robert galinsky


“Stop Violence Against Women And Girls”
12th and Ave C, NYC, NY.
January 16, 2015. 

It was very cold and windy when I put up this but, it went quickly and I got a lot of affirmations from some passersby. 
When I went to visit the wall a few weeks ago, I noticed there was a school at the end of the block. So I knew I wanted to include “girls” in the text. As I was setting up, an older woman asked what I was going to paint. When I told her what it would read, she said “That’s great. We need that. There was just a rape over here a week ago.” Later, a woman stopped with her kids in hand saying “thank you.”
Comments like these make you feel like you’re doing some shit right. 

Thanks to my girl Natalia Majette for helping out, and to Robert Galinsky for the wall. 

Portrayed in the work are Melanie, Khamara, and Onisha.