robert cornthwaite

The Thing from Another World!  - Defrosted Terror

One of the better ‘sci fi thrillers’ to come out in the 50s. Outstanding use of suspense and keeping the audience in the dark for most of the movie, which covers for the fact that when we finally do see 'the monster’ it is not much more than a tall guy in a costume.

A military base in the artic discovers a buried alien spacecraft frozen in the ice, and takes back to the secluded base a frozen sample of one of the lifeforms on board. Need I mention that it thaws out? Howard Hawks is credited with co-directing this, and probably accounts for the better than average quality of this B picture.

Nice forerunner to films like 'Alien’ and the very effective re-imagined remake by John Carpenter in the early 80s.

3 stars out of 5

Released 1951, First Viewing October 1985