robert bale


Robert Bales was the mass murderer responsible for the Kandahar massacre, when he shot and killed sixteen afghan civilians, burning some of their bodies (the aftermath of which is pictured about). Nine children, some as young as two years old, and four women were included in the victim count.

It was reported that he had consumed alcohol on the night of the shootings, a violation of military rules surrounding combat zones. He pled guilty to the crime in order to avoid the death penalty, and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

signs with footballers they would not get along with
  • Aries: Messi, Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez
  • Taurus: Bastian Schweinsteiger, Robert Lewandowski, Robin van Persie
  • Gemini: Fernando Torres, Landon Donovan, Paul Pogba
  • Cancer: Mesut Özil, Sergio Ramos, Olivier Giroud
  • Leo: Erik Durm, Andre Shürrle, Isco
  • Virgo: Alexis Sanchez, Mats Hummels, Xabi Alonso
  • Libra: Marc Bartra, Toni Kroos, Eden Hazard
  • Scorpio: Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi
  • Sagittarius: Oscar Emboaba, Thomas Müller
  • Capricorn: Antoine Griezmann, Zlatan, Manuel Neuer
  • Aquarius: Cesc Fabregas, Phillip Lahm, Iker Casillas
  • Pisces: Sergio Agüero, Mario Götze, Marco Reus

Swing Kids (1993)

The Swing Kids were a group of jazz and swing lovers in Germany in the 1930s. They were composed of 14 to 18-year-old boys and girls in high school, most of them middle or upper-class students.They admired the British and American way of life, defining themselves in swing music and opposing the National-Socialist ideology, especially the Hitlerjugend (“Hitler Youth” or HJ).

So yesterday I was going to New York to see my cousin in a show and the night before, I saw that July 21st was the day the strike started, and I realized that I was going to be IN. NEW YORK. ON the anniversary of the beginning of the strike. LIKE!!!!!! So flash forward when I’m in the city I’m thinking “I gotta listen to Newsies” so as I walk through New York on the anniversary of the strike I’m listening to World Will Know and Seize the Day and god ya know…I’m a big believer in the energies that places can have bc of “residual energy” or some shit I heard on ghost adventures…but anyway I totally believe in that…so I could just FEEL the energy the city was given because of what happened 118 years ago and I’m sure I looked fucking wEIRD furiously lip syncing and speed walking but I couldn’t. give. two. s h i t s. Anyways in summary I was a big dork and I loved every second.