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seventyunusuallylargespiders-de  asked:

hello i am sick and bedridden and i am looking for films with a certain quality - of which i am unsure how to describe. i want something aesthetically soothing and kind of surreal, something a little tarkovsky and a little david lynch i hope you can help me out

oh hey okay such a privilege Hmmm let me see  *staring & staring*  im sorry my mind is a blank right now but i hope this helps

  • Polanski’s “Apartment Trilogy”
  • Ingmar Bergman “Trilogy of Faith”
  • Michelangelo Antonioni’s trilogy( L’Avventura,La Notte,L’Eclisse)
  • Blow-Up (1966)

*(i suggest you check out all of Luis Buñuel filmography because he’s the master of surrealism, David Lynic was somehow inspired by him so you might find what you looking for)

(* also all Fellini filmography are works of art)

(*also check out all of Jean-Pierre Melville works)

whoo now im really not sure this is what you looking for im very sorry i got carried away but i just woke up and this is what my mind has at the moment. I hope this helps you and I’ll be updating it after i take my coffee.


All Good Things (2010)