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18 year old Jean Pierre Orlewicz of Canton, Michigan, is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Daniel Sorenson.  After stabbing the 26 year old 13 times, Orlewicz used a hacksaw to decapitate the body and threw Sorenson’s torso into a nearby field where he set it on fire.  In an effort to disguise the victims identity, Orlewicz also took a blow torch to Sorenson’s hands and feet.  The head was later found in a plastic container dumped in a river nearly 15 miles away from the scene of the crime.

Despite Orlewicz’s contention that he had acted in self defence, the jury found him guilty of murder and mutilation of a corpse.  Speaking at the trial, County Prosecutor Robert Moran stated:

‘Where was his emotion when he testified that he had to kill Mr. Sorensen? When he had to cut off his head? He testified like he was ordering a pizza. A typical day. That’s him. That’s cold.’

Buy Books for Syria

Help us raise one million pounds for Syrian refugees by buying a book.

Waterstones has come together with Oxfam, authors and UK publishers, to raise money for Oxfam’s Syria Crisis Appeal.

From Thursday 1st October, all Waterstones shops will sell a fantastic selection of books by bestselling authors in our ‘Buy Books for Syria’ campaign. All of the books have been donated by their publishers and we will donate 100% of the full retail price to Oxfam’s Syria crisis appeal.

A wide range of authors are supporting the campaign, including:

Philip Pullman, Hilary Mantel, David Walliams, Neil Gaiman, David Nicholls, Marian Keyes, Victoria Hislop, Ali Smith, Robert Harris, Lee Child, Salman Rushdie, Caitlin Moran, Julia Donaldson and Jacqueline Wilson.

“This is the biggest refugee crisis in history - 60m people, world-wide, are displaced, half of them children - threatening both the stability of the Middle East and Europe, and our own sense of compassion, and the value we put on human life. Whilst the governments of this world still fail to come up with a solution to this problem, I am proud to do as millions of others have, and say ‘We see you, we hear you, we will not let you suffer this alone. We promise - help is coming’.“ – Caitlin Moran

"I’m delighted to be a part of the British book world’s effort.” - Salman Rushdie

“I support this initiative with heart, mind and soul” - Ali Smith

“Buy a book, help save a life” – Ian Rankin

“The cause is so obviously good that anything we can do is worth doing.” -Philip Pullman

The list of titles will be announced on October 1st  and when you buy from our 'Buy Books for Syria’ selection, every penny will go towards helping refugees.

Our target is to raise one million pounds and all funds raised will be ring-fenced by Oxfam for aid for Syrian refugees and displaced people in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey as well as European points of entry in Macedonia, and Greece.

All of our shops are participating, simply ask a bookseller or look for the books with the 'Buy Books for Syria’ sticker. You can also follow the campaign online using the hashtag #BuyBooksForSyria.

Every Senator Who Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood:

(Bolded names are those up for reelection in 2016, FYI.) 

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby -R

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions -R

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski -R

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan -R

Arizona Senator John McCain -R

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake -R

Arkansas Senator John Boozman -R

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton -R

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner -R

Florida Senator Marco Rubio -R

Georgie Senator Johnny Isakson -R

Georgia Senator David Perdue -R

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo -R

Indiana Senator Dan Coats -R

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly -D

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley -R

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst -R

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts -R

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran -R

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul -R

Louisiana Senator David Vitter -R

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy -R

Maine Senator Susan Collins -R

Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran -R

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker -R

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt -R

Montana Senator Steve Daines -R

Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer -R

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse -R

Nevada Senator Dean Heller -R

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte -R

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr -R

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis -R

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven -R

Ohio Senator Rob Portman -R

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe -R

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford -R

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey -R

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham -R

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott -R

South Dakota Senator John Thune -R

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds -R

Tennessee Senator Lama Alexander -R

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker -R

Texas Senator John Cornyn -R

Texas Senator Ted Cruz -R

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch -R

Utah Senator Mike Lee -R

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin -D

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito -R

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson -R

Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi -R

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso -R

I know that we are an OGOC blog, but we will make these aesthetics for (almost) anyone that you ask for! Request away!!! 

Kian and Jc + Travel (pics are not mine)


I know that we are an OGOC blog, but we will make these aesthetics for (almost) anyone that you ask for! Request away!!!

Blonde Kian Lawley + Pink/Purple (pics are not mine)


God intends us to enjoy His creation; that’s why it’s beautiful. We see His wonders above us, beneath us, all around us, even within us. We’re encircled by an eye-popping, mind-boggling, awe-inspiring cosmos, which logically implies there’s a Creator who sees, thinks, and inspires awe. The universe is full of pulsating energy, so it’s Maker must be omnipotent. It appears virtually endless, so He must be eternal. Because it’s finely calibrated, He must be intelligent. Since it contains life, He must be personal; and since it’s magnificent, He must be altogether lovely. Assuming the existence of a Creator isn’t a mindless leap of faith; it’s the most reasonable thing in the universe. -Robert Morgan


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