robert silverman


Oh Raoul. You sweet man, you aristocratic hunk. Here’s some favourite publicity/posed/plain photos. 

1. Sean McLaughlin, Broadway. 
2. Ryan Silverman, Las Vegas. 
3. Jason Forbach, Las Vegas. 
4. John Ruess, Far East Tour. 
5. Tim Martin Gleason, Las Vegas. 
6. Michael Xavier, West End. 
7. Robert Finlayson, West End. 
8. Nicolas Martinelli, Buenos Aires. 
9. Kip Wilborn, Toronto. 
10. Nando Prado, Sao Paolo. 


Friday October 24 - The Brood (1979)

First half of last night’s David Cronenberg Double Feature.

Revisiting Cronenberg, I realize just how much I like his films, especially the early work.  I do believe though that The Brood is the bitch of the bunch.  The cast, the colors (yellow, yellow, everywhere), the finale.  If ever you’ve been unclear as to what batshit, bughouse crazy looks like, Samantha Eggar as Nola Carveth would be it.  

Also, I need to spend a nice long week alone with Oliver Reed’s coat.


Sundance 2015

Four whirlwind days with a very talented bunch at the Sundance Film Festival.