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So now that it’s over I can finally show you guys the covers I did for the Watson Washington convention this year :D

I don’t think I’ve ever drawn this many faces properly together in one place D:

Thanks @sherlock-seattle for the opportunity, it was a lot of fun!


He wanted to be here tonight. I’d like to read something that he wrote:

‘I Love Lucy’ had just one mission: to make people laugh. Lucy gave it a rare quality. She can perform the wildest, even the messiest physical comedy without losing her feminine appeal. The ‘New York Times’ asked me to divide the credit for its success between the writers, directors and the cast. I told them, ‘Give Lucy 90% of the credit. Divide the other 10% among the rest of us.’ Desi concluded: Lucy was the show. Viv, Fred, and I were just props. Damn good props. But props nevertheless. PS- ‘I Love Lucy’ was never just a title.

-Desi Arnaz’s tribute to his ex-wife Lucille Ball, read by Robert Stack at the Kennedy Center Honors on December 7, 1986, five days after Desi had passed away from lung cancer.


Reasons why I'm pissed off with Emmerdale

* I’m pissed off that they had Robron married for THREE WEEKS before ruining them

*I’m pissed off that after all these years, Aaron still hasn’t had proper therapy and is still so self-destructive

*I’m pissed off that Robert, a BISEXUAL character, who promised to be faithful and wanted messed up forever, cheats as soon as Aaron messes up

*I’m pissed off that by having them sleep together, Emmerdale has ruined Robert’s (one and only) friendship with Rebecca

*I’m pissed off that they depict every 20/30-something woman as sexually desperate and immoral

*I’m pissed off that Chas and Paddy will now be all “we told you so” and bask in the fallout from this

*I’m pissed off that it feels like the past two years of loyalty and devotion to this pair, have been for nothing

So yeah, all in all, I’m a bit pissed off. 😠