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Dinah: David?

David: Yesss.

Dinah: You have been learning karate.

David: Yes, I’m afraid so.

Dinah: That’s right. Now, I wanted to see you in action, because I think it’s fascinating and I wondered why you went into karate.



I have some great news! It’s up! After really popular demand (about 50 messages asking me for it between this account and my Instagram account 😬😄) I have finally managed to upload the full interview from 1976 with Dinah Shore online to Dailymotion 🙂😘 enjoy ! ❤✨

I don’t know how long it will be on there for, I’m really hoping the copyright police don’t remove it 😬 xx


A mini booklist as promised:)
1)Haruki Murakami/Blind Willow,Sleeping Woman
2) Ryūnosuke Akutagawa/Kappa
3) Hermann Hesse/Rosshalde
4) Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos/My Sweet Orange Tree
5) Haruki Murakami/Kafka On The Shore
6) Robert L. Stevenson/Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
7)Gabriel Garcia Marquez/One Hundred Years Of Solitude
8) Aldous Huxley/Brave New World
9) Milan Kundera/Ignorance
10) Stefan Zweig/Chess
11) Sartre/Nausea
12) Dostoyevski/Notes From Underground
13) Albert Camus/Plague
14) Kazuo Ishiguro/Never Let Me Go
15) Franz Kafka/The Trial
16) Gabriel Garcia Marquez/Of Love And Other Demons
17) Erich Maria Remarque/All Quiet On The Western Front
18) Harper Lee/To Kill A Mocking Bird
19) Junichiro Tanizaki/The Makioka Sisters
20) Haruki Murakami/Sputnik Sweethart
21) Mark Twain/Diaries of Adam And Eve
22) Milan Kundera/The Unbearable Lightness of Being
23) Haruki Murakami/South of The Border,West of The Sun
24) Haruki Murakami/Norwegian Wood
25)Philip Roth/The Ghost Writer

Illustration of pirate Bartholomew Roberts commemorating his capture of 11 ships with only two of his own. He was able to do this by surprising the captains of the 11 ships, who were on shore negotiating. Roberts, posthumously called “Black Bart,” captured over 400 ships, more than any other pirate of the 1700s, operating off both the Americas and Africa.

I’ve watched memory wound you.
I felt nothing but envy.
Having slept in wet meadows,
I was not through desiring.
Imagine January and the beach,
a bleached sky, gulls. And
look seaward: what is not there
is there, isn’t it, the huge
bird of the first light
arched above first waters
beyond our touching or intention
or the reasonable shore.
—  Robert Hass, To a Reader


Trouble Town - Jake Bugg // Workin’ Woman Blues - Valerie June // Ain’t it a Shame - Lightnin’ Hopkins // I Can’t Wait - The White Stripes // Can’t Afford to Lose my Man - Memphis Minnie // Dog House Boogie - Seasick Steve // Taste It - Jake Bugg // 32 - 20 Blues - Robert Johnson // Shotgun - Valerie June // Black Cat Bone - Lightnin’ Hopkins // Poor Howard - Leadbelly // Your Southern Can is Mine - The White Stripes //  Honey Skippin’ - The Hot Sprockets // Devil’s Got the Blues - Lonnie Johnson

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“My favorite tv show” is a phrase which pisses me off because it comes across as so simple and meaningless, but House was never meaningless to me. Two years since it ended, and yet I still sit here and cry as I type this. It was much more than just “my favorite tv show”, and although they didn’t do it for me, I cannot thank those who created that show week in and week out enough.

Thank you.

Everybody Dies

~May 21st, 2012~