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  • Me as a kid: When I'm a teenager I'm going to hang out with friends all of the time and go to parties and date a lot of boys and I'm going to be so popular
  • Me as a teenager: *practices the five movements from The OA alone in my bedroom*

Watch until the end you probably might like it

(Yes I know very low quality but Tumblr only allows 100MB and this video reached the limit)

*a little bit in the beginning the volume is high so turn your sound down
*some parts have low volume so turn your sound up to hear it

theories about The OA:

1. Elias (The FBI therapist):
//He planted those books under Prairie’s bed AND the violin in her closet. First of all, before Prairie went blind, she was russian, so she knew how to read in russian. Those books were english. So she knew how to read in russian (i’m assuming) and braille, and its not likely that she learned how to read that quickly after being found again. Also, she was playing her violin in New York when she met Hap. How did she bring it back home? So what was Elias doing at her house in the middle of the night? Some people think he’s working with the government to cover up stories about NDE’s, and some think he’s working with Hap to discredit her story.

2. Her real world friends are different versions or her captive friends:
// In the final episode, there is a scene where French looks at himself in the mirror and sees Homer looking back at him. They both have a cut on their forehead, along with the fact that they’re both athletes. In another scene Buck is walking to the house when he passes red flares in the road, along with a red backpack. Rachel describes her NDE being in a car accident, with a red backpack nearby. Could it be possible they’re versions of each other in different dimensions?

3. Rachel AND Hap are FBI agents:
// Something is off about her. At one point, all the plants in only her cell were dead. That has to be some kind of clue, but to what? Also, she is the only one unable to receive a movement. Hap doesn’t seem concerned about this, maybe because they both are conducting the experiment together. Maybe Rachel never even had an NDE, and is just gathering intel. The biggest piece of evidence for this is a scene in an office, where Prairie’s parent’s are talking to Elias (episode 7). On the wall, written in braille, its says RACHEL. It proves nothing honestly, but why would it say Rachel on the wall? It certainly means something. For this one, there’s barely evidence but it’s cool to think about.

These are just 3 of my favorites. I stole them from this website oops, but it gets me thinking and I thought I should share. If you haven’t watched The OA yet, go watch it. And feel free to write your own theories on this.


“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she / With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, / The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. / Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, / I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


The Third Movement- Scott (performed by the Crestwood 5)

Part 3 of my Movement series.


10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in April- RollingStone

Dimension 404 (Hulu, Apr. 4th)
It will be a little while before we get more Black Mirror episodes, so why  not scratch your sci-fi anthology itch with this wackier alternative? The  fan-favorite webseries gets a star-studded expansion from Hulu, with  Joel McHale, Megan Mullaly, Lea Michele, Patton Oswalt and Sarah Hyland  filling out the assorted tales from inside an online twilight zone.  While the beloved British import places a focus on technology, each of these  self-contained episodes specifically touches upon the advent of the  Internet, and how it could go horribly awry. Be forewarned: Should your video  start to glitch out while streaming, don’t reset your router. That may  very well be part of it.


OA lockscreens I made for myself over the past couple months. 🌙

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OA Theory

Okay, so I haven’t really even thought this out, but I’m just gonna type it all out and it’ll probably be word vomit, but here we go.

Everyone is trying so hard to compare Hap to Elias or to Prarie’s biological father, but what if his comparison is her adoptive parents, Nancy specifically? Abel just seems very sympathetic toward Prarie (maybe he represents Khatun? Prarie’s biological dad could represent Khatun, as well. Maybe Khatun represents father figures?)

Okay, so:
1) Hap immediately has an interest in Prarie because of her unique ability (musical talent due to an NDE) and her blindness. Nancy immediately has an interest in Prarie because of her unique ability (calming the baby) and her blindness.
2) Hap “saves” Prarie from her adoptive parents and becomes the sort of parental figure she’s been hoping for. Nancy “saves” Prarie from her aunt and becomes the parental figure Prarie was hoping for.
3) Hap becomes very attached to Prairie because her blindness makes him believe she needs him. Nancy admits to Abel that the reason she chose Prarie was because she was blind and would always need her.
4) Hap imprisons Prarie and the others for 7 years by drugging them and keeping them in cages. Nancy medicated Prarie for years, keeping her imprisoned in her own mind.

Abel and Khatun both basically watch from the sidelines, hoping Prarie can find her happiness and peace.

Idk. This just snowballed in my head and I had to write it out.

I should separate these because it’s so long, but whatever.

I also think that the last episode was Prarie waking up in a mental hospital, which she’s been in ever since the police officer (Statue of Liberty security guard?) found her in New York. Hap might be the doctor at the hospital she’s in, who medicates her and keeps her locked in her room. Elias is probably her therapist. Either Homer and the others, or Steve and the others (or all of them), are patients in the mental hospital. Probably all of them, really. Every single one of them suffered from some type of mental trauma in their life that could have landed them in a mental hospital.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but yeah. Lemme know what you think if you happen to run across this.

OA characters as theatre people

because that’s what my life has come to at this point

OA - choreographer. tells the actors to ‘follow their characters’. dances look more like a bunch of people trying to catch leaves on a windy day. somehow this still looks good. 

Homer - media crew. a bit weird, in the background a lot but still somehow important ?

Hap - the director that everyone hates. shouts ‘HOLD’ about twenty times per scene. gives notes for at least an hour after each rehearsal. asks for impossible things from each crew. 

French - stage manager. usually very nice to people until it comes to a show then god help anyone who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. the assistant stage managers have to literally take tasks from him, he’s so bad at delegating. owns every type of tape imaginable (except normal sellotape. his brothers’ arts and crafts are stuck together with glue guns and gaff tape).

Buck - lighting. loves when there’s a big emotional scene and he gets to play about with different colours and lights and effects. also enjoys the strangely calming process of cutting and replacing gels. sings over the cans. is terrified of the director. 

Steve - sound. hates mic check with a passion. will not hesitate to yell at actors not paying attention. is vicious about ripping mic tape off peoples’ faces / necks/ backs. once wasted an entire box of those dry condoms you use for mic packs by blowing them up like balloons. hasn’t had sex in the AV cupboard but done pretty much everything else, while a performance was on. 

Jesse - an actor. nobody expected it but he’s surprisingly good at shakespeare. was Iago in a production of Othello and now Hap wants him in everything. is a laugh backstage but respects French’s need for ‘absolute fucking silence’ (especially when he’s carrying that glue gun).

BBA - front of house. bless her heart but she’s a bit old for running around backstage and dealing with 20 actors at once. plus she really does not want to work closely with the director, not after she got into a yelling match with him because he made Buck cry that one time.