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I swear, Jeff Davis was The O.C.’s biggest fan. 

  • Stydia is Sethummer: The whole “unpopular, spastic, Star Wars-loving boy in love with the popular girl who doesn’t even notice him” plot line has been done before with Seth and Summer. Teen wolf is basically just taking their relationship and giving it a slower burn. 
  • Stiles Stilinski is Seth Cohen: Sticking with the theme, Stiles is the same nerdy-cute sidekick to Scott that Seth was to Ryan. And, yes, he’s stealing teenage girls hearts’ just as quickly as Seth did. Plus, they both love Star Wars and girls out of their league.
  • Lydia Martin is Summer Roberts: Summer may have not been a genius like Lydia is, but both girls went through a tremendous amount of character growth. They both started out as shallow, self-centered cliche “popular” girls, but over time they started to care more about other characters (more specifically Seth and Stiles…) and their feelings. Plus, they were both besties to the female leads who died tragically (I’m looking at you, Marissa and Allison!).
  • The panic attack kiss was the ferris wheel kiss: On The O.C. Ryan was afraid of heights, and when he started to have a panic attack on the ferris wheel, Marissa kissed him to calm him down. Lydia used a similar tactic on Stiles when he was having a panic attack. Those girls sure know how to distract a guy! Plus, these were both couple’s first kisses.
  • Allison’s death was Marissa’s death: The world stopped when Marissa was killed off The O.C. in the season 3 finale. She died in Ryan’s arms, and I’m still crying over it! Allison followed suit by dying in her first loves’ arms as well (yup, it’s Scott), at the end of season 3b. These girls must really not have liked what was coming up in season 4.

I could also argue that Kira becoming Scott’s new love interest after Allison is like how Taylor became Ryan’s new love interest after Marissa, or how Matt was basically just a glorified Oliver Trask, or even how Jackson’s ass hole jock status was exactly like Luke’s, but I think I’ve made my point. Teen Wolf (although I love it!) is just a supernatural version of The O.C.

Did I mention they both take place in Califonia?

We know your secret Jeff..