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Robron Week Day 5: Pillow Talk or in this case I went with Domestic!Robron - arguing over how to fold laundry. I have no idea what this is…but it’s a thing…go with it. And just for extra fun, here’s 1000 words on that arguing over how to fold laundry and Aaron’s introduction to the iron.

Aaron pulled the clothes from the dryer, still hot to the touch, breathing in the scent of the overpriced fabric softener Robert insisted on buying now that they had a home of their own. He said he was tired of the cheap tat his mum kept the pub stocked in. Aaron honestly couldn’t tell the difference but he wasn’t even going to try and tell his husband that, there were only so many times a day he could handle getting a lecture on the merits of quality. Shaking his head, he pushed the clean clothes into the waiting laundry basket and hauled them over to the sofa to fold them. He didn’t often do the wash, usually content to let Robert do it but the sheets were dirty…again, and he thought he’d be helpful and throw some of the rest of their things in.

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I love your headcanons! Could you do some for moments from the current break up era please? <3

anon, u know what i like, a nice dose of angst on a saturday morning.

being in the mill without robert is hard. every inch of the house is as much aarons, as it is roberts - down to the silly things like the fabric conditioner robert bought the week before aaron asked him to move out, all aarons clothes and bedsheets smelling like they always did, like the life he was supposed to be living with robert. he mostly tries to fill the mill with other people - adam, debbie, belle - and fill it with noise so that it doesn’t feel like half of robert anymore (it doesn’t work, not really, because the scent of roberts cologne still lingers in their wardrobe, and there’s a face wash in the bathroom that belongs to robert he hasn’t had the heart to chuck.)

robert can’t sleep, now. neither of them can, really, too used to sharing a bed. robert misses the familiar warmth of aaron pressed against him, the weight of aaron curled into his side. he’d never been too bothered about sleeping with or without someone, but since the break up, he wakes up all during the night, cold and reaching for someone who isn’t there anymore.

aarons surprised by how much he misses roberts sleep kicking. he’d gotten so used to the occasional kick in the shins from his husband, he can’t quite get used to it not happening. plus, the bed is too big for him now, roberts side cold, and empty, his snarky husband moved out, leaving him to sleep alone. it doesn’t much help with nightmares, either - aaron doesn’t get them very often anymore, counselling helps, but when he does, he wakes up in a cold sweat and he’s not got robert there to soothe him. the first time it happens after the break up aaron just cries, because all he can remember are nights when robert would hold him close and talk to him quietly until he’d calmed down, or how robert would make him a cup of milky tea and stay up all night with aaron, if that’s what he needed.

aaron keeps buying food robert likes when he’s in tesco. he’s chucked fancy crisps, roberts favourite fizzy drink, that pasta sauce he likes, all into his trolley without even thinking twice, and only noticed when he’s home, unpacking his shopping, an ache in his chest when he realises he can’t get his usual thank you from robert for thinking of his, his husband always smothering kisses onto aarons cheeks, making him laugh.

they both miss just talking to each other. they worked together, lived together - there’s so many hours of the day they used to fill with mindless chatter, talking about anything and everything. aaron almost misses roberts daily rant about a book or a tv show, his husband passionate and excited and always happy to explain a plot in great detail to aaron, just so he could (try to) understand roberts excitement. breakups are lonely, regardless of how many people you’ve got around you.

robert nearly cries in the cafe one morning when he gives bob both of their breakfast orders by accident, forgetting aaron isn’t with him. bob is sympathetic, to be fair, spouting off about how he’ll eat the bacon sarnie himself, but robert just stares at the two cups of coffee and wonders when the live he’d planned to live with aaron forever became a very lonely life for one.

the night robert finds out his fathers grave was damaged, all he wants is aaron. aaron, the only one who knows what jack did, the only one who knows the hurt and pain robert still carries with him today, the only one who would understand. all robert wants is for aaron to hold him close, and tell him that he is good enough, that his father was wrong, but robert doesn’t get that anymore, doesn’t get to have aaron.


Forever Mine: A Quilt for KunZoi  

For the first time in my life, I’m watching the classic Sailor Moon anime (when I was little, all I had seen of Sailor Moon were the three movies).  While watching, I fell completely in love with Kunzite and Zoisite as a couple, and when each was killed, I was left heartbroken.  I decided to make something for the two of them…

I’m terrible at drawing, and attempting to paint is even worse, so I decided to create something for them out of the only medium I know: fabric.  

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for @trashmouthsugden, @aarondingel and @robertsuggles all of whom support this choice ;)

to the stairs
robert/aaron, NSFW. basically a blowjob on the staircase.

There’s nothing remarkable about the staircase, Aaron thinks, as he tugs Robert out there anyway. They have the backroom to themselves, the quiet of the house disconcerting when Aaron’s used to the cacophony of the pub. Robert follows willingly, Aaron can feel the heat of his gaze burning the back of his neck, and he finds himself grinning. 

“You wanna go upstairs already?” Robert says, voice low and husky. If his arousal wasn’t already obvious - dick straining against the front of his jeans - Aaron would be left in no doubt by the cadence of his voice. He sounds fucked out and that’s before Aaron’s even started.

Aaron’s learning, slowly and painfully, that Robert is ridiculously turned on by, and in love with him no matter what he’s doing. A steep learning curve, Aaron muses, making sure the door is latched and locked, but not one he’d ever change. 

“No,” Aaron says, finally answering Robert’s question. 

Robert stares up at their bedroom door pointedly, but Aaron has a plan, one he’s been sitting on ever since their ridiculous coin toss, and he won’t be deviated. They’ve come a long way, he and Robert, and they’re both standing there with wedding rings over engagement, and Aaron’s chest constantly feels tight. Robert wears his emotions openly on his face, and Aaron can’t even pinpoint when it happened, and even now he’s looking at Aaron in a mix of want, love and fondness. Soft, Aaron thinks, leaning in for a kiss. 

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保護者, 紅雀, 獣  (Protector, Red Sparrow, Beast)

Here is Koujaku’s quilt!  I’m really happy with how his quilt turned out, and I had a ton of fun picking fabric for it!  I designed Koujaku’s quilt with three blocks using the Snail Trail block pattern (it was supposed to represent his peony tattoo but oh well): one to represent his route within the game, and one each for his good and bad endings.  I intentionally picked fabrics so that each block would get progressively darker, because each end of the quilt is such an extreme.  All of the fabrics in this quilt are Asian-themed fabrics by Robert Kauffman, Red Rooster, Kona, and Timeless Treasures, except for the scissor-print in the back (it’s a Moda, which I’ll get to!).  I tried to stick with more traditional-looking fabrics, without going too modern because a. Koujaku is very traditional and b. he’s an old man! (sorry Koujaku, I say that with love! ^_^) The name of this quilt is written in Japanese Kanji on the front lower right corner of each block.  Before I really start rambling, I’ll start with the center block, as it’s really the focal point of the quilt. 

This block represents Koujaku’s main route in the game.  The Japanese Kanji written on this block is Koujaku’s name, which means “red sparrow”.  I used a mixture of light and darkish fabrics, because of Koujaku’s happiness at seeing Aoba again, but throughout his route having to face his tortured past and those responsible. I’m especially proud of the gold-print fabric and the bird-print fabric I found.  The gold print fabric is supposed to mirror the belt that Koujaku wears around his waist, and upon seeing the bird fabric I immediately thought “BENI!”. Also, you’ll notice that within this block, there are two fabrics used that are also used in the “good end” block, the prints are exactly the same, just the colors are different :D Now, depending on the choices you make for Aoba in Koujaku’s route, you end up with either: 

Koujaku’s good ending: I chose the name “protector” for this block because of how much Aoba means to Koujaku.  After Aoba saves Koujaku from the tattoos completely controlling him, Koujaku finally opens up to Aoba and he can begin to move forward.  As they build their life together, Koujaku will be fiercely protective of Aoba, and Aoba will be there every time Koujaku begins to doubt his worth as a human being because of his past, no longer having to suffer alone.  I wanted no darkness in this block, only bright and colorful fabrics, because Koujaku finally, for the first time in several years, has a real chance to find happiness and peace.  

Unless of course you’re like me and find BeastJaku incredibly sexy so you prefer: 

Koujaku’s bad ending: I immediately knew I wanted this block to be devoid of any brightness or happiness, because unfortunately both Aoba and Koujaku lose themselves in this ending, and both suffer (though Shiroba might believe otherwise).  However, when I saw the cherry-blossom print, I thought it fit oddly well with the rest of this block’s fabrics, even though it shines because of the gold.  In a way, this can kind of be interpreted as being fabric for Shiroba, because he loves this version of Koujaku.  The black and grey fabric is a Kona and the print is called “Good Fortune”, which I thought was a delightfully cruel twist for this block, as Koujaku’s bad ending is anything but good fortune.  To finish it off, I splattered red paint all over the block, as it tends to get a bit bloody in BeastJaku’s cell.  I gave serious thought to taking my scissors and actually carving a little bit into the block to make it look as if BeastJaku himself sliced into it , but I didn’t want to weaken the integrity of the stitches.

Finally, when I saw the Moda scissor-print, I immediately knew this was going to be the back fabric for this quilt!  Koujaku works as a hairdresser, so I thought this would complete the quilt nicely.  I know the scissors printed on the back are craft scissors and not hairdresser’s shears, but I still think it works, hehe!

This quilt has simple quilting lines, with one line going through each of the black strips surrounding the three blocks, again symbolizing the choice the player has to make throughout the game.  

I bought a ton of fabric to make this quilt, so I’m offering this one for sale! :D It measures 52.25 inches long by 18.25 inches wide (or 132.7 cm x 46.4 cm) If you would like to purchase this quilt, please send me a message.  

I would like to give a huge thanks to @lintmaster1989 for letting me pester her with progress pics of this quilt, in addition to helping me name it!  Also a huge thank you to @impulsive-temper, I used this beautiful fan art of yours to help with the color palette for each of the blocks.  Finally, I want to thank everybody in the DMMD fandom for liking and reblogging all my progress pictures of this quilt!  I really appreciate it!!!  

One more thing:  This is a super interesting post about Koujaku’s peony tattoo and it’s real-life application to Japanese yakuza.  Thank you @ayuuria for this awesome read!  It really helped me when designing this quilt!  

errantventures: 10 books that have stayed with me

Paradise Lost – John Milton

The Portable Enlightenment Reader – Edited by Isaac Kramnick

Selections from the Essays – Michel de Montaigne, Translated by Donald M. Frame

The Odyssey – Homer, Translated by Robert Fitzgerald

The Fabric of the Cosmos – Brian Greene

The Aeneid – Virgil, Translated by Robert Fitzgerald

Hyperion – Dan Simmons

The Rise of Endymion – Dan Simmons

Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

Spin – Robert Charles Wilson

I tend to leave behind sticky notes =3

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