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“Let’s start the year off with a good book. Choose one from this list. As a Panther in training in 1968 under London Williams and Robert Bay, we had to read more books that weren’t on the list.”

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Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox to play game on Wednesday afternoon to an empty stadium

Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox to play game on Wednesday afternoon to an empty stadium

(Getty Images) Camden Yards empty, as it will be during Wednesday afternoon’s game

TV viewers will be able to see something very unique on Wednesday afternoon.

As a result of the Baltimore Riots, Tuesday night’s game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Soxwas cancelled, as was Monday night’s.  On Wednesday the two teams will play at 2:05 p.m. EDT to an empty Camden Yards, as the…

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viitch asked:

i'm currently playing Battlesong (sandall standridge), Storm Mountain Jubilee (carl strommen), Bristol Bay Ledgend (robert sheldon ?) and Anthem of an Era (tyler s grant) and they're all pretty easy songs for my grade level

That gives you an opportunity to play them unbelievably well! Think of it as a chance to strive for perfection, don’t lose motivation just because it’s easy! I wish you luck, thanks for sharing! :)


Bay Area Backstage On Location
Day 1 Big WoW ComicFest
This Program we showcase The Milpitas Monster!!!
The Milpitas Monster is a horror/sci-fi/thriller film created in 1973-1976, directed by Robert L. Burrill. The monster was created by environmental pollution.
When a landfill is overfull, and pollution reaches its maximum, a monster is born. Made from garbage, and bearing a resemblance to a giant fly, the Milpitas Monster eats garbage to grow bigger. Some high school students find out about the monster and attempt to destroy it.
It was released on DVD with the alternate title “The Mutant Beast”,
The movie was filmed, stars, and was written by high school students,
The scene where the monster takes a girl hostage, and climbs the electric tower, is an homage to the 1933 film King Kong,
The monster makes the same screech as Rodan from the Godzilla franchise. It also has an origin similar to Hedorah, from the same franchise.
Six years before Milpitas Monster was released, The Monster That Everybody Created, produced by Mike Carroll and written by Doug Brusig from Peterson High School, was the first Bay Area high school smog monster movie from a garbage dump, i.e., the Sunnyvale dump.

Through three seasons, the linebacker has missed 16 games.

Let’s Fight Litter!!!!

Ron Delaney:

This is a re-blog, but the issue is still the same!! Bay Roberts WHY LITTER DAY on May 23, 2015 starting at the Bay Arena 9am. refreshments to be served 12 noon that the town council office 321 Water Street.

Originally posted on Delaney’s Rant:

On May 14 we will be holding a “Clean-up Day in Bay Roberts”. Meet us at 9 am at the Bay Arena parking lot to help make a difference or…

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Survey of sea grass aims to educate

Survey of sea grass aims to educate

SARASOTA COUNTY – Close to 100 people volunteered Saturday morning to watch grass grow.

That may sound dull on the surface, but the work had deeper meaning. For about four hours, a collection of boaters, kayakers, snorkelers and waders documented the size of underwater sea grass populations across 13 square miles of Sarasota Bay and Roberts Bay.

‘They’re searching around these areas, and…

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