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A List of things i love about Tony Stark and Peter Parker's first meeting in civil war:

- peter Internally Screaming when he walks into his apartment and sees tony stark just casually sitting in his living room, drinking tea and eating walnut date loaf
- peter cluelessly going along with tony’s bullshitting
- tony’s double-wink (someone please teach this man how to wink)
- “does this grant have money involved…?”
- “as walnut date loaves go, that wasn’t bad” *tony says after spitting the walnut date loaf in the bin*
- Sassy Tony™
- “Nah-ah! Me first!”
- “yeah but that’s all fake - you know, it’s all done on a computer” “Oh yeah yeah yeah. You mean like those UFOs over Phoenix?”
- tony finding peter’s ‘onesie’
- Peter trying to act Cool™ as if tony didn’t just find his spider outfit
- “So, you’re the spider-ling? Crime-fighting spider? You’re spider-boy?”
- “not in that onesie, you’re not”
- tony being genuinely impressed by the webbing peter created
- “Lordy! Can you even see in these?!?! *puts goggles on* Ahh I’m blind!” *Actual Five Year Old Tony Stark*
- peter opening up to tony about his motivation for being spider-man
- “I’m gonna sit here so you move the leg” (A Lesson in Improv by RDJ)
- tony awkwardly patting peter’s shoulder cause he’s not good at the Dad Thing™
- “I can’t go to Germany!” “Why?” “I’ve got… homework…” “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that”
- Tony’s Iconic Eyeroll™
- peter webbing tony’s hand to the door
- “Don’t tell Aunt May” “Alright, Spider-Man!” *three seconds of triumphant music and dramatic eye contact* “…Get me out of this…”

easily the Best Scene of civil war.

I love how our media reacts to Pepper and Tony’s engagement, like they’re actual real life celebrity couple, 

imagine actually living in the mcu lmao it’s gonna be like the royal wedding, the engagement of the century and it’s probably gonna be all you’ll hear about for the next few weeks 


Full Avengers: Infinity War concept art poster