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Thank you @assassinshadowgirl !!! Such a sweet ask! Glad you’re enjoying the Mac fanarts, I love him so ;~; And omg, I’ve not drawn him without the beard because even while in progress drawing him it’s the weirdest thing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE but here you go, a freaky no-goatee Mac doodle :) ♥
VANITY FAIR: Why Robert Downey Jr.’s New Movie Might Be the Perfect Allegory for Donald Trump
Medical quack John Brinkley may have live and swindled 100 years ago, but his story is a deeply familiar one of a celebrity turned populist politician.
By Yohana Desta

“… this project might truly shed some light on anti-Trump people who are still confounded by his success.”

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Your artwork is some of the best I've ever seen in my life and your Mac stuff melts my heart ♡__♡ I never feel the need to send a message to any artists but I had to tell you how fantastic you are! That is all :')

aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA Seriously this ask made my day, thank you so very much! T_T such a sweet message, and thank you kindly ;-; ♥ Please have a Mac for your troubles:

ok but on the cheating thing. it was *always* going to happen, and are people not happier it happened now, before we saw them be happy for months and months, and have it be the Very End for them (which it would have been if we got happy and robert and aaron for like… two years and then had one of them have an affair, that’s usually a recipe for a long term breakup in soap)

because like. at least now it’s happened so early on, we know it’s not the end? we know this storyline has been attempting to break them apart and force them to confront the toxic aspects of their relationship (codependency, the jealousy, mistrust, the way robert hurts others and aaron hurts himself when they’re lashing out) instead of having it be a storyline like a year down the line where one of them cheats because they’re not in love anymore?

idk. i mostly don’t get it because the longer this storyline goes on, the more I’m enjoying it, and the more I’m enjoying the idea of them becoming better and happier people before they get back together.

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I know that this is a serious time but how cute does Robert look in casual. The baggy sweats and loose t-shirts😍😍

Yes it is a serious time but isn’t that all the more reason to try and focus on some of the positives. AND LET ME TELL YOU ROBERT SUGDEN IN BAGGY SWEATS AND LOOSE T-SHIRTS IS A GIFT DIRECTLY FROM THE GODS! LIKE I HAD NO IDEA HOW BADLY I NEEDED TO SEE HIM SO CASUAL!

Let’s just take a second and break this down. 




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I just wish they would have Robert talking about how financial problems destroyed his parent's relationship and therefore their family, to make everyone understand why this money is important for him and his family.




no strings attached
(aaron/robert, victoria)
in which aaron is insensitive, and robert worries 

so this is the first proper angst fic i’ve written in deaf!worse and i;m worried. it’s just…. i realised aaron had been more than sympathetic towards robert for too long and it didn’t feel realistic? especially not to aaron’s character. so. this is the fic i’ve written to make myself feel more comfortable. because life for deaf people isn’t always easy. 

NOT THAT THIS DOESN’T HAVE A HAPPY ENDING. because this is ultimately a feel good fic series so.

for @robertisbisexual @victoriasugden and @capseycartwright  and so many other people who always tell me they love my deaf!au and i am never going to be worthy of any of you

Robert’s in the cafe. 

He doesn’t want to to go to the pub, because he knows that’s where Aaron’ll be, and he can’t be bothered to deal with the mass of Dingles who will inevitably want to stick their noses in. 

Tucked into the corner, out of the way of most of the diners, Robert’s nursing a cup of tea. It’s not his usual fair, shrugging aside Bob’s usual sign of Americano for a different drink. He doesn’t know why now that he has it, watching steam curl out of the top of the mug. Laika’s at his feet, head on is trainer, and tail thumping rhythmically against his other leg. She’s got her ears pricked in Bob’s direction, and Robert knows she’s waiting for the obligatory treat. Usually, it would be enought to draw out a smile, but Robert’s not in the mood.

There’s a wave of a hand in the periphery of Robert’s vision and he looks up, watches Bob wave in his direction. 


Robert makes a face, knows his sister can’t resist sticking her nose in his relationship. He doesn’t want to talk about Aaron, not to anyone, much less his little sister. 

Afterward, when Robert slammed his way out of Andy’s, ignoring the brush of Aaron’s hand against his arm, he’d seen her outside of David’s and wanted to scream at her, blame her. She was the reason he and Aaron had met that way, the sign for good looking drawing him in like she knew it would. 

Now Robert’s just tired, trying to ignore the unfurling sadness and loneliness in his chest. 

Vic slides into the seat opposite, Laika’s happy rumble as she reaches up for a pet. Vic obliges, scratches her fingers through Laika’s fur. Robert risks a glance up, sees the sad look on her face. She meets his gaze. One handed, she signs,You okay?

Fine, Robert signs, a look on his face letting her know just how stupid the question is. I love fighting with my boyfriend.

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I Miss You : Tom Holland

prompt : you met tom when you went to brit school of performing arts together . years later , you’ve made it as a successful singer and tom as an actor . distance seperates you two , and tom can’t bear it on his first birthday without you .

words : 1155

pairing : tom holland x reader

request :  could you do one where you went to school with tom and you were together then, but you’re a singer and as both of your careers grew you had to break up because there was no time spent together, and yesterday was tom’s first birthday without you and he was a bit down so harrison calls you and asks you to talk to him and then you can decide whether it ends happily or sad? thanks! - anon

warning : yelly reader , sad tom

a/n : i thought i wrote more for this then what it seemed haha this was really fun to write !!

“Oh look, it’s the cutest couple in all of BRIT Performing Arts.” Harrison jokes, approaching the couple.

“I know.” You tease.

“Anyways, are we on for movie night tonight? Tuwaine said he’ll join us. I think we’re going to see Avengers in the cinema.” Harrison informs us.

“Yeah, I’ll be there. y/n, what about you?” Tom asks, turning to you.

“I have a family event tonight.” You frown. You spot your friend waving you over out of the corner of your eye. “I’ll see you tomorrow, bye Tommy.” You say, looping your arm out of his and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Bye Haz, have fun tonight! Oh, and tell Tuwaine I wish him good luck on his audition.” You smile, before turning to meet y/f/n.

“y/n is amazing.” Tom says after you leave, Harrison imagining him as the heart-eyes emoji.

“She’s cool. Good for you Tom, you better keep her.” Harrison teases.

“I haven’t seen you or hell, even talked to you in weeks Tom! I don’t understand. I’ve been in London for months now, even Nikki doesn’t know where I could find you. I miss you.” You sigh, ending the recording.

You’ve finished your first tour supporting one of your favorite singers ever around the world, and for the past several months you have been back in London, working on writing music. Most, hell, all of your inspiration for your songs have come from Tom. But you haven’t seen him since you were on tour, when you were performing in Atlanta and Tom went to the show.

“Did I see your boyfriend in the audience?” Sabrina asks, walking off stage.

“Did you?” You exclaim, leaping off of the couch.

“I guess he wanted to surprise you?” Sabrina shrugs, grabbing a bottle of water.

“y/n, someone’s here for you.” A security guard informs you. “Says his name is Tom?”

“He is here! I’ll catch up with you later Sabrina!” You squeal, running out of the backstage.

“Tom!” You scream, leaping into his arms. He picks you up, hugging you with all his might.

“y/n, I missed you so much.” Tom smiles, dropping you back on the ground.

“C’mon, let’s go catch up.” You smile back at him, pulling him backstage into the green room.

You’ve been stuck on song writing since then, and your label has started threatening you to write new music or you will get dropped, since you’re a singer-songwriter. Sabrina tried to help, and we wrote one or two songs together, but that’s not enough.

Your phone rings from beside you, and you jump up to answer it.

“Nikki! Hi!” You answer cheerfully, trying to snap out of the somber mood you were just in.

“y/n, hi.” Instead of Nikki’s voice filling the speaker, you hear Tom’s, laced with sadness.

“O-oh. Hi, Tom.” Your cheerful attitude drops, your eyes falling down to the floor.

“I wanted to talk to you. And I-” He starts, but you interrupt him.

“You wanted to talk so much that you ignore all of my calls? And don’t bother to tell me this in person? Lovely.” You snap, falling down on your bed.

“Listen y/n. You know I’m super busy with Marvel stuff and I was filming then on the press tour then filming again and now we’re filming the next movie after that… I’m slammed. I’m sorry.” Tom tries to explain.

“Tom, you know I love you. But this, this isn’t working now. I can’t afford to be worrying about you all the time because now my job is on the line. And I might get dropped from the label and you would’ve known that if you answered my calls from time to time. Heck, at least Harrison bothers to answers my calls. With the amount of time I’ve talked to him, it seems like he’s my boyfriend instead of you. I can’t do this anymore Tom.” You break into a sob. “I can’t go on like this. We gotta-” you take a deep breath, “I’m breaking up with you Tom. I’m done.” You say, hanging up the phone, leaving Tom, on the other end, standing outside your house, speechless and broken.

“Tom, it’s your 22nd birthday. Surely there’s something to celebrate.” Harrison says, getting bored of all his time sitting inside watching his best friend wallow in self-pity. “Robert says the cast wants to go out to this new club for your birthday. Would you like that?” Harrison says, annoyed to the point where he’s babying Tom.

“No. It’s my first birthday in 10 years that I’m not spending it with y/n. I miss her so much. I wish I didn’t mess up.” Tom says, holding his head in his hands.

Harrison silently exits the room, grabbing his phone and calling y/n. “Hey, y/n, where are you today?” Harrison asks.

“Let’s go to this bar. An amazing singer is performing there tonight, one of my favorites. Please go, for me? And for you. Spend your 22nd happy. At least towards the end.” Harrison begs.

Tom looks up, seeing the whole Avengers cast standing behind Harrison.

“I guess I really have to go now, huh.” Tom replies.

“Yup.” Robert nods, watching Harrison pull Tom up off the couch. “Let’s go.”

And an hour later, the whole cast (and Harrison) are at the bar waiting for Harrison’s ‘favorite singer’ to come on.

“Hi guys, I’m y/n y/l/n, and this is a special performance tonight. Um, here’s a cover of Blink-182′s ‘I Miss You’.

Everyone stared at Tom, watching his head slowly rise, looking at the stage. he stays silent, eyes fixed on you for the whole song.

“I miss you, I miss you.” you play the final chord in the song, eyes meeting Tom’s.

“Um, that goes out to an ex. We drew apart because of our jobs, and I really really miss him,” you laugh sadly. “He’s here tonight, pretty ironically. And it’s his birthday tonight so help me sing Happy Birthday to him.”

Getting the bar to sing with you was not easy, but it was worth it. Through the song, Tom slowly made his way up to the stage, standing inches away by the end.

“I miss you too, y/n.” Tom says.

You smile sadly, placing your guitar down and jumping down from the stage, Tom hugging you as soon as you get down.

“I’d do anything to get you back again.” Tom whispers in your ear.

“And I’d let you.” You whisper back, silent tears streaming down your face.

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I thought yesterday about when Aaron told Robert about the abuse and how he hit Sandra and he said,
“What kind of bloke does that make me?”
And Robert replied,
“The kind that’s had to put up with too much for too long.”
And it made me think of Robert and how much he’s put up with…

From his parents splitting up, his dad not letting him go with the only mum he’s ever known because she’s “not actually his mum” and he’s then messed up about his sexuality, messed up about his dad preferring someone else, his mother figure then dies and he watches and can’t do anything, he’s then in love with someone who is marrying his “brother” then watches his dad go to prison for said “brother” then watches that brother almost kill his dad because he wants to kill him. Then loses who he loves. Then watches someone die because he can’t save them in time after saving his brother. His dad then sends him away, and then DIES. And he doesn’t get a chance to make things up. He then vanishes for several years, comes back with a family he’s clearly not happy in, falls in love with someone else again, accidentally kills his ex love, watches the man he loves (but can’t even admit he loves) falling apart with guilt, his marriage implodes and the only person he wants in his life hates him. He then has his brother once again try and kill him, HE ALMOST DIES, then is expected to just get over it, he thinks the man he loves did it, finds out it was his brother, has to save his brother again, loses everything because he’s out of the company and the family, gets the love of his life out of prison only to be told he hates him, finds out someone he has no issues with willingly tried to murder him, witnesses the love of his life almost die. Is then told that he went through the worst thing in the world, tries to support him through it only to be repeatedly told he’s worthless and no one wants him, finally gets another go with the man. Is suddenly thrown into raising someone he doesn’t know. Loses his brother because of his bitter ex wife, almost loses his own life and almost has to witness Aaron die- is prepared to die with him- finally gets him back and gets some happiness when insecurities send Aaron over the edge and he gets sent to prison. Has everything piled on to him to the point he doesn’t sleep, can’t deal with anything. Then finds out his husband is being beaten up and has turned to drugs. Gets told he’s no use to his husband and is essentially dumped. Then makes a massive mistake because he’s so depressed and quite frankly too drunk to make any decisions (that’s a whole different post) then riddled with guilt doesn’t get the chance to come clean, then has to deal with Aaron coming out and finding out what actually happened to him, then has this pregnancy thrust at him, has no one to turn to, is desperately trying to keep Aaron safe and happy all the while dealing with the problem growing inside he biggest mistake he’s ever made.

At what point is it too much for him to handle? At what point is he allowed to break down and admit he can’t do it? When does that happen? When is someone, ANYONE, going to be there for him? It’s time. It’s time for Robert to get his support.

I for one am here for it. I hope others will join.

the one where ellen finds out a few things she shouldn’t, and she and aaron have a conversation.

Ellen was always going to find out, Aaron mused as he walked toward the cricket pavilion, figuring it was still the place teenagers went to hide when they were fighting with their parents.

It was naive of them to think they’d keep it from her forever, that they would be able to avoid telling her about the less than ideal circumstances that had resulted in her being born.

Aaron wasn’t happy she’d found out because she’d overheard an argument between Rebecca, and Chrissie. They should have sat her down and told her, really, now she was sixteen and more worldly and mature that any of them were at that age, but she was going to be their little girl forever.

Now she was a little girl with a lot of questions.

Ellen was sitting on the steps of the cricket pavilion, jumper tugged down over her hands (a habit of his, she’d picked up), a hurt expression on her face as she sat, blonde hair billowing in the wind, waist length hair done up in intricate braids that made her Rebecca’s mirror image.

Her eyes were all Robert, though, Aaron couldn’t help but smile to himself as he got closer, that familiar blue-green that he’d woken up to every morning of the last seventeen or so years staring back at him from the daughter he loved so much.

“You’ve given us a right scare,” he called out, hands in the pockets of his hoodie.

“I didn’t want to talk to mum or dad,” Ellen admitted, budging up on the step so Aaron could sit next to her.

Aaron bumped his knee against hers, giving her a reassuring smile. “You can talk to me,” he said, reiterating a deal they’d made one quiet afternoon when he’d found her skiving off school. If she couldn’t talk to Robert, or Rebecca, she came to him - he was her listening ear.

Ellen was quiet, brow furrowed in a way that made Aaron want to kiss it away, make her back into the innocent little girl she’d been all her life. “I don’t understand,” she admitted. “You and dad, you’ve always been so gross, and in love. I don’t - I can’t believe dad cheated on you with my mum, and that’s why I’m here.”

Aaron sighed, hating that they even had to have this conversation in the first place. “It’s more complicated than that, beans,” he began, thinking back to those harrowing few months of close to two decades ago now. He didn’t think about it, not often, not anymore, not now their lives had moved on and they were so happy.

“He cheated on you,” Ellen repeated, sounding completely shocked.

Ellen really was all the best parts of the three of them. Headstrong, stubborn, and with a heart of absolute untouched gold, the kind of good they’d all ceased to be by time they’d been sixteen.

But she was good. So good, the kind of good that had Aaron beaming with pride when he went to a parents evening, and listened to her teachers rave about how smart, and kind she was, how she was going to fly through sixth form, and university.

He didn’t want that to ever change.

“I was in prison, when it happened,” Aaron admitted, knowing the admission wouldn’t shock her. They’d had a conversation about it, a few months back, and she knew Aaron had a dodgy past - she’d never know what for, if he could help it, but she knew he’d been inside.

“And that makes it okay?” Ellen snapped, her fiery temper blazing through (she’d gotten that one from all three of them.)

“No,” Aaron agreed. “But it might help you understand why.”

“I don’t know if I can,” Ellen admitted, leaning her head on Aaron’s shoulder.

“Decide that once I’ve explained?” Aaron proposed, knowing she was her fathers daughter through and through, unwilling to listen to any side of the story other than the one she was convinced was right.

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“Adrian Belew is a father; Robert Fripp is not. When my children were small, there was always a cookie monster in Adrian’s suitcase when he came to visit. When Robert came to visit, his idea of fun was to tell the same children at the same age that their necks were so pretty and appealing that he’d like to sink his teeth into them and lick their blood.” –Bill Bruford: The Autobiography

precious moment
(robert/aaron, morning fluff)

for the beautiful @escapingreality51 who is having a bad day and wanted fluff

i hope this works for you, my love <3

Robert loves weekends;

It means he gets the slow wake up, light creeping over his face as it peeks through the gap that’s always in the curtains because Aaron never closes them properly. He gets to roll over, face pressed into Aaron’s shoulder, arm thrown over Aaron’s stomach. Aaron’s usually awake, an early riser even on Saturday, but he’ll rest a hand on the back of Robert’s neck, fingers teasing the hairs at the nape. 

“Morning,” Robert mumbles, brushing his nose against Aaron’s skin. 

Aaron breathes out slowly, kisses the crown of Robert’s head. “Morning. You awake yet?”

He knows Robert isn’t, so Robert doesn’t bother to grace that with a reply. He keeps his eyes closed, relishing the feel of Aaron’s body beneath his, the steady breathing lulling him almost back to sleep. 

“Oi,” Aaron says eventually, free hand rubbing Robert’s arm gently. “We need to be up soon.”

“No we don’t,” Robert grumbles, cracking open one eye to look up at Aaron. “It’s the weekend, don’t ruin it.”

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I'm curious where you see Delgado in Missy? To me one is sane, a gentleman, even polite to Miss Grant. Missy is batshit crazy, thinks that giving the Doctor a Cyberman army is actually a /good/ idea, and certainly doesn't have the companion rapport with Clara that Delgado did. They're just too different to me.

It really depends on how you look at it.

Michelle Gomez’s mannerisms, expressions, and delivery are often similar to Delgado’s—she can pull the exact same sneer—but it’s more than that. There’s her semi-friendly attitude towards the Doctor, mirroring Delgado and Three’s fairly amiable relationship. There’s her concern for the Doctor, which Delgado frequently displayed. And yes, there’s politeness.

Delgado will always be the best at the whole charm thing—he was capable of murdering people and being impeccably polite about it—but it’s a trait most of the Masters have shared, and Missy is no exception. She invites Clara over for tea while holding the world’s planes hostage and politely asks about her boyfriend, knowing full well he’s dead. That’s exactly the kind of thing Delgado would do (I think an underrated part of Delgado!Master’s character is his sense of humour—the “he sat in this chair and just slipped away” line of in Terror of the Autons kills me every time). Like Delgado, Missy calls everyone “my dear” and generally speaks to people in a civil manner. She just has a tendency to suddenly switch to her “bananas” side, which isn’t my preferred thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s a calculated act on her part to throw people off balance. It’s not something Delgado would do, because he’s very invested in the gentlemanly image he presents, but a lot has happened to the Master since Delgado which has caused them to shed that image to a certain extent.

You’ll notice, though, that Missy does try to present a similar image at times, except she plays the role of the old-fashioned lady rather than the old-fashioned gentleman, and she’s more willing to toss the facade aside when it suits her.

As for the Cyberman army gift, it may seem like a weird thing for a supervillain to do, and if taking over the universe was the Master’s only motive, it would be completely out of character, but there’s more to the Master than that. They want the Doctor to acknowledge that they’re right, and that’s exactly what accepting the army would mean. It would be the Doctor agreeing that yes, the Master was right—conquering the universe is the best way to get what you want, and the Master knew it all along and the Doctor was wrong. When she kneels to him in the graveyard scene, it isn’t a gesture of submission, because if he accepts power over anyone—including her—it proves she was right and puts her in control of the situation, because he’d be doing exactly what she wanted.

The Master has always needed the Doctor’s approval to a certain extent, which is why they felt this scheme was necessary. They need the Doctor to acknowledge that they really are superior, and they need the Doctor to admit he was wrong and should’ve joined them from the start. The whole thing was about forcing the Doctor’s hand. If he accepted the army, the Master won, and if he refused, the Cybermen would kill all the Doctor’s precious humans and the Master would still win.

So how is all that like Delgado? Well, I rewatched Colony in Space yesterday, and I can see a clear parallel there. After the Doctor guides the Master to the Primitive city, the Master has no further use for him, but he keeps him around anyway and then offers him joint rulership of the universe. There is absolutely no reason the Master needs to do this. He isn’t the Doctor’s prisoner, trying to bargain a way out. He’s already in control and could kill the Doctor at any time. But he still tries to convince the Doctor to join him, and simply cannot understand the Doctor’s refusal. He offers the Doctor the exact same thing Missy offers him: the chance to help people. All the Doctor has to do is accept that the Master is right and that using the superweapon to conquer the universe would be in everyone’s best interests. It’s a very similar scenario to Death in Heaven.

You mention Delgado’s relationship with Jo vs. Missy’s relationship with Clara, but it’s important to note that the Master/Jo relationship is pretty much unique. Most other companions absolutely despise the Master. Jo is the only one who really comes to close to getting along with him, and Clara actually comes closer than others like Tegan and Martha do.

Basically, if you focus on the “batshit crazy” parts of Missy’s personality, then it’s easy to say she isn’t much like Delgado, but she has plenty of calmer moments filled with cold, calculated evil, and she can turn on the politeness when it suits her. I would also argue that Delgado has a lighter, zanier side, which often gets overlooked. There’s his sense of humour, which I already mentioned, plus other things like murdering people with daffodils, having way too much fun as a cult leader/vicar (including reciting Mary had a little lamb backwards to summon a demon), watching The Clangers, using ridiculous aliases, and taking people calling him evil as a compliment. He’s more reserved than later Masters, certainly, but he enjoyed himself immensely in his evil escapades.

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please please please do 2) babe, babe, shut the fuck up

Robert was a bit of an insomniac, sometimes. It wasn’t anything serious, nothing to be worried about, really - it was just that every now and then, he found it hard to switch his brain off, and sleep.

It usually happened the night after a major meeting. When Robert had a big business presentation, a meeting, he’d get hyped up beyond all belief, drinking more coffee than was probably healthy, wired on a combination of coffee, and pure, unadulterated confidence when he’d get home, Aaron laughing as Robert sped around the kitchen, nattering nine to the dozen, happy to big himself up.

Aaron never minded the excess energy, not until they were in bed, at least.

Robert watched the clock on his phone tick over to 1.39am, groaning as he realised how close it was to two am. They had a mental day, tomorrow, Aaron and Adam both on scrap runs, Robert running the yard singlehandedly while Jimmy and Nicola were away with the kids.

“Robert, will you turn your stupid fucking phone off?” Aaron asked, face buried in his pillow as he grumbled, body taut with frustration. Aaron was a sleep with every curtain closed and every inch of light blocked out kind of person, expensive blackout blinds turning their room into something that resembled a cave every night.

“Sorry,” Robert replied, voice hushed. He locked his phone screen, twisting underneath the covers so he could set his phone down on his locker, plugging it in to charge. It was barely at twenty percent, his insomnia fuelled Wikipedia binge draining the life out of his phone.

“Just go to sleep,” Aaron swatted at him, face still buried in his pillow. He had woken up a few times, the bright light of Robert’s phone startling him awake, grumpy as anything and threatening to kick Robert out of their bed.

“I can’t,” Robert sighed, folding his arms across his chest, lying back against the mound of pillows he always preferred to sleep on, deep navy sheets soft under his skin. “I’m wired, Aaron.”

“Well, don’t be.”

“It’s not that easy,” Robert shifted so he was lying on his side, staring at the back of Aaron’s head, wishing his husband would turn over and just talk to him, however selfish it was to want to shake him awake, when they both had such an early start. “I’ve got all this energy, you know? And it’s because the meeting went so well, I just - I feel like I can do anything, Aaron!”

Aaron lifted his head from his pillow, giving Robert a bleary eyed looked. “Robert, please, I’ve got to be up at seven,” he groaned, propping himself up on his elbows, ever the picture of grumpiness.

“I know, I know - but Aaron, if this deal goes well, if I get this contract, imagine how -“

“Robert, babe,” Aaron pleaded, guards really down now if he was using a petname, the kind usually reserved for the end of a drunken night, Aaron full of whiskey and inhibitions completely gone. “Shut the fuck up.”

Robert shuffled down further in their bed, nodding. “Sorry,” he repeated, squeezing his eyes shut in the hopes of it making him want to fall asleep, although it really felt futile, at this point.

Robert opened his eyes as he felt Aaron’s hands on him, his husband pulling him close, tucking Robert’s head under his chin. “How do you always know?” he asked quietly, instantly more relaxed as he nestled into Aaron’s arms, cheek pressed to Aaron’s shoulder.

“Because I know you,” Aaron replied, squeezing him a little tighter. “Now shut up and go to sleep.”

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