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Robert sitting his daughter in Aaron's lap so she can rest her little head on Aaron's chest and cling unto his strong arms. Rob does that and knows how comforting it feels. So whenever she's upset its their go to.

yes! like it starts out when she’s grizzly because she’s teething and robert is just at the end of his tether because he’s tried everything. he’s used teething gel and massaged her gums and done all the other stuff you’re supposed to when a baby is teething but she’s still really upset and in pain. aaron comes home and sees how exhusated he is so he takes the baby for a moment so robert can go change into a shirt that isn’t covered in baby dribble. when robert comes back aaron is sat on the sofa and his daughter is fast asleep and robert is just in awe of his husband because how.

another time she’s two and has chicken pox and she’s crying because the itching is so horrible and she doesn’t understand what’s going on. like the poor little thing is covered from head to toe. she just cries and cries until she makes herself sick and robert just feels so guilty because there’s nothing he can do to make it better. when aaron gets home robert sets her down in his arms because he has no idea what to do and he can’t stand seeing her this upset. Aaron sits with her, shushing her and stroking her head until she cries herself out and falls asleep.

The Best of Football Writing in 2013

This is the third year that The Best Football Writing list (2012, 2011) has come into existence. We’ve seen blogs come and go, as well as writers rise and get the recognition they deserve. 2013 was no exception, but the continued domination of social media in sport created a new landscape for writing. With a flood of information hitting us every day, it can be difficult to find the long reads amongst a pile of memes.

This year’s list was the hardest to compile, but there was hardly a shortage of quality writing. In fact, we were overwhelmed with tweets and emails recommending great writing in football. While we don’t know what’s in store in 2014, we’re proud to present The Best of Football Writing in 2013.

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Aaron’s love

After reading many thoughtful comments on the state of Robron I thought a lot about where Aaron’s head is now.  It occurs to me that he self harmed because of his role in Katie’s death and the subsequent cover up.  And I wonder if in that very first moment if Robert had said I pushed Katie and the floor underneath collapsed because it was rotten if Aaron wouldn’t have done exactly as he had done.  I believe he would have done exactly as he did.   There real problem is that now because Robert dribbled the truth out and knowing that Robert nearly killed Paddy and then threatened him, Aaron no longer believes Robert.  He believes that Robert killed Katie in a premeditated manner the way Andy, Ross, and Cain attempted to kill him.  The same way Adam attempted to burn Cain alive.

So Aaron believes he loves and cannot stop loving a murderer.  This is not the truth but right now it is Aaron’s truth.   Aaron never self harmed because of Robert which he told Chas and Paddy so passionately when he was recovering in hospital.  In fact Aaron told them that Robert was the reason he wanted to live, that he hung on for Robert.  So I reject the notion that Aaron’s love for Robert is a form of self harming.  He always believed deep down that Robert’s love was reciprocal, and made Robert admit this, something Robert never wanted to do because of the implications it would have on his life or at least the life he believed he wanted.  I do agree that Robert’s denial of his love is destructive for Aaron.  But when Robert offered to run away with Aaron and start a new life, (”it’s what we both want) Aaron was wise enough to refuse this offer unless Robert could be open about his love.  That refusal is not the mark of a weak person.  Aaron said no to everything he wanted because he needed Robert to not only say it to him, but also to say it openly.  He wanted Robert to admit his sexuality to HIMSELF otherwise any life together would be doomed to fail. 

I should note the IRONY of Paddy baiting Robert as others have noted.  The act that started an awful chain of events was Paddy’s meddlesome note to Crissie, “rein in your cheating husband” and subsequent threat to out Robert.  Robert’s response is not defensible but neither is Paddy’s action in the first place.  I guess Paddy has a different take these days on cheating on a devoted spouse and a challenged child.  Who the hell on earth is Paddy to moralize to Robert Sugden or anyone else.  Paddy took it upon himself to stick his nose where it did not belong, shades of Katie. 

I want to see Aaron whole again.  Believing that Robert intentionally murdered Katie is not the truth.  He did however accidentally do so.  Perhaps once he knows the truth and Robert behaves properly there will be a chance for Robron.  If Aaron can forgive Adam for intentionally trying to kill Cain, surely he can forgive the love of his life once he knows the truth.  Surely that floor will have been tested as part of the police investigation into Katie’s death.   Hope remains.