High Life

Short synopsis : Deep space. Beyond our solar system. Monte and his infant daughter Willow live together aboard a spacecraft, in complete isolation

Long synopsis : Deep space. Beyond our solar system. Monte and his infant daughter Willow live together aboard a spacecraft, in complete isolation. A solitary man, whose strict self-discipline is a protection against desire – his own and that of others - Monte fathered the girl against his will. His sperm was used to inseminate Boyse, the young woman who gave birth to her. They were members of a crew of prisoners: space convicts, death row inmates. Guinea pigs sent on a mission to the black hole closest to Earth. Now only Monte and Willow remain. And Monte is changed. Through his daughter, for the first time, he experiences the birth of an all-powerful love. Willow grows, becoming a young girl, then a young woman. Together, alone, father and daughter approach their destination – the black hole in which all time and space cease to exist.


The more I read up on this film the more I want to see it.


Ben Safdie shared a couple of pics on his IG of his new son, born a week ago. No details, but this little fella may be part of the reason we haven’t seen any pics or heard any news about Good Time filming. The temps in New York have also been unusually cold, so if outdoor locations had been planned, they may have been postponed until it warms up a bit. 2-12-16

In the meantime, IndieWire did a terrific piece on the Safdies and how Rob being in Good Time is bringing them into the spotlight.

Queen of the Desert

is the latest film from Werner Herzog, starring Nicole Kidman, the guy from Homeland, and a couple guys who are at least trying for something more than what they have. James Franco’s public persona is that of Bambi’s Thumper, but he does film classic literature for the screen. And Robert Pattinson is trying to follow the Depp model into legitimacy, with a couple recent decent to good Cronenberg movies under his belt.

Both bring spark to this film. Franco is Kidman’s first love interest. This film is a period piece, set in the years up to and just after WWI. It’s an epic drama, and Herzog plays its Victorian love found, lost, and regained mingled with adventure straight with all the closed-lid passion of C. Bronte.

Kidman meets Franco in the desert, they fall in love. Her performance is unguarded, and in magnifying her character it not only draws us in but lifts the film. She seems forced by wind into each embrace. Franco mixes his Hollywood charm with a Victorian suppressed shuffle that, when cracked by love, seems to put his character on smooth wheels. It’s his change. There is a scene that Franco seems to have interpreted, straying from the script in a delightful way. When he proposes to Kidman, she says oh but he must get on one knee. Franco has no more lines in the scene. Instead of kneeling, as the script must have directed, he stays standing looking at her expectantly. Herzog lets the scene play out, as he often holds a scene past its end in his documentaries. A trace of confusion passes Kidman’s face. Franco half shrugs and gestures come on. It’s a two-shot. She throws herself into his arms. It feels improvised and improves upon Kidman simply kneeling by him in a hug.

Pattinson plays T.E. Lawrence, which invites comparison to O'Toole’s. But Herzog does not write him as the Christ-like figure we know. This is Lawrence at the start of his career. (Even then he is only seen in Arab dress.) Pattinson does well, giving the man a touch of exuberance and familiarity outside the strict mores. When Herzog gives him poetry to speak, Pattinson delivers the lines with a gravity that perfectly in the pocket of the time’s stride piano groove. If Pattinson hasn’t met the skewed brilliance Depp once possessed, he’s nonetheless growing fine.

The guy from Homeland, Damian (eye-roll, my brain wants to write Hirst, infectious like a jingle) gives the best male performance here. As Kidman’s colleague and second love interest he is given more to do and displays an admirable range. He is a leader in Arabia, directing British interests. Kidman is the anthropologist whose soul is Bedouin. As platonic proximity leads to love, Damian (not Rice, brain) is torn between Kidman and his unhappy marriage. Shades of C. Bronte once again.

Kidman as I said acts exquisitely. Great directors are able to get their actors to open up in ways that obliterate all personal walls they have built up within. Bergman was the master of this. Herzog demonstrated this with Kinski but has done it best in his documentaries. He does it again here, but only because Kidman allows herself to be so. Whether grieving, leading men, being loyal over her desire (Faulkner’s human heart in conflict with itself), being fearful in a jail, being resolute, or loving, she gives everything she has to this performance.

She shows herself a film buff too. Like Nick Cage in Bad Lieutenant, Kidman performs the Kinski spin into the camera frame. In an interview Herzog said that Cage asked him if he could do it, the special move of Kinski’s that brings the main character from off-shot into the frame strikingly, unusually. I imagine that Kidman requested it the same. It brought a smile to see.

For his part Herzog directs this epic drama in the way that it demands. There are no touches of the strange that have become his signature. At best there are a couple lingering shots of animals. He’s been using them as symbols of human behavior since Stroszek’s dancing chickens.

I must not overlook the fifth main character, the desert itself. Herzog knows it as well as the jungle, and perhaps hates it less. None could capture it so well.


ok so i woke up thinking…
the love that is within me can never ever run out, resources can never get low. my love is in abundance and it is boundless. even when i am tired and i think i just can’t possibly…… actually i most definitely can still….. love for my neighbour, the earth, leaves, you, the woman at the bus stop, my family, the boy that just walked past me, it’s endless. the love i have comes with a certificate saying it will never ever bleed dry so i can act wild and run fast with it 🙌🏾. you love towards me and i love towards you, you hate towards me and i love towards you, i really do. you hate towards me AND I LOVE TOWARDS YOU. i love for the day you wake up and see that your love is infinite too! i wake up real, healthy and happy and i have enough love inside for everything in my day. im not saying I don’t feel dark sometimes or worn out, like anyone i can be misguided. but just to know i have a gift of love inside me that is limitless no matter how much i give away is amazing. what a relief to find out. it’s taken 28 years for this notion to settle, i just want the universe to know. so just to be clear, my love won’t ever run out ok ok 💁🏽

-FKA Twigs posted this statement on her Instagram account 

GLAMOUR 100 Sexiest Men 2016
From Justin Bieber to Prince Harry, Jamie Dornan to Aidan Turner: We bring you the 100 Sexiest Men 2016. Sexy Celebrity men of the year at Glamour Magazine Uk

1. The Winner: Aidan Turner
Born: 1983
Single? Oh yes, not only is Aidan Turner our Sexiest Man, ladies, he’s available!
See Him Next: Fresh from winning the Greatest TV Moment of 2015 at this year’s NTAs for that shirtless scything (swoon), he’ll be getting sweaty with a scythe AGAIN as he returns to our screens as sexy in season two Poldark . Block out your Sunday evenings now.

2. Jamie Dornan
Born: 1982
Single? No such luck. Last year’s winner, Jamie Dornan has been married to Amelia Warner since 2013.
See Him Next: The release date for Fifty Shades Darker may keep being pushed back, but Dornan fans need not weep – they’ll get a decent fix come late this year when The Fall hits British screens again for a third and final season. Jamie is currently filming scenes of the psychological thriller opposite Gillian Anderson in and around Belfast.

3. Tom Hiddleston
Born: 1981
Single? Those rumours that Tom Hiddleston’s been romancing Elizabeth Olsen are still circulating, but we will have to wait to see if it’s the real thing for these Avengers co-stars.
See Him Next: Looking hot in spy series The Night Manager, hitting the BBC in 2016 - before returning to the big screen as that loveable villain Loki in Thor: Ragnarok next year.

4. Henry Cavill
Born: 1983
Single? Are you Lois to Henry Cavill’s Superman? The actor’s not dating anyone at the moment so there’s certainly a vacancy.
See Him Next: He’ll be back in that Lycra as the Man of Steel in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice this year.

8. Robert Pattinson
Born: 1986
Single? Is he ever? Robert Pattinson is currently engaged to singer FKA twigs.
See Him Next: Venturing into the Amazon jungle alongside Charlie Hunnam and Sienna Miller in adventure biopic The Lost City of Z.

10. Prince Harry
Born: 1984
Single? Prince Harry has been single since splitting from Cressida Bonas in 2014, meaning we wannabe princesses can still dream…
See Him Next: As always, Harry has plenty of royal engagements in the pipeline so we can expect more snaps of him looking sharp and regal in the near future.

13. Richard Armitage
Born: 1971
Single? Richard Armitage is famously tight-lipped when it comes to his private life, so we can only conclude that he is currently available.
See Him Next: After his scene-stealing turn as serial killer Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal, Richard will next be seen heading up new TV thriller series, Berlin Station opposite Rhys Ifans.

16. Benedict Cumberbatch
Born: 1976
Single? Thousands of hearts broke all around the globe when Benedict Cumberbatch married his girlfriend, theatre-director Sophie Hunter, on Valentine’s Day 2015. He became a dad in June, too, when Sophie gave birth to their son.
See Him Next: Sherlock fans will have to wait until next year to see his turn as the super sleuth again, but ‘Cumberbitches’ can rejoice in the fact that Benedict has no less than five movies in pre-production. Among them, Flying Horse a disturbing biopic opposite Amanda Seyfried, and Zoolander 2, a sequel that needs no introduction.

19. Idris Elba
Born: 1972
Single? Idris Elba and his girlfriend Naiyana Garth have a son together called Winston.
See Him Next: Idris is set to appear in Star Trek Beyond but there’s no news yet as to his role. Guess we’ll just have to wait till July 2016 then.

28. James McAvoy
Born: 1979
Single? Not for a long time. James McAvoy married actress Anne-Marie Duff back in 2006, and they have a son, Brendan, together.
See Him Next: In the action-packed X-Men: Apocalypse, hitting the big screen later this year.

35. Charlie Hunnam
Born: 1980
Single? Despite recent rumblings, Charlie Hunnam and jewellery designer Morgana McNelis are still going strong.
See Him Next: Charlie will be venturing into the Amazon jungle alongside Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller in adventure biopic The Lost City of Z.

45. Michael Fassbender
Born: 1977
Single? Michael Fassbender has been romancing actress Alicia Vikander since they met while filming The Light Between Oceans.
See Him Next: Reprising his role as Magneto in the hotly-anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse.

52. Tom Hardy
Born: 1977
Single? Tom Hardy is spoken for, having married Charlotte Riley in July 2014.
See Him Next: Filming for TV mini-series Taboo, a historical drama co-written by Tom and his father.