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Which Bioshock character should you fight?
  • Jack Ryan: I mean, you could, but you'd get your ass handed to you. Besides, hasn't this poor baby had enough? Don't fight Jack Ryan.
  • Atlas: Fucking do it. Fucking- I will PAY you to beat the shit out of this Irish bastard. Fight Atlas. Fight Atlas and win.
  • Brigid Tenenbaum: You could fight her, but why? She's done nothing to provoke you. The woman is probably dying of lung cancer anyways. Leave Tenenbaum alone.
  • Sander Cohen: Fight the creepy son of a bitch and bring me back his painted mustache.
  • Andrew Ryan: Sure, fight him. It'll probably change nothing, and you'll garner nothing but the knowledge that you're his test tube bastard, programmed from birth to do the bidding of a looming capitalist overlord.
  • Frank Fontaine: Kill the looming capitalist overlord.
  • Subject Delta: You could, but at what cost? He's a gentle giant. You'd be better off giving him a hug. He's just trying to be a good dad, okay? Don't fight Delta.
  • Sinclair: Sure, you'd win, but what pleasure would you derive from it? I mean, the man's tried to apologize for his wrongdoings. I guess if you're one to hold grudges, then maybe you could fight Sinclair.
  • Eleanor Lamb: She will kick your ass and smile while she does. Just... don't. Don't fight Eleanor Lamb, please.
  • Sofia Lamb: Sure, but it really wouldn't be that great of a fight. She's probably not that strong. You might have to fight off some splicers to get to her, but ultimately it really wouldn't be that satisfying of a victory.
  • Booker Dewitt: Kick his ass. You'll lose, but it'll be totally worth it to kick his teeth in a little bit. Fight Booker Dewitt.
  • Elizabeth Comstock: Look, you could fight Elizabeth. Or you could not mess with space-tearing punch-packing genius babes and leave the room with all bones intact.
  • Zachary Hale Comstock: Fight this man. Fight him to the death. FUCK Zachary Comstock.
  • Daisy Fitzroy: Fight her. But know that you WILL lose and it'll be devastating.
  • Rosalind or Robert Lutece: Don't fight the Lutece twins. They won't land a single blow, they'll just find a universe where you got your ass kicked and your nose will bleed until you die of anemia or something.
Zodiac Signs as Bioshock Characters
  • Aries: Andrew Ryan
  • Taurus: Augustus Sinclair
  • Gemini: Sander Cohen
  • Cancer: Lady Comstock
  • Leo: Atlas
  • Virgo: Rosalind Lutece
  • Libra: Elizabeth Comstock
  • Scorpio: Robert Lutece
  • Sagittarius: Daisy Fitzroy
  • Capricorn: Jeremiah Fink
  • Aquarius: Brigid Tenenbaum
  • Pisces: Eleanor Lamb

Chuck Jones reading at the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens, 1983, photo by his wife, Marian. 

Chuck Jones’ list of Essential Books every literate, English-speaking person should read (at least once, probably more often): 

·         A Spy in the Family – Alec Waugh

·         A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

·         A Travel Abroad – Mark Twain

·         A Treasury of Science – Harlow Shapely

·         Animal Architecture – Karl von Frisch

·         Anything by Robert Parker

·         Babbitt – Sinclair Lewis

·         Cabbages and Kings – O’Henry

·         Career in C Major – James Cain

·         Cold Mountain – Charles Frazier

·         Damon Runyon short stories (at least three)

·         Double Indemnity – James Cain

·         Elmer Gantry – Sinclair Lewis

·         Farewell, My Lovely – Raymond Chandler

·         For Whom the Bell Tolls – Ernest Hemingway

·         Gamesmanship – Stephen Potter

·         Major Barbara – G.B. Shaw

·         My Life and Hard Times – James Thurber

·         Peter Rabbit – Beatrix Potter

·         Roughing It – Mark Twain

·         Seventeen – Booth Tarkington

·         Short Stories of Somerset Maugham (at least two)

·         Silent Snow, Secret Snow – Conrad Aiken

·         Sir Niguel – A. Conan Doyle

·         Stalky and Company – Rudyard Kipling

·         The Autobiography of Lincoln Stephens

·         The Bar Sinister – Richard Harding Davis

·         The Crock of Gold – James Stephens

·         The Elements of Style – Strunk/White

·         The Gnome King of Oz – L. Frank Baum

·         The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck

·         The History of Mr. Polly – H.G. Wells

·         The Jungle Books – Rudyard Kipling

·         The Killers – Ernest Hemingway

·         The Little Drummer Girl – John le Carre

·         The Moonstone – Willkie Collins

·         The Poems of Robert Frost

·         The Red Pony – John Steinbeck

·         The Short Stories of Ring Lardner

·         The Short Stories of Saki (H.H. Monroe)

·         The Spy that Came in from the Cold – John le Carre

·         The Touch of Nutmeg – John Collier

·         The Varming – Owen Johnson

·         The White Company – A. Conan Doyle

·         Three Men in a Boat – Jerome K. Jerome

·         Treasure Island – R.L. Stevenson

·         Turnabout – William Faulkner

·         Vile Bodies – Evelyn Waugh

·         Words at Play – Willard Espy