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👻 DDADDS - Monster AU 👻

Welcome to Maple Bay!

This is probably definitely something that’s been done before, but what can I say? All Robert’s talk of cryptids made me wanna draw some monster Dads.


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How do you get the likes of Harvey Keitel, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino in the same movie as Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider? Hell, how do you get anyone in the same movie as Schneider? By having the best sets in town. That’s because most of them are actually just holiday destinations. Sandler stumbled on the idea during pre-production on 50 First Dates. On a whim, he suggested to the studio that they shoot the whole movie in Hawaii – and they agreed. Since then, Sandler has shot almost every movie he’s made either somewhere warm and fun or just in his backyard. Once you start noticing how many of his posters have exotic vegetation in the background, you can’t unsee it.

Of course, a tropical beach isn’t really worth much if you don’t have time to relax on it. Luckily, to quote Sandler, “I didn’t get into movies to please the critics. I got into it to make people laugh and have fun with my friends.” Turns out that not giving a fuck whether or not you’re making bad movies can actually be quite a pleasant experience. The pressure is off because, well, you’re working on an Adam Sandler movie – not even his audiences go in expecting anything more than a couple of semi-amused smirks. The last time Pacino could just have fun acting was probably at his sixth-grade school play. But on the set of Jack & Jill, he could have farted every line and critics would still have blamed it on the movie.

Perhaps most importantly, almost everyone who has worked with Sandler tells the same story: he’s sweet, charming, and the most down-to-earth guy in Hollywood. He’s always in a good mood, refuses to be treated like a movie star, and interacts with everyone (from Jessica Biel to the best boy) like they’re part of the family. So maybe when he asks you to come do his movie, it sounds more like your favorite neighbor inviting you over for a barbecue to shoot the shit and maybe push someone in the pool. Incidentally, we’ve just described the entire plot of both Grown Ups movies.

5 Reasons Good Actors Make Bad Movies (You Never Realized)

“Let’s start the year off with a good book. Choose one from this list. As a Panther in training in 1968 under London Williams and Robert Bay, we had to read more books that weren’t on the list.”

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My friend was introduced to dream daddy today and upon seeing Roberts hand tattoo asked “What’s he got a ship wheel tattoo for?”

And I. What if it’s a ships wheel. A really badly drawn ships wheel. Like then it’s just more of a connection to the whole Joseph thing if they designed tattoos that tied them together; an anchor for Joseph and a ships wheel for Robert. Just Robert is not the world’s best artist and it’s a bit rough and wonky???

Y'all even if you think it’s bullshit I wanna hear your ideas and comments about it in the tags yanno like what if??? Drunk night out??? ‘Let’s get fcking tattoos’ ‘Omg what a good idea yes’?????? These boys I stg


       —– Dadbook Video Dating Service

Dadbook is proud of unveil their subscription based dating service to help dads meet other dads! Our test candidates are Joseph Christiansen and Robert Small from Maple Bay - who will you match with? 

Robert Small - @nyxrising
Joseph Christiansen - @0becki

We love @dreamdaddygame and if you’ve not played it yet, go forth and do so! It’s awesome! 


I did it! I think I’ll either draw specific scenes (or if y’all want to get in on this, you can!) or make bad edits with screenshots (I already have supplies for that lol). 

So let me explain: This is a Dream Daddy IASIP AU. 

Request a piece of artwork or an icon by PM’ing me!

The tag that will be used to track this AU will be: It’s Always Sunny in Maple Bay

Tag me if you want with @theatmmachine or @theatmmmmm!! I’d love to see other interpretations!

Now I’ll explain my choices and ideas for it below: 

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Malec Parenting: Grandparents

Maryse and Robert were always willing to watch Max and (when they adopted him) Rafe. Magnus was somewhat comfortable with this, until Max started using magic sub consciously, and after the fit he threw with Alec, he was extremely nervous of the reactions of his Shadowhunter not-quite in-laws. Mostly he was worried that they would begin to favor Rafe if Max lost control again. And though Alec and Izzy and even Jace tried to convince him that their parents would never stop loving Max, the fear that his own parents, and various Shadowhunters (Maryse and Robert included) had place in him made him want to protect his little Blueberry even more.

This all being said, Maryse and Robert were annoying, and demanding grandparents, and were actually trying to set up dates or trips for him and Alec to go on so that they could watch the kids. The most interesting time this was done was when Robert called Magnus to tell him that Alec (by order of the inquisitor) was going to have two weeks off, and that he and Maryse were willing to watch the boys a week each. At that point Magnus knew that he would have to see what happened when they were left with his little angels.

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