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Here are my World Book Day picks in no specific order. Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five should be in here but I think it’s waddled off into the sunset without me:

  • Catherynne M. Valente - The Orphan’s Tales Vol 1: In The Night Garden
  • Robert Heinlein - Stranger In A Strange Land
  • Rainer Maria Rilke - The Sonnets To Orpheus
  • Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things
  • Karel Čapek - War With the Newts
  • Frank Herbert - Dune
  • George Orwell  - 1984
  • Margaret Atwood - Oryx & Crake
  • Jack London - White Fang
  • Jane Lindskold - Changer

[animated version here]


Batman Plus Arsenal (1997) #1

“See, Princess? I told you Grandpa Ollie would look out for you no matter where he was. That’s what family does. Just ask your Mommy… and Uncle Batman.”

I love everything in this ending. I love Roy and Lian, I love Jade and Lian, I love Bruce’s gentleness and understanding in the situation. I love everything. 

And oh my gosh how precious this moment is. 

And thus concludes a great, fun story that I could not be more enthusiastic about. 

mississippi blues
led zeppelin
mississippi blues

led zeppelin - [the] mississippi blues (unreleased).

this early version of hat’s off to (roy) harper, was recorded during the zeppelin iii sessions (summer ‘70) at bron-yr-aur.  the track features pagey playing bottleneck slide guitar, and percy’s vocals, processed through a vibrato amp, sounding like a tremolo effect.  his lyrics are loosely from elvis presley’s “i feel so bad”, sleepy john estes’ “diving duck blues”, arthur crudup’s “that’s alright mama”, robert johnson’s “32-20 blues”, and bukka white’s “fixin’ to die”.


Batman Plus Arsenal (1997) #1

“Adequately? Adequately!? You know, that’s it. I’ve had it! I don’t know what the hell made you superhero guys think you were capable of raising kids, but let me tell you something… Praise doesn’t kill anyone. There’s even this thing called self-esteem that’s considered useful in certain situations. Y’know, I’ve spent my whole life coming in second place to Dick. … But hey, I’m man enough to admit that he can do things I can’t. Plus, I’ve known all along the price he paid was having to deal with you! Hard to imagine the two of you going camping just for the hell of it. Or spending all day playing old B.B. King albums and making chili. Bet you didn’t even miss it! None of it counts anyway, right? We’re just supposed to go on no matter what. That’s the way it is, isn’t it? Isn’t it!?”

“Roy… I miss Ollie, too.”

Honest to god, honest to god, this is one of my favorite moments in comics. Ever. Not just for Bruce (though it’s one of them), not just for Roy (though it’s HIGH up there), I just love this moment so much.

Because this story is not just about Roy and Dick swapping mentors and dealing with the situations being upside down from the dynamics they were raised with and grew accustomed to. 

This isn’t just about saving Roy’s ex-lover.

This is a story about the pain of losing a father. This is the story of being faced with the opposite of everything you miss about your parent that you have barely let yourself reflect on before it all comes exploding in your face at once. 

And this is about Roy coming to respect the differences not just so he learns to respect Batman more than he already did, but to appreciate that special, almost sacred bond he shared with Oliver through all their ups and downs through the years. It’s about facing that and all of its ugliness and moving on for the present and future family you have. 

And it does all of that through a beautiful, understated story with a distracting, bombastic mystery plot, that only underscores its real message in this moment. 

That is awesome. And probably one of the most compelling things Devin Grayson wrote while at DC.


La Femme Nikita Turns 20!

On January 13, 1997, La Femme Nikita came into my living room. Twenty years later, lots of shows came and went but this one? It stuck with me and I’m still fan girling! :)  The stories, the look, the music, these actors and their characters, will always have a special place in my heart ! ❤️


Batman Plus Arsenal (1997) #1

“Don’t do anything foolish, Lover.”

“Who, me? Come on. You’re not even a little happy to see me?”

“How did you find me?”

“I knew where your bank was. It was simple enough to stake it out and trail you here.”

“You have no idea what’s at stake here. For god’s sake, don’t make me kill you.”

“Oh hey — don’t worry. I’m not here to stop you. He is.”

The relationship between Roy and Jade – pre-her being made into the world’s Ultimate Terrorist bc DC – was honestly one of the most fascinating things about both of their characters for a long time. And I love the duality of it.

Also, just who is Bruce talking to through radio? Guess we’ll get that answer soon enough ; )