robert reece


Phantom of the Opera, Los Angeles sit-down production, 1989-93

Michael Crawford opened as the Phantom, and was succeeded by Robert Giullaume and Davis Gaines. Dale Kristien remained the principal Christine for the whole run, and after Mary D'Arcy left didn’t have an alternate either. Raoul was Reece Holland, followed by Michael Pointek, and with Steve Barton briefly filling in for a few months. 

1. Dale Kristien, 2. Dale Kristien, 3. Dale Kristien and Reece Holland, 4. Michael Crawford and u/s Christine Tamra Lynn Glaser, 5. Davis Gaines, 6. Tamra Lynn Glaser and Michael Piontek (?), 7. Michael Crawford and Dale Kristien, 8. Ditto, 9. Reece Holland and Dale Kristien, 10. Robert Guillaume and Dale Kristien.