robert lukas

And now there are Zude and Robron comparisons ...

“Idiot!” … And, again, it was the closeted blond.

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“Bob Roberts”

Alan Rickman as Lukas Hart III, Roberts’ campaign chairman

“Bob Robert" is a 1992 American-British satirical mockumentary film written, directed by, and starring Tim Robbins. It tells the rise of Bob Roberts, a right-wing politician who is a candidate for an upcoming United States Senate election. Roberts is well financed, due mainly to past business dealings, and is well known for his music, which presents conservative ideas with gusto.

Stay down, Gallavich, you’ve fucked up. We’ll take it from here.

Philkas basically.

Too soon?

It’s still very early days with “Eyewitness (US),” and “Shameless (US)” started out as a stronger show (whereas “Eyewitness (US)” still has room and a lot time to grow), but that last episode of “Shameless (US)” (and its bottom-of-the-barrel disregard for Mickey Milkovich) has sucked up every last drop of chill that I had for that show.

Meanwhile, … Robron and Zude are winning at twinning, and planning their weddings accordingly.