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THE WALKING DEAD Comic Con 2016 Panel Highlights Pt1

We’re hitting a period in the comics that is about Rick taking control of Alexandria, and dealing with threats both internal (like a botched mutiny by Nicholas) and external (like the Scavengers and a herd of zombies that gets through the walls). How much of what we see in season 6 will match up to that? And what will be the biggest difference between what we see in season 6 and this stage of the comics?

Dalton, Dalton, Dalton … I can’t tell you how closely season 6 will follow the comics! We have to keep people guessing. If you’re paying attention, the material around volume 13 or so of the comic series has been getting adapted into the show most recently, but we always reserve the right to stray from the source or even jump back or ahead and do things out of order.
All that said, the biggest differences we’ll see revolve around Daryl, who was never in the comic, and Carol, who was long dead and never as cool as the TV version by this point.


September 14, 2015 - Robert Kirkman in EW talking about Daryl and Carol AGAIN

*Showing once again how HE and HIS OPINION has major influence on TWD TV Show writing and reminds again that Carol and Daryl’s stories are considered in the writing room in order for them to mesh with the comic material HE created!

Translation - Kirkman is very familiar with Daryl and Carol. He might not have created them as they are but he certainly knows what they are about, what they are feeling and going through and what they were written to be like back then, now and in the future.