatter of keys as he empties his pockets.

Aaron doesn’t look up from the sink. He does not want to know what his face looks like when he’s thinking about Robert doing that to him. Definitely doesn’t want Robert to see it.

“Thought you had work,” is what he says.

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Context: After the trial…

Robert had tried, he had pleaded for hours with Aaron to let him be there to support him during the trial, told him he wanted to be there for him no matter what, but it would have been easier for him to convince a brick wall. Eventually Aaron agreed to let him go to court with them but asked him not to go into the trial and despite his desire to plead further, he agreed to Aarons wishes.

It had been the longest car journey of his life driving back, every road seemed longer, the car seemed to drive slower and home seemed a million miles away – his true home was back in the court room, its fate uncertain and out of his power.

After a few minutes of driving down the country lanes, music blasting as loud as he can to try and drown out the rest of the world, he could feel his eyes blurring over and decided to pull over at the closest layby. The music died off with the engine, leaving Robert in an unbearable silence, the silence he never thought would be filled until he saw Aaron again. After he wiped a rogue tear from his cheek he looked around at where he was, and to his dismay, the surrounding was all too familiar. The place where they first kissed, the place he thought he’d lost him forever, the place where they would drive by and share a little smile – their place.

As he looked down at his hands, he spotted the ring that Aaron had placed on his finger a few days before, the ring that represented the promise they made, the promise to love each other, for better or for worse…

After what felt like hours, Robert eventually tried to calm himself down, his eyes were exhausted from crying, he felt weak and beaten but he knew he had to be strong for Liv – for Aaron.

“Where the hell have you been, you’ve been hours?” Charity exclaimed as Robert shuffled in through the front door of the pub.

“Had to clear my head.” Robert attempted to say, finding it near impossible to focus on anything.

“The verdict came through.” She said, causing Roberts attention to immediately land on her, his voice caught in his throat.

“Well?” Robert questioned impatiently noticing a solemn look on plastered on her face.

“You better go through.” She murmured, Roberts heart sinking into his chest.

That’s it, he had lost Aaron, he’d been taken away just as they got things right…
Entering the back room, his eyes immediately searched for Aaron but to his dismay, he was nowhere to be seen, his eyes immediately fell onto Chas who was sat at the kitchen table, her sat there alone meaning only one thing. He slowly dragged his eyes from the floor to look at Chas, trying to fight back the tears as he did so.

What could he say to her? Because of him, her son was locked away in prison, confined in a place which to him was worse than hell itself. It was his fault, if he hadn’t had over reacted none of this would have happened, if he hadn’t have spent so much time with Rebecca, what was he going to do? – a million thoughts clouded his mind.

“H – How was he? Is he okay?” Robert asked, not knowing what answer he wanted to hear, the regret of not staying with him drowning out his thoughts, whilst the image of Aaron being sent down played on repeat on his mind.

Suddenly he noticed something different in Chas’ face, the sadness or the anger he expected to see wasn’t there, she wasn’t shouting or crying or calling him every name under the sun but instead he noticed something else, something soft and promising – he noticed a smile.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” She whispered, smiling at him, a gentle tone filling her voice, confusion was plastered on Roberts as he heard these words escape from Chas’ mouth.

Suddenly she was no longer looking up at Robert but towards the back door of the living room, Robert looked behind him to see the man he didn’t thought he would for a long time, the man a few ours previously he had said goodbye to, the man who he had made his husband…

“Aaron?” Robert sighed, relief and disbelief filling his voice, tears forming in his eyes.

“Not forgot me already then?” Aaron smiled as Robert ran over to him, pulling him into a hug, he held Aaron so close, as if he feared he’d lose him if he let go, they stayed like this for a few moments, Aarons head resting on Roberts shoulder, feeling safer than he had in a long time whilst Robert closed his eyes, almost in disbelief of Aaron being there with him, let alone in his arms again.

“I’ll leave you two to it.” Chas smiled walking through to the bar, closing the door behind her.

“I thought you’d gone.” Robert admitted, a tear falling down his cheek. “Charity looked like –“ Robert began speaking, the worry he felt before evident in his voice, as if he couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

“Hey, I’m here yeah? And I promise you I’m not going anywhere okay, you’re officially stuck with me Sugden.” Aaron smiled gently before reaching down to grab his hand, “Till death do us part.” He laughed gently.

“I thought I was gonna lose you.” Robert whispered, looking into Aarons eyes. “Don’t do that to me again.”

Aaron brought his hand up to Roberts cheek and wiped away the last of his tears which had escaped from his eyes, smiling softly up at his husband, his eyes travelling from his eyes to his lips,

“I love you.” Aaron whispered softly, his words filled with promise.

“I love you too.” Robert murmured, his voice honesty and genuine.

They leaned in, their lips pressing together in a soft yet passionate kiss, a kiss filled with an undefinable amount of love and promise, as if they had been apart for months and months, Roberts hands travelled to Aarons waist pulling him in as close as possible as Aarons hands rested on Roberts shoulders. As they pulled apart their eyes stayed close and their foreheads pressed together, both of them wrapped up in each other’s embrace…

That’s when Robert opened his eyes, opened them to the darkness of their empty bedroom, Aarons side of the bed bare and cold, that’s when he realised it was all in his head, that’s when he remembered what had happened a few hours before – “Guilty.”

Let me know what you think! If anyone has any suggestions/prompts let me know!

Aaron waking up after a sleep that was too good, opening his eyes to foreign surroundings, his breath coming harder, panic rising in his chest. He feels like he can’t breathe, like he is dreaming and nothing makes sense. Aaron feeling warmth to his side that he isn’t used to. Looking down at the arm slung around his chest, the blonde hairs covering it, and finally it clicks. He looks over and sees Robert’s head against his pillow, softly sleeping, and Aaron feels like his chest expands at the sight. He knows why he slept well, he knows where he is, he can relax, and he lets out a breath he doesn’t know he is holding. Aaron smiling to himself, pressing a grateful kiss to Robert’s hair, and sinking back into sleep next to his husband, knowing he is home.

Lost Time
Little Comets
Lost Time

Little Comets // Lost Time

Just like the waves, you made me feel so ill
So up and down, I wish that you’d be still


don’t want to go back to the way things were.

Band of Brothers: Zodiac
  • Aries: Robert Sink, Walter Gordon, John D. Hall
  • Taurus: Joseph Liebgott, Alton More, John Martin, Edward Heffron, William Guarnere, Ronald Speirs, Earl McClung, Norman Dike
  • Gemini: George Luz, David Kenyon Webster, Roy Cobb
  • Cancer: Roderick Strohl, Robert Wynn, James Alley, Donald Hoobler, Albert Blithe, Thomas Meehan, William Evans, Francis J. Mellet
  • Leo: Donald Malarkey, Edward Tipper, Jack E. Foley
  • Virgo: Floyd Talbert, Burton Christenson, William Dukeman,
  • Libra: Lewis Nixon, Eugene Roe, Harry Welsh
  • Scorpio: Denver Randleman, Robert Van Klinken
  • Sagittarius: -
  • Capricorn: Lynn Compton
  • Aquarius: Richard Winters, Carwood Lipton, Warren Muck, Herbert Sobel
  • Pisces: Darrell Powers, Wayne Sisk, Frank Perconte, Joe Toye, Robert L. Strayer, Lester A. Hashey, James L. Diel

This makes me feel better always , I hope it will for you too.
Stay. alive. |-/

you were right there for me

“You and Aaron always give me shit for doing that.”

Robert looked up from the jar of chocolate spread he was currently spooning into his mouth, raising an eyebrow at Liv. “Don’t swear,” He mumbled, the spoon held halfway to his mouth. “And I bought it, so if I want to eat it out of the jar I will, thanks very much.”

Liv narrowed her eyes at him, her arms folded across her chest. “You comfort eating or summat?”

“Maybe I just wanted some chocolate spread.” Robert shrugged, holding out the jar to her. “Don’t tell Aaron.”

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Suffer the Brand [part one; chapter one]

all my love to @hot-topical-castiel for the banner. please make sure to thank her & @karlabaza for all the beautiful work they do. 
Summary: A love story of influence and devotion.
If you have not read Under the Hood; Into the Heart, The Hunters’ Rose, Beyond the Steel, and A New Day this story will not make any sense. You don’t have to read Into the Shallows to understand it, but it is recommended that you do so.
Pairing: Dean x Human!Impala [Pala Winchester]
Side Pairing: Sam x Becky
Rating: NC-17
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A/N: This is the final installment in the Under the Hood series. Thanks so much to every person who has been following this story since last February, and thanks to all of you who have only recently joined ranks. Wouldn’t be here without you, and I cannot express how much I love and appreciate every comment, like, reblog and message I have received about this series.

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Morning mist - Robron FF

With a coffee cup in his hand, Robert stood at the entrance to the Woolpack, his body leaning against the wall as he looked out at the village where the morning mist had yet to left the ground.

It was quiet and calm, apart from a few people leaving for work, yawns still lingering on their faces. Everything looked familiar, everything was the same as it always was but this morning it was yet so different. Nothing was the same anymore, and never would be, he thought and looked down at his coffee that had gone cold. He stared at the brown liquid, secretly hoping to foresee the future, as a fortune teller searches in tea leaves. But there were no answers to be found and it scared the hell out of him. Ever since he’d left Emmerdale he had had his whole life mapped out, always a goal in mind, not caring about what or who got in his way. It had turned him cold, he knew that. But despite that, Chrissie had loved him, and he had loved her. Or so he thought.

It was this place. It had slowly and steady started to crumble his cold exterior. If he had stayed away, maybe he could have avoided it all. All the grief that came with it. He hadn’t meant to cause all of this. To inflict all the pain that he had. However, it was inevitable. He’d had to make a choice and he knew he’d made the right one. Diane had made that clear when he had spilled all his secrets, well nearly all, to her late last night in the backroom of the pub. He had been a nervous wreck, but she had been so supportive, amazing even, and she had insisted that he’d stop here.

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Five Times -- Belle Gets a Cat

Happy birthday to me! I said this would be a ficlet and it turned out to be 1,300 words of comedy and porn. So fuck my life.

@ishtarelisheba said: I don’t even know which story to prompt this for. Maybe for a ficlet of its own? OOH or maybe for Five Times?? ANYWAY. Belle has a new cat. That gets into the bedroom. While she and Gold are having sex. Without covers on them AND YOU KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING.

Belle hadn’t meant to get a cat, but somebody had dropped one off outside the library where she worked and after a full day of people asking about it, somebody had to take the poor thing home. What was she supposed to do, just let him stay out there in the cold? Poor little Fitzgerald was clearly used to being inside if the way he kept trying to wander into the library was any indication, and he even took to the bus decently well. She’d tucked him into her jacket so his little fuzzy ginger head was popping out of the top and carried him home that way.

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*+*+*+Keeping Track*+*+*+ Week 14

Repetitive due to different sources

Mainly DS, Metro, ITV and Mags - I update it as the mag spoilers come in

Week 14 (4th - 8th April)

Tuesday 5th April

Robert’s horrified to learn from Andy he’s been seeing Chrissie but it’s not Robert whom Andy needs to worry about as an angry Lawrence makes a call! (thugs beat up Andy)

Robert is also shocked to hear that Liv has a recording of him and wants to go to the police before she can. It’s too late, as DS Wise suddenly arrives and Robert worries he’s jeopardised Aaron’s case.

Rob’s stressed out when he discovers Liv has a recording of him admitting the truth about Ryan, and is determined to get to the police before the sneaky schoolgirl.  Unfortunately it’s to late - as DS Wise arrives, Mr Sugden is terrified his illegal deal will ruin things for Aaron (happy he is worried for Aaron and not himself).  Could the case against Gordon collapse before the trial has started? 

As DS Wise arrives, is Robert about to make a terrible mistake and destroy the entire case against Gordon?

Robert fears he’s ruined Aaron’s case against Gordon and is thrown when he learns Andy and Chrissie are a couple - but his brother isn’t Andy’s only problem (busy day for poor Robert)

Wednesday 6th April

When Robert and Aaron go out to a pub for a drink together, Aaron is crestfallen (ugh) when all Robert can do is rant about Chrissie and Andy – could Robert still be holding a torch for his ex wife or is it more the case that he just finds it weird her being with his brother?

Victoria is incredulous to learn that Robert and Aaron have gone for a drink together, but Aaron is feeling sidelined as a jealous Robert only talks about Andy and Chrissie

Victoria is less than pleased when Robert and Aaron go for a drink together

But the date isn’t much fun for Aaron who has to listen to Robert yapping on about Andy and Chrissie. Chrissie, meanwhile, believes Robert was behind the attack on Andy.

Robert’s heart lies with Aaron, but he’s still not happy when he finds out Andy is doing the deed with estranged wife Chrissie. “Robert is jealous and bitter about a lot of things” shares Ryan “This news is definitely going to bring out his nasty side…” (aas)

Moira is shocked to find Andy battered and slumped in the road and calls an ambulance.

When Lawrence sees Chrissie cradling an injured Andy, will the penny drop that he’s got it wrong? And will his involvement be exposed?

Chrissie becomes convinced that Robert was behind Andy’s attack. / Chrissie mistakenly believes that Robert’s jealousy (maybe they mixed the spoilers together and ended up with jealous Robert?) drove him to attack his brother

Thursday 7th April

The drama unfolds in the wake of Lawrence hiring thugs to teach Andy a lesson, having wrongly assumed that he is having an affair with Bernice when in fact he is actually seeing Chrissie. As Andy is left in a terrible state, Robert figures out that Lawrence was the one responsible and is soon blackmailing him.

When Chrissie later discovers the truth, she is horrified and angrily tells her dad that he is no different to Robert. As recent events get on top of him, Lawrence suffers a cardiac arrest and collapses to the ground in agony.

Fighting for breath, Lawrence panics and could be on the edge of death – which is when Robert walks in.

A nasty attack could mean no way back, while the culprit’s future fades to black. But whose morals no longer lack?

confirmed that Robert leaves Lawrence to die and Bernice saves him

Robert figures out that Lawrence was behind the attack and threatens to use it against him. Chrissie is shocked to realise that her dad was the one who hired the thugs and Lawrence is devastated when Chrissie compares him to Robert.

Lawrence suddenly sinks to the floor in the middle of a cardiac arrest, alone and panicking. Robert arrives, but will he help Lawrence or leave him to die?

Bernice is rocked when Chrissie tells her that Lawrence was behind Andy’s attack.

Later, Chrissie comes across an old letter from Ronnie Hale. Keen to find out if he could be her real dad, Chrissie looks him up on a search engine and it’s clear she’s not letting this go.

Friday 8th April

Lisa is heartbroken to see something distressing in the pub (Zak proposing?)

Belle kisses Dr Bailey

Chrissie confides in Andy about how Ronnie could be her father.

Week 15 (11th -15th April) Trial week

Aaron and Robert All Week

Trial starts on the Tuesday and ends in Fridays episode.

General Trial Spoilers:

The week of the trial there is some Robert/Chrissie/Andy stuff and there is some Aaron pushing Robert away stuff. And obviously some trial stuff. And some Aaron/Liv stuff.

With a lot resting on the testimonies of Sandra and Liv, Aaron is a nervous wreck as he arrives in court to face his evil father but thankfully he has the support of Robert, Chas and Cain.

Gordon’s in court and poor Aaron’s got to face his abuser, but his dad denies ever hurting him.  Can Aaron stay strong and convince the jury, or will Gordon walk free?

Aaron’s self-harming comes from the terrible things Gordon did to him, if Gordon’s found not guilty could Aaron decide his life is not worth living(from soap life though)

‘Aarons made it clear to everyone he wants his father dealt with by the courts.. But will he still feel the same way if the courts decide Gordon has no case to answer and set him free? We think not’

Robert won’t get into trouble at the trial

“As Gordon’s trial begins, vulnerable Aaron finds himself leaning on Robert - but is the bad boy good for him?” / 'will Robert be there in Aaron’s hour of need?’ / “will Aaron let Robert support him”

Monday 11th April

Chas and Aaron are worried about the following day’s hearing

Cain sees Aaron has to get his nerves in check before the trial.

Robert goads Andy that Chrissie gets bored easily, but he’s taken aback that Andy is moving in with her. Andy offers to go to a gig with Lachlan when Chrissie says he can’t go alone.

Lisa confides in Marlon

Tuesday 12th April

It’s the start of Gordon’s court case and Aaron is due to take the stand. Robert is stung when Aaron tells him to steer clear and Chas tries to reassure Aaron.

As the case begins Aaron struggles for composure as the prosecution pose their questions to him and he struggles for confidence as he faces Gordon. Getting grilled by the defence, Aaron soon feels backed into a corner. Outside, Cain tries to stop Chas talking to Gordon as she’s risking the whole case but she’s determined. Soon Chas is even more rattled.

Aaron struggles for composure as the prosecution pose their questions

Chas supports Aaron / Aaron is first witness

Chas is in bits watching her son stuttering and stumbling over his words, so during the break, the gobby mum approaches Gordon and gives him an earful

Gordon’s court case starts… Will Chas mess things up for Aaron? 

Gordon is surprisingly confident in court

Chas can’t sit back and do nothing after seeing Gordon in the courtroom and, despite Cain’s warnings that she could jeopardise the trial, she is soon left even more shaken after her encounter with him.

Wednesday 13th April

Aaron’s thrown to hear Chas confronted Gordon but reassured when she says nothing will stop her supporting him in court.

Robert is stung when Paddy warns him not to mess things up for Aaron.

Later in the courtroom, Aaron is tense as it’s Sandra’s moment to give her testimony - but how will things go when she is fiercely grilled by the defence team? (terribly I guess)

Liv is next to take to the stand, but will she cope with the pressure or end up making things worse for Aaron?

Thursday 14th April

Aaron loses hope as Gordon tells a pack of lies in court

It’s Gordon’s turn to speak in court, but he uses the opportunity to make claims about Aaron.

Sickened by Gordon’s lies, Aaron tries to control his breathing as the case takes its toll. Chas tries to bolster Aaron as he starts to lose hope.

Unable to rely on Liv alone, Gordon delivers as Oscar-worthy performance.

As Gordon tells a pack of lies, Robert stands by Aaron

As Liv takes the stand once more (Liv on the stand twice and sounds like first time she is for Gordon? - trick to nail him in the end?)

In court, everyone watches as Liv takes the stand. Will she defend her brother or father?

Soon the prosecution and defence give their closing arguments to the jury as Chas and Robert hold Aaron’s hand.

Aaron and Robert could be about to reunite / Are 'Robron’ about to become a proper couple?

Back home, Cain asks Chas if she’s happy with Aaron getting close to slippery sugden again.  But Chas might not get a say in the matter, because Aaron decides he wants to give things with Rob another go

Back at the Woolpack, Cain wonders if Chas is okay with Robert and Aaron spending time with each other. She insists that she’s happy Aaron has something to take his mind off things. Robert tells Aaron that he is there for him whatever happens, but will Aaron agree to give things another go?

In court, everyone watches as Liv takes the stand. Will she defend her brother or father Gordon?

Liv faces a dilemma / Liv makes a decision  / Liv testifies against Gordon in court

Chrissie plays with fire

Vanessa gives Rhona some home truths / Rhona is determined

Friday 15th April

Aaron awaits news from court

Everyone is on edge when Aaron gets a call to let him know a verdict has been reached. What have the jury decided?

The verdict is in for Gordon…

Rhona gives Paddy an ultimatum

Lisa is horrified (Zak sells the pot)

Week 16 (18th - 22nd April)

Aaron: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Robert: Monday, Wednesday.

Sad spoiler for Aaron

Monday 18th April

Aaron worries about Liv

Paddy and Rhona head off for a fresh start

Pete will be released from prison but Emma doesn’t want him in emmerdale

Tuesday 19th April

The enormity of his responsibilities dawns on Aaron(Liv?)

Liv makes a decision

Wednesday 20th April

Who has words of warning for Aaron?

Andy finds himself on the wrong side of Cain

Thursday 21st April

Pierce is on the warpath

A fire breaks out in the factory, but who finds themselves trapped inside?

Friday 22nd April

Pierce comes to a decision

22nd April Roberts b-day but he isn’t in friday :o(

Week 17 (25th - 29th April)

Week 17 no Aaron or Robert (maybe on holiday together

Week 18 ( 2nd May - 6th May)

Aaron: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Robert: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Robert/Charity.. Robert/Adam.. Robert/Aaron.. Robert/Pete.


What Next

Who’s arrested thanks to Charity?

Who gets a nasty shock when the discover the truth about their lover? (Candy?)

New Dingle possibly Cain and Chas’ mum Faith (Aarons granny!) - *+*+*+Confirmed finally*+*+*+

Aaron’s sister will challenge their relationship because she and Robert won’t get on and will be competing for Aaron’s affections

Liv sticking around in the village full time with Aaron will be explained after the trial.

Aaron’s got his hands full contending with rebellious teenager Liv

Friday May 13th possibly Robron kiss in the backroom of the pub  (6 weeks after DM’s rehearsal tweet

Cain’s tested on where his loyalties really lie

June Stunt

Priya, Rakesh, Lawrence and Nicola

one with home farm connections to go in June

October Thriller (The Big Chill/Final Destination)

Cain, Moira, Holly, Adam, Victoria