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How Infinity War is gonna be. 

Rockets gonna spend the whole movie convincing people he needs Bucky’s arm for a “plan”

Edit: Holy shit I didn’t think it would get that many notes

There is a parallel universe where...

Bucky likes Deadpool’s wife

Captain America seduces Peter Quill’s ex

Everett Ross and Doctor Strange are best friends

Tony Stark has relationship with aunt May in Rome

Spider-man and Thor goes to sea hunting whales

Pepper is dating Hulk

Old Spider-man tries to be part of  the Avengers

Vulture is a superhero (None other than Batman)

And Natasha and Steve are happy together


After @thorofficial, here is my new triptych - entitled “Sentinel of Liberty” - dedicated to the #Marvel #CaptainAmerica films trilogy. I mainly based this work on the characters so I hope you will enjoy it as much as the last one. #Avengers

credit to @RicoJrCrea) french touch!

I was just looking through the confirmed cast of infinty war and who THE FUCK orders an Uber mid way through fighting thanos?