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The Lost City of Z may be his most overtly conventional work to date, but there is nothing common about the sheer scale of his ambition. Like his own restless hero, Gray is unafraid to wander deeper and deeper into the jungles of his own imagination, an undaunted explorer who can see the wonders that consume him and longs to show them so as to understand why.” — Matthew Eng

Get ready. James Gray’s The Lost City of Z is a masterpiece.


The Met Gala has provided Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs fans with a lot of good memories from 2015 and ‘16. Rob wore Dior Homme both times, and Twigs wore Christopher Kane and is pictured here in Versace.

Last year’s Costume Institute Gala took place in NYC on May 2, and the event’s theme — Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology — inspired lots of creative and interesting looks while also bringing out many of Hollywood’s hottest and most stylish stars. From Beyoncé’s solo outing and the pregnant beauties on the red carpet to the bevy of hot guys and crop of cute couples that hit the scene, it was definitely an evening to remember. Keep reading for 69 of the most stunning photos you need to see from the night, then check out the funniest Met Gala memes.

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'The Lost City of Z' Star Robert Pattinson on His Epic Beard, Embarrassing Amazon Habit, and If He'd Ever Return to the 'Twilight' World
Robert Pattinson on April 5 at the ‘Lost City of Z’ premiere (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Robert Pattinson has been waiting for his new movie The Lost City of Z to be revealed to moviegoers for nearly a decade. That’s about how long ago the 30-year-old Twilight alum was first approached by writer-director James Gray for his adaptation of David Grann’s popular non-fiction book about explorer Percy Fawcett’s long and dangerous search in the early 20th century for a hidden indigenous civilization in the Amazon.

Pattinson hung with the project through multiple lead changes (from Brad Pitt to Benedict Cumberbatch to, finally, Charlie Hunnam, who plays Fawcett). He even outgrew the role he was initially in the running for: Percy’s son Jack, played by Spider-Man Homecoming star Tom Holland. Pattison now portrays Henry Costin, a minor character in the book expanded for the screen, Fawcett’s hard-drinking, thick-bearded aide-de-camp. (The movie opens in theaters on Friday.)

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Movies, Pattinson talked about the risks he’s attempted to take over the course of his career (even if no one noticed), if he’d ever consider returning to role of vampire Edward Cullen, and his embarrassing online habit that will pay dividends come one of his next films, Good Time.

How familiar were you with the source material for Lost City of Z? Had you read David Grann’s book?
Yeah, James gave me the book when it was a totally different script. Or I may have read it long before there was even a script at all. I think at the time he was thinking about me to play Percy’s son. Because I must’ve only been about 21. And then I just kind of stayed with it as time went on, and it went through all these different casts. [Laughs]

It sounds like the script changed a lot over the years. What were the biggest changes made over time?When I first read it, it was a straight action movie, like Indiana Jones. It was this rip-roaring adventure movie, and not this kind of epic, elegant saga that takes place over 30 years.

Costin is a much more minor character in the book. What did you build off of to shape him?
Well, I always thought with Percy’s character it would be a good idea to have a foil. I always interpreted Percy’s character as this man determined to fix the reputation that he thinks he’s deserved, and which his father has ruined for him…. He keeps going back to the jungle again and again and again, just to fix this insecurity. So I liked the idea of Costin being this character who basically had a total disregard for the English aristocracy or any kind of social climbing whatsoever. So he didn’t really want to bring anything back from the jungle, anyway. The entire point for him was just to go because he had nothing to live for in England.

Robert Pattinson in ‘The Lost City of Z’ (Photo: Amazon)

How much information was out there about the real guy? Any sense of his military career?
Well, Costin in reality was a refrigerator salesman. There was an advert in the Times of London saying, “Adventurers Wanted.” That’s actually how he got the job. [Laughs] He was one of the only people who applied for it. But he was in the army — he was a physical fitness instructor. But really, I liked the craziness of just applying to be an adventurer.

You rock some pretty rad facial hair in this movie. Did that look grow on you (pun intended), or did you not care for it?
By the end, I was definitely over it. But at least when you’re shooting a movie with your face covered, there’s very little makeup to be done. It was definitely, “Get out of bed, and that’s it” situation. That helped in the middle of the jungle.

You’ve played lead roles, you’ve taken supporting parts this is more of a supporting role in an ensemble. Do you have a preference these days?
There are certain directors I just really want to work with, and you bring what you can to a part. But in some ways it’s kind of nice [to play a supporting role]. It is a little bit liberating because you don’t have to concentrate on the narrative thrust of the story. You’re just purely thinking about character and just embellishing it a little bit. But with this, I would’ve played any part in it, pretty much.

Costin has some great lines in this movie. I think one of my favorites is when you say to Hunnam, “We’re too British for this jungle.” Did you guys feel out of your element filming in the jungles of Colombia?
No, I really loved it. I guess in some ways, it was kind of hard. But it’s just incredible, going to work every day in a little boat, going up river in the middle of virgin jungle in Colombia. It was very, very close to being on vacation, to be honest. [Laughs]

Watch Pattinson and Hunnam in a scene from ‘The Lost City of Z:’

But the type of vacation where you couldn’t eat anything?
Well, yeah. There’s a certain degree of harshness, and we were trying to lose as much as weight as possible in a really short period of time. So I guess there’s that element to it. But there’s a reason those guys wanted to keep going back as well. It’s amazing.

Do you consider yourself pretty adventurous? Could your relate to that thirst for exploration?
Yeah, definitely. I do sometimes find myself gravitating toward a job just because it’s shooting out in the middle of nowhere. If I’m shooting in a city, generally it can become a repetitive scenario. If you have anyone taking pictures on their phones, it just constantly reminds you of the reality of your life. And I find it becomes a little more difficult. Whereas if you’re out in the jungle and everyone is on the same page as you, you just sort of believe in character a little bit more.

What is your own personal Amazonian adventure? What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your career so far?
I don’t know: I’ve done things which I thought were going to be really risky, which ended up not being risky at all. I generally try to keep finding ways to push the envelope as much as I can, and whenever I get the opportunity to do it, I generally try to take it. But I don’t really worry about taking risks, to be honest.

What’s something that you thought was risky that ended up not being?
I did this movie years ago called Bel Ami, which was at the height of all the Twilight stuff. It was this Guy de Maupassant novel about a guy who seduces women specifically to screw them out of their money and ruin their lives. I thought that was a relatively subversive choice to make at the time. [Laughs] And no one really seemed to think the same thing.

What is your relationship with your Twilight fanbase these days? Has the madness that surrounded your life calmed down at all?
It’s definitely calmed down in terms of my everyday life, but mainly because I spend more time in London, which is totally different. And I’m doing more parts that just sort of interest me, while in a lot of ways taking a little bit of a step back just to learn and get better. I guess I’ve never really acknowledged what the fan base is, or even if I have one. [Laughs]

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in ‘Twilight’ (Photo: Summit)

Oh, you have one.
But yeah, I’m always pretty curious about what people say afterwards, and who turns up, who likes the movie. It’s always kind of random. But I love it when someone who you just really wouldn’t expect says, “Oh, I liked you in this.”

What films have been most unexpected?
It’s always just really strange. I’ve done a bunch of movies which I thought might’ve been impossible to be seen. There was this film Little Ashes, where I played Salvador Dalí, from years and years ago, and just the other day I was walking down the street and somebody came up and said, “Oh, that’s my favorite film!” You kind of forget that people even watch your films. [Laughs]

What do you think of all the universe building that is going on in Hollywood right now, and the possibility that they could reboot Twilight and expand its world? Could you ever see yourself playing Edward Cullen again?
Really, they’re expanding it? So I’ll get my own spin-off? [Laughs]

Potentially! It could be called Edward: Homecoming.
Yeah, exactly.

But would you ever dip back in if the opportunity presented itself?
I mean, I’m always kind of curious. Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting peoples’ expectations. So there could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It’s always difficult when there’s no source material. But yeah, I’m always curious.

What type of role haven’t you been offered yet that you’re eager for?
I sort of, to a fault, rely a little bit too much on being inspired by things that land on my doorstep. I literally just did this movie called Good Time, which I think is a really interesting role. But I would’ve never, ever predicted that I would’ve liked it. [Pattinson plays a New York bank robber running from the police.] I think that he’s basically the embodiment of an angry commenter on the internet.

That sounds great.
Well, if you watch the movie you’ll probably be like, “Huh? What are you talking about?” But one of my favorite things to do — this is quite embarrassing — but you know how when you look on Amazon, and you see a product that’s got a consumer review that is so scathing, on like an electric toothbrush or something? Like, literally buying this toothbrush has ruined this person’s life. I always click on that person’s buying history, or their other reviews, and I’ll just read them for days and days. And I’m really amused. These people just have to vent this kind of furious anger on product reviews. I’ve always found that sort of character really interesting. [Laughs]

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The Hollywood Reporter looks at the Oscar race, midway through the year

There are several other Oscar-caliber films that already premiered at 2017 film fests but won’t open in the U.S. until the fall…

And there also are several examples of work within festival films that also might capture the Academy’s attention, such as two career-best performances featured in films that were unveiled at Cannes, one given by Robert Pattinson, shedding his Twilight baggage to play a small-time criminal in Good Time (A24), and another by Diane Kruger, in the German drama In the Fade, for which she was awarded Cannes’ best actress prize. (Good Time opens Aug. 11.)  ~ Scott Feinberg

The magnetic center is Pattinson… it’s a performance of can’t-look-away intensity without an ounce of movie-star vanity.” ~David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter review from Cannes

The Hollywood Reporter


High Life is now reported to be starting in three weeks though I’m not sure “three weeks” from when? The information comes from an Vogue article about Mia Goth. This was not a direct quote from Mia just information added by the writer…so GOS and surely by now I don’t need to mention that Indie movies have a habit of being postponed…

If accurate, I’d expect to see news sometime after 4th of July. via

Robert Pattinson is once again the King of Cannes

First impressions: From the moment he stepped out into the sun for the photo call, to the press conference, where he confirmed that he has five projects in development with directors Claire Denis, Anthony Campos, Joanna Hogg, Ciro Guerra and another project with The Rover director David Michod, to the moment the first reviews were published for Good Time, in which he is praised in just about every way an actor can be praised, Robert Pattinson owned the Cannes Film Festival.

The film is already being declared the favorite of the entire festival by critics like Eric Kohn of IndieWire, and Peter Bradshaw at The Guardian has given the film a 4 star review. Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter published rave reviews, and so far all the top critics love the film and Rob’s performance.

The premiere will be in a few hours and we can expect Rob to arrive in another fantastic Dior Homme tux. They really knew what they were doing when they invited him to represent their brand. It doesn’t get more A list than this – Rob is a respected actor, recognized for his skill and range, applauded by critics and audiences alike, and in demand by some of the most renown directors in the world. It’s good to be the king. 

 Time Out Film‏ @TimeOutFilm

Robert Pattinson is a serious contender for Best Actor at Cannes for NYC crime thriller GOOD TIME. #cannes2017

February 9, 2015
‘Life’ World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.
Photo-Call: 19:45PM CET/ 6:45PM GMT/ 1:45PM ET/ 10:45AM PT.
Press Conference: 19:55PM CET/ 6:55PM GMT/ 1:55PM ET/ 10:55AM PT
Red Carpet: 21:00PM CET/ 8PM GMT/ 3PM ET/ 12PM
Screening: 9:30PM CET/ 8:30GMT/ 3:30PM ET/ 12:30PM PT.

Stars to attend the premiere: Robert Pattinson, Dane Dehaan, Anton Corbijn, Alessandra Mastronardi & Luke Davies.


Photographers caught Robert Pattinson and his fiancee, FKA twigs, as they left their hotel on the way to the premiere of his film, Good Time, at the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival. Rob is in a Dior Homme tux and Twigs is wearing vintage 2002 Dior from the Dior vault. Rob has represented Dior since 2012, so I’m guessing they invited Twigs to choose from their vault for this special occasion.

When they arrived at the theater, Twigs and Rob’s long time manager, Nick Frenkel, stood behind Rob as he and the rest of the Good Time gang posed on the red carpet, and then Nick escorted her up the stairs and into the theater, where she sat directly behind Rob.

Rob has the same group of people on his team with him at Cannes that he’s had since 2005. Manager Nick, WME agent Stephanie Ritz, and UK agents Grace  Clissold.and Sarah Spear. This is their fourth time at Cannes with Rob, and it says a lot about loyalty that Rob didn’t turn into an egomaniac and get rid of everyone who had faith in him on the way up. He has always handled his phenomenal success with grace, poise, and good humor. 


“… he was a true and kind gentleman.” For a man, it’s hard to find a higher compliment. So many people come away from their encounters with Robert Pattinson and say the same thing–he’s a true gentleman, kind, thoughtful and considerate of others. He sure makes it easy to be a fan.

Rob invited Madame Figaro photographer Damon Baker to the Good Time/Dior after party in Cannes, and Damon has posted this photo of Rob with the comment:

damon_baker: #RobertPattinson invited me to come and photograph him at a party he was hosting with @Dior in Cannes. We had our own section to sit quietly and get to know one another through imagery. It is always calming to meet a fellow Brit in such a unique and foreign situation, to which he was a true and kind gentleman.

THE LOST CITY OF Z- Official UK Trailer- In cinemas March 24th


Robert Pattinson & FKA twigs take Cannes in His & Her Dior

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs rarely adhere to traditional rules of style, and when it was time for the pair to hit Cannes, they gave the red carpet a daring couples’ moment. Wearing his-and-hers Dior at the premiere of Pattinson’s latest film, Good Time, they showed two sides of the storied French brand, with Pattinson, a face of the label, going classic in a dapper three-piece Dior Homme black suit and Twigs opting for audacity in a postcard print-covered dress.

Twigs’s colorful choice was actually plucked from the archives: John Galliano’s Spring 2002 “street chic” collection. The rebellious spirit of that season has experienced a revival of late, with fashion insiders unearthing their J’Adore Dior T-shirts and logo-covered bikinis.

For her retro moment, Twigs skipped the layered runway styling and paired the gown with a simple ribbon choker and marabou-covered heels for a dainty contrast to Pattinson’s movie-star suiting. Separately, each would have been well dressed, but together they proved the versatility and enduring cool of one of fashion’s best-loved houses. (The gold cross on Twigs’ velvet ribbon was Christian Lacroix and her boots were Louboutin.)