robert goerl

Robert Görl and Regis

“I’d known Robert for a year or so, and then Disko B asked me to produce his album. They thought, ‘This is great, a marriage made in heaven, a hero [Gorl was a member of DAF], get a modern slant on it’. What I really wanted to do was get Robert drumming again, but he couldn’t at the time because he’d previously had a really bad car accident, so he wasn’t drumming that much. He’s got every loop he ever created with Conny Plank back in the DAF days, so we went through those and we did it in a week. It was a great experience, pretty eye-opening. Working with Robert made me appreciate Conny Plank even more.”

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how much I adore this song, originally by robert goerl from daf from his album “night full of tension”. bright future made a beautiful cover and it`s always on the “kann denn liebe synthie sein? playlist. a fan made a video to this track… x k.