The holidays are often a time of celebration spent with those you love, however, there are so many children that sadly do not have the same experience. During this holiday season let’s turn our attention to those wee children who unfortunately do not have the same privileges as us.

With Kids is an organization that assists children in need who reside in Glasgow. Robert Carlyle, the man who brings our favourite Dark One to life, happens to be on of their ambassadors. In honour of this 2016 holiday season, let’s do something that would mean a lot to both Robert and these children by donating to With Kids. I am not requesting that you donate $100, but contributing $2, or even $5, can make a difference.

When you donate please make sure to include your name and that you are donating in honour of these children during the holidays, and their ambassador, Robert Carlyle.

The campaign will run for the entire month of December and into the first week of January

You can donate by clicking on HERE