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Sole: *appreciate companion* 

I had a bad day today and want to draw these dudes blush



NOTE: This graphic only contains actors who have appeared in multiple seasons

AHS S1: Okay so we’re going to put Evan and Taissa together. The fans are going to love it!

Some fans: …ew

AHS S2: Okay, how about a different actress?

Some fans: nope

AHS S3: Okay what about Evan with Emma AND Taissa?

Some fans: ugh

AHS S4: Okay maybe just Emma?

Some fans: nooooooo

AHS S4-7: Fuck it, put him with Paulson or Gaga.

  • Concerned person: Why are you so stressed all the time?
  • Me: You know. School. Not enough sleep. Exams.
  • Me, internally: Livvy is dead, annabel escaped, jemma is screwed because robert lightwood died, how will the rest of the lightwoods react, who tf is kit's mother, what will cassie do to kitty, who will die in queen of air and darkness, is shade ragnor, who is ash, how will the blackthorns deal with livvy's death, and queen! of! air! and! darkness! is released in a year and i'm not emotionally and mentally ready.
  • Person: omg don't worry, I feel you.
  • Me, internally: No. No you don't.

Once Upon a Time 7x01 “Hyperion Heights” Sneak Peek - After six seasons, the residents of the enchanted forest enter Season 7 facing their greatest challenge yet as the Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin join forces with a grown-up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy on an epic quest to bring hope to their world and ours. Along the way, new fairy tale characters and old search for true love, find adventure and take sides in the ongoing struggle of good against evil as classic tales are once again twisted and reimagined.