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Spoilers !! Kinda ?

I can’t get over how great Spider-Man: Homecoming was??? I pretty much never post on Tumblr but I no longer have someone to vent all my emotions to so I’m gonna throw it here !!

• So much character development between Peter and Tony like it’s crazy
• Dad!Tony is honestly the best and it’s not just the fans stretching for it anymore, like Tony pretty much says it
• Tony has a heart confirmed tbh
• He just needs to communicate better but oh well
• Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is so y o u n g
• Like they emphasize his youth so much and so well
• He’s so reckless?? And so not in control of his abilities and so excited and so scared
• Especially compared to Cinematic Spider-Man pasts, Tom’s is so young
• Like he has the same hero complex and same moral codes but they’re not as prominent and not as strongly ingrained as “gotta prove myself to Mr. Stark” is
• Also, I genuinely don’t remember the “I like bread” line being said and I’m so upset
• I remember “I got ice cream in the car” line tho??
• Tom’s acting was amazing so genuine so real like I *felt* it
• Happy is so done and I’m here for it
• Happy Hogan did not sign up for babysitting
• Karen now upgraded to be Peter’s robotic wife instead of Plankton’s computer wife
• Iconic: “Penis Parker”
• Is this really the same kid who couldn’t go to Germany bc of homework?
• Let’s not forget– May can casually see her undressed nephew (literally just in boxers) standing in front of his best friend in a closed door room and not bat an eye
• While on the subject– Ned is amazing
• Oh and:
• No more “With great power comes great responsibility”
• We now say “If you’re nothing without the suit, then you don’t deserve it”
• Or something like that (?)
• Also, someone better teach Peter how to properly fight (aka I just want Black Widow to train Peter)
• Plus– a lot of alluding to Tony and Cap being on speaking terms again
• So basically Superfamily confirmed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
• Also Zendaya’s MJ was woke asf
• Spider-Man: Decathlon probably would’ve been just as accurate but I mean it’s not as catchy
• I wanna know what instrument Peter played in band tbh
• Final note: Patience.

listen, when alec finds out that maia and jace hooked up, you can bet he’s gonna be taking every chance he gets to encourage them into dating. like getting to see his best friend and his brother happy in a relationship together and getting the chance to finally kick clary out of his life now that jace isn’t interested in her, alec would be popping the biggest bottles

Dear Robert Sugden,

I have loved you for a very long time.

I loved you when you were a teenager with a different head.

I loved you even when you started messing around with your brother’s girlfriend.

I loved you, because somehow despite all of your flaws, I could somehow understand you.

I loved you, even when you kept making silly mistakes.

I loved you even more when your dad never stopped to wonder why you were the way you were and did the things you did.

I loved you even when you had to say goodbye, for nine long years. I often wondered where you were or how you were doing. Because I loved you.

I loved you a little less when you came back, now a proper adult, engaged, rich, with a new head. 

I loved you even with your trash mouth and your scheming ways. I loved you because I understood you and I always believed there was more to you than what people could see on the surface.

I loved watching you fall in love, properly fall in love. This was when I started to love you like the old days.

I loved you even when you acted like a total dick and made incredibly stupid and sometimes deadly decisions.

I loved you, even when you tied the person you’d fallen in love with to a radiator and pointed a gun at him.

I loved you even more watching you fall apart.

Somehow I still managed to love you even when you spewed bile at everyone around you. Somehow my hurt and disappointment didn’t dent my love significantly. I still loved you.

I loved you when you laid unconscious in hospital for weeks on end.

By god I loved you when you started to grow. I loved watching the way you loved Aaron.

I loved you even more when I saw the real you; the true you, the you that had been stifled and locked away for most of your life.

I loved you, even though you’d changed, because you were still you, you still lied and cheated and did whatever it took for the person you loved. 

I loved you, even more still, seeing you put somebody else before yourself.

I loved you when you finally found a sense of family.

I loved you, even when you would still make dodgy decisions, because this time these bad decisions were for the right reasons - however ill-judged they may have been.

I loved watching you realise you needed to be with the love of your life, for the rest of you life.

I loved you even more when you brought that ring and planned the perfect proposal.

I loved you on a whole other level when you sat on the ground in the woods, on dirt and leaves and twigs, and poured your heart out, truly, for the very first time.

I loved you on a whole other level when you shared a secret you’d been carrying since you were 15.

I loved you even more, if humanly possible, seeing you risk your life for your soulmate, when you were prepared to die with him instead of leaving him on his own and living a life without him.

I loved you even more when you beamed at your new fiance in hospital.

I loved you, even when you spoke about how you should’ve shagged your ex-wife’s dad, as well as her sister. Because that trash mouth is still very much you, and I love you.

I loved you when you won that silly pub-quiz with your fiance and how proud you looked.

I loved you even more (!!) when you and the love of your life wore cheesy Christmas jumpers.

I loved you when you went all out to prepare the perfect birthday surprise for your fiance. I loved your excited face.

I loved you even when you said things you shouldn’t, and did things you shouldn’t, because nobody is perfect. Especially not you. But I loved you all the same.

I loved you when you called yourself a drama queen.

I loved you so so so much more, when you prepared a surprise wedding, and pledged your undying love and support to your darling Aaron.

I loved you even even even more, seeing you hold your new husband and kiss him in front of your family and friends.

I loved you even even even even more when you had to say goodbye.

I loved you, next level loved you, when you couldn’t even sleep in your bed without your love.

I loved you a little less when you made a big mistake, your biggest in a long time. 

But I still love you. A lot.

I loved you more again, when you were reunited with your love.

I love you, even though you’re not being totally honest right now. I love you because I still understand you. I love you because even though you might not be doing the right thing, I know you’re just scared.

Because you’ve always been scared. I think you have spent most of your 31 years being scared.

Scared of other people. Scared of their views. Scared of their feelings.

Most of the time, I think you’ve mainly been scared of yourself.

Scared of who you are. Scared of what you feel. Scared of what you’re capable of.

But I know you. And I understand you. And that is why I love you.

I don’t think there’s much you could do that would make you stop loving you. 

Because I have always loved you. And whether you go away again for 9 years, or more, or less, or whether I have to go away…..I will still love you. Because I always have. And I always will.

You’re an idiot, a trashmouth, a romantic, a hero, a sweetheart, a stupid stupid man, you’re dangerous, you’re soft, you’re……silly. You’re a dork. You’re scary. Sometimes you’re a total prat who wears questionable shirts (that I love). You’re hard to love. You’re easy to love. You’re confusing. You’re a mess. You’re precious.

But you’re Robert Sugden. Robert fucking Sugden. And I love you. I still love you. 

And I hope you manage to have a wonderful birthday, sunning yourself with your husband in Mauritius.

Happy Birthday, Robert. 

Robert/Dadsona short

Post-good ending Robert and Dadsona watch some movies.
No warnings.

After Amanda left for college, I tried to occupy myself as much as I could, to cope. Not having her around felt… unnatural but she was happy at her university and that’s all that matters. Amanda’s an adult who can take care of herself just fine.

The first few weeks were rough. It took all my Dad Powers to not call Panda every hour to check if she’s doing alright, if she’s eating healthy or… I’m getting too into it again.

Most of the time work kept me busy. I’ve also become way more productive in doing things like cleaning the house. So good in fact, I’ve run out of things to clean. I even offered to mow Brian’s lawn out of boredom.

Robert stayed true to his word and spent a lot of time doing… Robert things, I guess. We would often still hang out, of course, and he seemed to be taking better care of himself. I often remember what he said to me at Amanda’s graduation party. I told him that I’m happy to be a supportive friend for him, but sometimes it’s hard not to think about his stupid, attractive face. And his stupid knives.

A ping in my phone snaps me out of whatever I was doing.

It’s a text from Robert.


'u busy?’

'wanna come over for a drink?’

Excited, I grab my jacket before shooting him a quick message saying I’m on my way. Two minutes later I’m at his doorstep. Robert opens the door, a grin on his face, and says hey.

“Not going cryptid hunting tonight?” I ask, following him to the living room, being careful not to kick or step on Betsy who decided to run around me in circles.

“Nah,” he turns to me, bottle of wine already in hand. He’s taken it down a notch with the excessive whiskey drinking. “I kinda just felt like watching a movie at home, that sound good to you?”

“Would be a shame to say no, considering you went through the effort of cleaning up.” I remark, taking in the changes of the room. After Val’s last visit, Robert became more self-conscious about the state of his house and started putting in work to fix it up. It wasn’t perfect, by any means, but he’s hauled most of the trash out and there wasn’t an avalanche of things scattered across his floor anymore.

Robert snorted but was obviously happy I’d noticed. I know he felt silly about it, but it mattered to him to be praised for small achievements. He actually showered, too.

We settled onto the couch, Betsy scrambling up between us as Robert set up a film. Since Amanda left, we’ve been having movie nights more often. Sometimes in the cinema but mostly here in Robert’s living room. His TV set up is too good to pass up.

Today he put up some post-apocalyptic horror film and commented throughout the entire thing, pointing out the plot holes and ocassionally leading into another one of his made-up stories. I didn’t mind, I’m not a super huge fan of horror films so Robert’s jokes made the experience all the more fun.

The wine was soon gone and Robert stumbled out to get some snacks while I picked out something else to watch. Going through his endless DVD’s, I notice something on the far back of the table. Looks like a thin book? I move away a few movie discs to find a sketchbook. Doodles of Betsy, other dogs and people adorned the pages.

Huh, Robert draws? I mean… I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising, considering he liked whittling. And he did find a lot to talk about with Amanda, I just figured he was telling her how to identify if her roommate was a werewolf or something.

Flipping through the sketchbook, I can’t help but smile. There’s tons of drawings of his daughter, both small and grown up. As if he was afraid he’d forget what she used to look like. There were also drawings of another woman, his wife, probably. And that looks like the scenery of the town from Robert’s thinking spot, and-


It was a little surprising finding my own face on the last page. Haha wow, is it hot here or what? Ugh, okay, this is no time to gush over how touching and adorable this is. I need to put this ba-

“What'cha so red about?” Robert’s voice boomed as he peeked over my shoulder. “Oh. That.”

His face dropped down all of a sudden and I felt a bit of panic seeping in my face.

“Sorry, I should’ve asked…” I realize how snoopy I was being but Rob just waved a hand at me before sitting back down on the couch.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind,” he sighed running a hand through his hair. “It’s just… embarrassing, I guess. I haven’t drawn in a long time.”

“You whittle but you’re embarrassed about drawing?” I snort, trying to lighten the mood. “Seriously though, you seem kind of upset about it. Is everything okay?”

Robert paused.

“It’s… I haven’t picked up a pencil ever since the accident. Since Marilyn passed away and Val… Well, you know.” He fell silent, his eyes shifting to stare through the window.

All of a sudden he looked tired again. Just like the first night we spent at his house. I watch him, still amazed how he’s able to go so on and off like a switch. Even after all this time, it’s still hard to read when or what Robert’s feeling. It makes me uneasy; I want to be able to help him, to say something encouraging. Make him feel less lonely.

“You picked it up again, though.” I say with a small smile, reaching out and taking one of his hands in mine. He turned to me but stayed silent. “I know this is a tough process for you but I want you to know that you can turn to me no matter what. I’m glad to see you getting better but there’s no need to hide and pretend that everything’s alright just to keep me happy. You mean a lot to me, Robert… I don’t want you to feel alone.”

He stared at me for a while longer before breaking into a small laugh, tugging on my hands and pulling me close to his face so our foreheads are touching. Ohhhh no, he’s too cute…! Pure thoughts. Pure. Thoughts.

“Why is it that you drive an old man to tears every time you say something nice?” He said, his eyes closing softly. Movies forgotten, he buries his head in my chest and pushes me down onto the couch, clearly not intending to move an inch for the rest of the night. Following his lead, Betsy curls up on my foot.

“Good night, then.” I snicker, nestling my face in his hair.

A muffled 'mmmhm’ is all I hear before he dozes off.

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something fluffy where Robert gets Aaron a dog/puppy and Aaron gets a bit teary because he loves it so much

It’s Aaron’s counsellor who first suggests a dog. It’s coming up on the second anniversary of Gordon’s death, and Aaron’s panic attacks are at the worst Robert has ever seen them. He brings a bone tired Aaron to counselling on the Tuesday afternoon (not wanting him to drive, not after three nights in a row of no sleep) and when Aaron asks Robert in for the last five minutes (it happened sometimes, Aaron not wanting to have to explain something twice, or feeling like he needed Robert there for a few minutes as the session was wrapping up) when Miriam suggested it, pointed that there was certain breeds of dogs that were great for people with mental health issues.

Aaron had shrugged the suggestion off in the car, pointing out they were too busy to have a dog, they both had full time jobs, two businesses between them, Liv to keep an eye on.

A puppy wasn’t going to fit with their hectic lives, Aaron had said, half asleep against the car window, but Robert didn’t want to let the issue drop, not once he went online and he’d read article after article about how certain types of dogs were fantastic for people with mental health issues, that they could ease panic attacks and help with all sorts.

He’d gone to Paddy about it, three weeks after the counselling appointment. Paddy had raised an eyebrow when Robert had appeared in the doorway of the surgery, their relationship frosty at best, even now, so many months and years on from their first wedding.

Paddy had thawed (a bit) when Robert explained why he was there, explained that he wanted to get Aaron a dog. Paddy had even told him a few stories about Clyde, smiling as he remembered how attached Aaron had been to the dog.

They’d sat down for a full half an hour, going through every suggestion of a breed Robert had bookmarked on his phone until they’d decided on a golden retriever. They had a good temperament, apparently, and Paddy had given an instant nod of approval when he’d looked at the article Robert showed him.

He’d promised faithfully that he would find a dog for them, and Robert had gone back to their house and pulled Aaron in for a cuddle, holding him close as he struggled to sleep again, every inch of him exhausted as they sat in front of the telly, a holiday program playing quietly in the background.

The noise helped, sometimes, the familiarity of it all, when Aaron couldn’t sleep.

Robert had almost given up hope of Paddy actually finding them a dog, when his father-in-law had texted, saying one of his clients had a golden retriever who’d recently had puppies and was looking to sell.

Robert had fallen in love with the tiny yellow puppy the moment he’d seen it, the energetic little dog scrambling unsteadily on it’s feet, toothless mouth nipping at Robert’s ankles as he’d bent down to give it a rub.

“What do you think?” Paddy had asked, wringing his hands as he waited for Robert’s reaction.

Robert had simply grinned in reply, scooping the excited puppy up in his arms, the baby golden retriever wriggling in his arms, licking tiny little licks across Robert’s chin, and cheek. “I think he’s going to love her.”

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OKAY! Listen right here!! Rian!! Dawson!! Is!! An!! Angel!! I’ve met ATL three times in the past three weeks and Rian has always been the kindest and sweetest one to me (they’re all super nice, but Rian was extra kind) firstly, at the London signing, he was so appreciative for his friendship bracelet I made him and said that we were now ‘friends for life’ (which is fucking true). Secondly, at the Liverpool M&G, he was the first person I went up to and I was so nervous but he made me feel so calm, like he didn’t speak down to me or anything like that - he literally treated me like his friend. We had an actual conversation - What an angel?? Thirdly, at the Manchester signing yesterday, I got him a pug pillow for his new puppy, Cuppy, and he deadass was smiling ear to ear and thanked me three times. He was so fucking grateful for something so small and it made me feel so happy. I’m actually crying writing this right now because I’ve never met a band member so down to earth and so indescribably kind. I think I can positively say that from this day on I am in Rian’s lane