Hard man, soft man
Here is a story about Robert Carlyle. Daniel Boyle, the scriptwriter for the BBC's 11-million-pulling Hamish Macbeth, met a man who asked what Boyle did for a living. He said he wrote Hamish, and the man said: 'Ach yes, that stars Robert Carlyle, I knew him once. Or at least I thought I knew him. I worked with him for six months at the Metro Bar in Glasgow, and for those six months I thought he was English.'
By Katharine Viner

This lady has her priorities in order, lol……..his tongue thing is sexy and erotic and everything in between..

And he has a rather sexy habit of smacking his lips - he does it in erotic anticipation in his new film, Carla’s Song, and he does it in real life too.

Underneath and overflowing all OVER him…….

Carlyle speaks softly and appears gentle, but there is an edgy sexuality stirring underneath.

And it is only when I get confrontational with him that he begins to respond in a different way. Then he starts to interview me, to show how hard it is to talk about yourself, and then I notice how his brown eyes, which have huge irises and very little white, are always fixed on mine; and how he speaks in thoughtful, beautifully constructed sentences that reveal a sharp and sensitive brain. And then I feel a little ashamed for asking him about Hollywood.


Rumplestiltskin & Belle ♥ Vivir Sin Ti No Puedo -With English subtitles

@judymulder hey chica aqui esta el video

This song is perfect for Rumbelle is in Spanish but I have added subtitles.

It’s about two lovers…. It doesn’t matter how opposite they may seem to be, or how many times they have quarreled: their love can overcome every misunderstanding and defeat any foe.

I dedicate this video to two great girls: Judymulder and Boredflychatcher, because they encouraged me to edit this, I want to thank Bored because she translated the song from Spanish to English.

Rumplestiltskin & Belle


“[Adam and Eddy] were like, ‘Oh, would you like to play Belle for an episode with this guy?’, and I’m like, ‘Uhh, hell yeah!’ We had a great time and it all sort of clicked, and… now I’m here.““Now we’re married.”“Now we’re married.”

(as requested by anonymous)