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a bit of hurt/comfort fic for @aarondingel

Robert didn´t really know how they had ended up here.

Well, technically, he did know how, but his head was still feeling a bit woozy and it had all happened so fast. Mostly though, the situation they´d found themselves in just seemed too ridiculous to actually be true.

He was just glad he´d managed to get both of them into hospital somehow.

His head-wound had been a quick fix. The doctor had managed to close the cut on his scalp with three quick stitches that he´d be able to get removed within two weeks time. Robert being Robert, he was far more bothered by the small newly shaved bald spot on the back of his head than by the injury itself. He could already hear Aaron mock him mercilessly for his vanity over the next few weeks, while he would try to cover up the hole with his too short hair or the odd beanie. The worst offender when it came to his bruised ego though, was the less than attractive bandage, which the nurse had carefully wrapped around his head to protect the wound from the elements as well as his itching fingers. It made him look like a tennis player wearing one of those terrible thick white headbands that should have done the world a favour and stayed in the 80s.

Aaron´s injury had been a bit of a different story. The fact that he was currently hooked up to a number of beeping machines, looking younger than his years while lying in a hospital bed in front of Robert with his left leg hoisted up in a sling was proof of that.  

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In practical terms, I consider Sorcery to be the knowledge of the fundamental principles or ‘sacred letters’ which govern the control, manipulation and application of magical force. These principles are the Sorcerer’s Alphabet. When focused via ritual, they determine the very arena of one’s unique self-existence. The Principles of the Magical Quintessence are used to coordinate force and form, to inform strategies of sorcerous behaviour and to empower expressions of creative aesthesis. Ritual, the magical ‘art’ par excellence, reveals new understandings of sorcerous knowledge and by the path that connects moment to moment – realisation to realisation - it brings consciousness into Gnosis. Magick in this sense leads to the direct realisation of Truth, the mystical apotheosis of the Arte Magical. Yet in the most pragmatic sense, magick is the power to bless, curse, attract, repel, call, banish, heal, hurt, bind or liberate. I consider that the Sabbatic Craft unites both mystical and the pragmatic dimensions to form ‘Transcendental Sorcery’. Thus, whether seemingly high or low in application, magick locates the step and connects the spirit to its location - wheresoever one wanders in thought, word or deed. Finally, I would add this: Magick brings one to meet Death before dying and thus bestows an eternally living Wisdom. The Light Magia reveals Sophia most fair ‘neath the mask of Thanatos most foul.

ALSO, you know when Robert does that soft-voice thing to comfort people? And he always takes the edge off with a small joke, you know? 

  • Like ages ago when Cain was hospitalized, he told groin jokes to Aaron before hugging him, just to help lighten that heavy load on Aaron’s shoulder
  • Then of course there’s when Aaron opened up about G*rdon, after all the pain, when the moment was right, Robert joked about Chas being angry at them for spending the night together, and Aaron just gave a weak smile
  • And again, we had that when they were on the bridge at night & Robert just gave that crooked smile to Aaron, and Aaron glowed.
  • Then we had it today on the couch. They shared each other’s feelings, and he joked about how maybe he didn’t wanna talk & then they kissed. He made this horrible day tolerable for Aaron.
  • But that’s not all, either, because this sweet quirk of Robert’s isn’t just for Aaron–it’s for everyone he loves. So we saw him talking to Liv on the bench, and when she’s feeling low, after they’ve opened up and been real, Robert does that healthy playful thing he does by joking lightly about her hoodie style. Ya know, and, that particular part really just GETS me, you know? 

I just love this LIGHT, CARING side of Robert in every rare scene that we get a glimpse of it. It’s a special layer to Robert only a few have the honor of experiencing. And it’s so, so, so important that Robert has this quality when it comes to Liv and Aaron. Because Aaron especially–and Liv if she really is as much like Aaron as it seems–just gets BOGGED DOWN by GUILT. and that can devour Aaron, completely ruin him. Robert is a tether to land, you know. His jokes pull Aaron’s head above water, and that’s just… it’s fucking beautiful. Robert Sugden has been so underappreciated for so long by the people around him, and it makes me so happy to see these people realize all of his amazing strengths and virtues. I love Robert Sugden

Imagine getting a hug from Luke. Just feeling his white ass arms wrapped around you and his cute face buried in the crook of your neck, making you feel all safe and tingly inside and like for once in a life time you know you’re okay.

The eagle has landed in Toronto. Rob will be participating in wardrobe tests and other prepartions for filming Idol’s Eye, later this month. Rob plays an expert safecracker and all-round cunning crook opposite Robert DeNiro’s mob boss.