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“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” (Aristotle)

Alain Delon & Romy Schneider

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

Brigitte Bardot & Jacques Charrier

Marina Vlady & Robert Hossein

Vanessa Paradis & Johnny Depp

Kyle Maclachlan & Linda Evangelista

John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Mylene Farmer & Laurent Boutonnat

Marcello Mastroianni & Catherine Deneuve

Monica Bellucci & Vincent Cassel


Ken Katsaris calls Bundy’s indictment the highlight of his tenure as sheriff.

He has also called Ted Bundy « my favorite criminal ».

Millard Farmer, who fought for months to represent Ted Bundy for his upcoming trial  was critical of the manner in which Bundy had been handled by Leon County authorities, particularly the sheriff’s department which has held Bundy since mid-February.

Farmer scored the sometimes bitter encounter between Bundy and Leon County Sheriff Ken Katsaris Friday night when Katsaris first read Bundy the grand jury’s indictment. Katsaris allowed a group of reporters and photographers into a small holding area of the Leon County Jail where Bundy was read the indictment.

« I regret very much that that occurred last night, » Farmer said. « This has to change from a carnival-type atmosphere to what it is - a judicial proceeding. »

« If you’re going to talk of it in terms of music, it should more reflect an opera than it should a rock concert, » he said.

Farmer declined to specifically blame Katsaris for manipulating the events for his own benefit, but said : « I mean, nobody would have been interested last night in reading that the sheriff had brought the indictment up and gave it to Ted Bundy and said , “ Here it is Ted. You’re indicted and you’ll have an appearance in the morning.” »

« No one would have been interested in reading about that. So, they brought him down and put him in front of the cameras - that’s a carnival. »

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Just curious-- what makes the 2009 Emma adaptation a work of art?

*cracks knuckles* *pulls out color coded binder* I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve seen a lot of Emma adaptations: Clueless, Emma (1996), Aisha, the other BBC series (the one with Kate Beckinsdale and Mark Strong), Emma Approved, and of course, the 2009 BBC Miniseries. The 2009 version is my favorite, it always has been, and it always will be. Most of that comes down to characterization, but it is also about the way it captures Austen’s story magnificently though language, set design, costuming, and music.

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Lorna I want to give you all of those writing prompts!! If I must narrow it down to one I'll go with number 6 and Robron 🤗

i hope soppy fluff is what you were looking for tash!! this is set during their trip to wales last year.

things you said under the stars and in the grass

“Liv is out like a light.”

Robert looked up as Aaron spoke, stepping out onto the little patio that adorned the back of the cottage they had rented in Wales for a few days, the view an endless oasis of green fields and farmland, stretching out to the coast, the sound of waves crashing against the rocky shoreline distant, but comforting all the same. 

“She’s knackered, after all that kayaking.” Aaron continued.

Robert looked up at his boyfriend, a bottle of beer halfway to his lips. “It was a good day though, right?” he asked, leaning back in his chair so he could look at Aaron properly.

“I had fun today,” Aaron nodded, resting a hand against the back of Robert’s neck, a bottle of beer in his own hand. “Thank you. For being so good to Liv, y’know? I know she can be a bit of a handful.”

“I told you, if she’s important to you, she’s important to me.” Robert budged up in the small seat, leaving enough space for Aaron to sit down next to him. Every inch of their bodies was touching, knees to shoulders, and it set something in Robert alight as he breathed in everything that was so gorgeously, brilliantly Aaron.

“Still,” Aaron shrugged, pausing with his beer held halfway to his lips. “I appreciate it.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the peace. The cottage was somewhat secluded, their closest neighbour a few miles up the road, toward the little fishing village they were staying in.

It was quiet, and calm, and everything they needed.

Robert loved it. He’d lived a lot of places, in the ten years since he left Emmerdale - London had been exciting, sure, but he’d always been a country lad at heart, enjoying the peace and quiet far more than he’d ever enjoyed the bright lights and constant noise of the capital.

“I never used to be able to see the stars, when I lived in London.” Robert began, clocking Aaron’s brief confusion immediately.

Robert didn’t really talk about his past, not if he could avoid it.

But he was trying to be better, they were trying to be better, and well - it felt like the right moment didn’t it?

“It was the one thing I always missed about Emmerdale.” Robert continued, gazing at the sky. It was a gorgeous evening, a proper summery end to a summery day, the sky clear. “Being able to see all the stars. I used to love reading about all the constellations, always made me feel like the world was so much bigger than Emmerdale.”

“Bigger and better?” Aaron nudged.

“No,” Robert shook his head. “Just, bigger.”

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Out of all Canadian serial killers, Robert Pickton is arguably the most disturbing. Pickton was dubbed ‘The Pig Farmer Killer’ by the media after his crimes were uncovered by local police following an unrelated firearm warrant. While searching his pig-farm, they found the personal belongings of a well-known missing woman. Suspicious, they obtained a second warrant and uncovered a whole plethora of grisly evidence to suggest that Pickton was the serial killer they had been searching for: Not only did police find and identify remains of several missing girls, but they found human skulls that had been cracked and stuffed with human hands and feet. Eventually DNA from 33 women was sent off to the lab to be analyzed. 

One of the more bizarre findings was a dildo gun…. A .22 revolver with a dildo attached to its barrel, that was supposedly used to torture the victims. Pickton claimed that this gun only had the sex-toy attached to it because he couldn’t afford a suppressor at the time, and it seemed to do the job just fine.

Pickton’s MO suggests that he was a mixed missionary/lust killer. He would target prostitutes, bring them to the farm, handcuff them or bind them with rope, rape them, and then strangle them to death. When they were dead, he’d treat them just like the animals on his farm: He bled and gutted them, ran them through a wood-chipper and then fed their remains to his pigs. One survivor claimed that he would even grind up some victims’ bodies into mince and sell it as pork mince to local farmers and friends.
Put Vicious Cat Killer Robert Farmer Away
Robert Farmer is facing multiple charges in Santa Clara County Superior Court for kidnapping, torturing and killing our pet cats and kittens in our San Jose neighborhoods. But he has a high-priced lawyer who has already delayed the case and will work hard to get him off with little or no punishment for these heinous acts. Public pressure keeps this case in the spotlight and helps us make sure our furry family members get justice. Sign this petition to help us keep the spotlight on this criminal until he is convicted and locked away so we can keep all of our four-legged family members safe.

Please sign this petition! This horrible man is getting away with murdering cats in my area just because he is the son of a cop.


The drawings above show serial killer, and former pig farmer, Robert Pickton at his trial. Pickton was convicted of the second degree murders of six women. Although he later confessed to murdering as many as 49 women, it cannot be confirmed as it is believed many of the victims were fed to the pigs on his farm. He was sentenced to life with no possibility of parole until at least 25 years had been served.


Robert Farmer and Michael Jackson

The 70-year-old Bloomfield resident has his own cherished memories of The Gloved One, including the spring day in 1988 when Jackson gave Farmer the hat off his head, after an MJ concert at the Civic Center.

That black fedora, size medium, with the lettering MICHAEL JACKSON on the inside band has been stored in a plastic bag in Farmer’s raised ranch for the past two decades. He also has hung onto several photographs he took with Jackson at LaGuardia Airport in New York. Farmer, a retired Hartford firefighter and former chef at Hartford Hospital, served as Jackson’s personal chauffeur during his week’s stay in the city. “It was quite an experience for me just being with him,” Farmer said in his kitchen, as his grandkids listened.

Though Farmer wasn’t really a fan of Jackson’s at the time, he was thrilled when, as a dispatcher for Cotter Limousine Service in Bloomfield, he received an urgent call. Jackson’s road crew needed to be picked up at Bradley Airport.

Farmer took the assignment himself. He established a rapport with the crew, which led to them suggesting he be the exclusive driver for them and Jackson when the entertainer arrived. Bill Bray, a retired Los Angeles police officer who headed Jackson’s logistics team, made it official. Farmer would soon be headed upstairs to a suite in the old Hilton Hotel on Asylum Street where the King of Pop awaited.

“What struck me was he was in a good mood,” Farmer said. “He was very nice. Just a regular guy. Super nice. I was surprised. I just figured with him being that famous, there was no way he’d be this nice.”

Jackson stayed in his suite for most of his stay — and never wanted to be bothered the day of a performance. A valet, who served as chef, was part of the entourage. There was also a woman and her young boy, who stayed in a separate room, but were apparently Jackson’s guests. Farmer took the crew out to the mall and a KFC on Albany Avenue in North Hartford. At the KFC, one of the crew members surprised the girls behind the counter by giving them four tickets to the concert. They squealed.

Farmer also took Jackson and a security guy on a brief tour of the city. MJ wore shades and cap.

“He didn’t talk much, but he talked,” Farmer said. “He called me ‘sir.’ How’re doin’, sir? Everything all right, sir?’ Very, very friendly.”

When he drove Jackson to the Civic Center with his security people, Farmer said he was allowed to stay backstage. Crew members hooked his family up with front row seats and they granted Farmer’s request that his niece Tiana Armstrong, now 30, be selected as one of the kids to be called up to dance on stage with Jackson.

Farmer later told one of Jackson’s aides how impressed he was that Jackson was so friendly, and mentioned that he was now a fan. The aide asked Farmer to tell that to Jackson directly.

“So, I told him, listen, I never realized you were such a nice guy. I said I wasn’t a fan of yours before, but I’m a fan of yours now,” Farmer said. “And he was thanking me, laughing, smiling, and said, 'I’m glad you are.’”

Feeling emboldened, Farmer had a favor to ask. “I said 'I’d like to have a souvenir of yours.’ And he said, 'OK, what do you want?’ I said, 'Can I have that hat of yours?’ And he gave it to me.”

When he drove Jackson and crew back to LaGuardia, Farmer had yet another request — could he get a picture or two, because no one was going to believe that he chauffeured Michael Jax? Done

His tip was $1,000. Not bad for a week’s work — and the memories and mementos that will last a lifetime.