robert earl of grantham

Downton Abbey: A Summary

Robert: “I should do this thing.”

Cora: “Darling, you shouldn’t do the thing.”

Carson: “M’Lord, the thing is quite risky.”

Violet: “Robert don’t you dare do the thing.”

Robert: “I am the Earl of Grantham! I shall do the thing!”

Robert: *does the thing*

Robert: “Cora, I’ve lost all your money. We’re ruined.”

Everyone: “Dammit Robert.”

Filming it was pretty graphic. Hugh was so good at it because we only had one take because they couldn’t reset the tables and stuff and his shirt, and the distance it travelled was slightly further than Elizabeth [McGovern] was expecting… we had to keep going.
—  Michael C. Fox talking about THAT dinner…

So basically it’s the most stupid thing ever to kill the most main character 4-5 episodes before the show REALLY ends. (OUCH, MY HEART SHATTERED) He can’t die! He just can’t. He’s Robert. Our Donk. The Earl of Grantham. Husband of Cora Goddess Crawley who loves him SO very much and he is the father, father-in-law and grandfather aka Donk and a brother and a son. He is Robert Crawley. He isn’t suppose to die. The most realistic storyline would be to make Violet realise that she’s wrong because this time it would be her own son who’s health is at risk and she’ll view it in a different light. He’ll probably have a heart attack or something and when the decision will come to where he should be treated it would obviously be Royal Yorkshire so it all makes sense otherwise Violet would never admit she’s wrong because the queen isn’t familiar with the sensation. Ha, ha! Anyways, just don’t say he’ll die, okay, it crumbles my heart. Can you imagine Sybbie without her Donk, Mary/Edith without their Papa? Can you imagine Violet not saying, “Really, Robert” , Carson not going “Very well, Milord” every morning and can you imagine Cora without Robert? I repeat, Cora WITHOUT Robert. No, no, hell no. No fucking no. COBERT. ALWAYS CORA AND ROBERT. I mean she gets so worried when he’s a little bit unwell, she loves him too much, she can’t lose him. They’ve been through so much and all with being at each other’s side so no, they can’t be separated. Robert can’t die. He won’t die!! OKAY?! I know Julian Fellowes can be cruel, really cruel but he can’t do this, it’s like kicking everthing that had happened in the past six years. So he’ll live. We’ll continue to see Robert as a husband, father, Lord, grandfather (Donk) and so much more. Cora will tend him because WE REALLY NEED CUTE COBERT SCENES NOW, IT’S SO CRUEL GUYS JUST SAY I LOVE YOU PLEASE IT’S BEEN SIX YEARS and we’ll get Cobert kisses and we’ll see the kids playing with their adorable Donk and Carson continuing his “Milord” and Cora continuing her “Robert”, with the ‘r’s’’ rolling and her occasional 'darling’ which makes me all !!!!!!!!!. So yeah, the rant was needed. ROBERT ADORABLE DONK CRAWLEY THE EARL OF GRANTHAM WILL LIVE ON and then we can all say goodbye to all of them with no shadow of tragedy. Hm, okay.