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The Complete Repertory Cast of American Horror Story

✨Protect our Grandpa Rockstars 2k17! ✨ It’s finally 2017 in my time zone haha! I’m no longer living in the past! (Literally anyway…) Wishing everyone a wonderful year full of peace and love! You guys deserve it 😘

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Rockstars in commercials

Iggy Pop: Car InsuranceSchweppes 

Alice Cooper: Staples , Sony, Callaway Golf, Marriott  

Bob Dylan: Victoria’s Secret 

The Rolling Stones: Jingle for Rice Krispies 

Steven Tyler: Burger King , Gap (along with Joe Perry), Sony camera 

Ringo Starr: Sketchers , apple juice , Pizza Hut (with the Monkees)

Mick Jagger: Monty Python (with Charlie Watts), showing off his gym shoes

Paul McCartney: JBL, Fidelity Federal  (kinda), Apple 

U2: Apple

David Bowie: Pepsi  (with Tina Turner), Louis Vuitton , ice cream (rare!), XM Radio, XM Radio 2005  !!!, Reality  

Robert Plant: Coca Cola

Slash: Mastercard , Volkswagen 

Gene Simmons: Dr. Pepper, Nike

Ozzy Osbourne: Best Buy , World of Warcraft , Samsung Propel, I can’t Believe it’s not Butter!, Brisk , Pepsi Twist 

Brian May: Ford

Roger Daltrey: American Express , Bulova, A Christmas Carol (he’s Ebenezer Scrooge!!!) 

Elton John: Pepsi

Feel free to add more!

I decided to celebrate Christmas by drawing my favorite versions of all my beloved problematic favs! (I used one of those draw the squad things because I had no idea how to pose everyone haha) The list is ever growing and I can’t wait to see who else gets added to it! ☺️✌️️ Thank you so much for all your love, support and good vibes this year ❤️ Can’t wait for next year! (Hopefully there will be far fewer casualties 😅)

Stydia is a mix of Ross and Rachel, Chuck and Sarah and Seth and Summer all in one! This is beautiful!
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The Beatles, The Who, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin get drunk
  • Paul McCartney : tries to seduce everybody
  • Pete Townshend : tries to shake him off
  • John Lennon : fights with a cupboard
  • Bob Dylan : points to John, and laughs
  • George Harrison : sits in the heel only grinning, looking, and eats a sandwich meanwhile
  • John Entwistle : looks at the sandwich of george
  • John Paul Jones : hungry
  • Roger Daltrey : sings at the karaoke machine, or lies on the ground
  • Robert Plant : sings at the karaoke machine, or lies on the ground
  • ......................... okay they look the same
  • John Bonzo Bonham: jumps on a waterbed
  • Keith Moon : punches a hole in the water bed
  • Jimmy Page : gets wet
  • Ringo Starr : sleeps at home because nobody called him