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i honestly think, in the beginning, around the HF raid... robert would have taken either of the robbery thugs. if ross was the gay one and aaron straight we'd be the rossbert fandom right now. there's still echoes of how aggressive and sexually charged his attitude to aaron was in those early days, when he talks to ross now. its beautiful.

see i totally get what you mean because i think if ross had been gay or bi or whatever, robert might have gravitated more towards him purely because ross was a safer bet. he’s hardly a paragon of monogamy and they’ve certainly got some chemistry between them, even if it’s ever-so-slightly fuelled by hate

but, and here’s where i disagree, i think the reason robert actually got curious about aaron wasn’t because of his thug-like qualities (though they were certainly a turn on for rob) but actually because of the way he treated robert. ross was dismissive of him but more than willing to accept the money being offered no matter what morals he had to break to get it.

but aaron? aaron questioned robert about his reasons behind doing such a ridiculous stunt, he evidently wasn’t impressed by robert or ready to bow down just because robert was the one with the cash. aaron had principles and while robert didn’t share them, i do think he slightly admired aaron’s (albeit skewed) moral compass

not only that, but aaron was the only person who actually listened to robert when he talked about sarah and the memorial and how lawrence’s histrionics had caused robert to lose out on paying his respects. no one else had given robert the opportunity before to explain himself, and i also find it very telling that robert felt comfortable enough to talk about sarah with aaron despite not knowing him that long. it’s not like robert volunteers information about his parents willingly, and yet he did so with aaron, a comparative stranger, because he suddenly felt compelled to have aaron properly understand the situation he was in. he needed aaron to know that he wasn’t the spoiled, dramatic son-in-law throwing a hissy fit, that there was more to him than met the eye.

so while i could totally see robert having gone with ross in the beginning purely for some hatefucking goodness, i think it would always have been aaron who captured robert’s attention in the long run. there was a connection there that went much deeper than robert had had with anyone else, and that’s what kept him going back for more.


Imagine: Sirius getting jealous when he sees you flirting with another guy.

For: @claireisreallynotonfire

You’re walking through the hallway when a good friend of yours, Robert, comes up to you, “Hey Y/N!”

“Hey Rob! What’s up?” You ask. Robert was quite attractive with his perfect hair and his beautiful green eyes; however you never saw him as anything more than a friend. Robert on the other hand always wanted more than that. You were dating Sirius, but considering that your relationship was being kept a secret people were constantly flirting with both of you. You tried to your best to steer clear from flirtatious guys, but Sirius on the other hand continued to carelessly flirt back with girls, and that had really started to get on your nerves lately.

“I was wondering if you could look over my Transfigurations essay?” He asks, leaning against the wall and eyeing you flirtatiously.

“Sure,” You respond, chuckling at his desperate attempts to escape the friendzone.

You and Robert continue to talk in the hallway, when you notice a figure standing a little distance behind Robert. Sirius.

Your boyfriend’s usually playful grey eyes are dark with anger, and if looks could kill, Robert would be dead. He’s jealous, you smirk to yourself, oh this is about to get good!

You step a little closer to Robert and place your hand on his arm, you start playing with your hair and laughing a little more at his stupid jokes. You finally make eye contact with Sirius and he is seething, you smirk at him and he instantly catches on to what you’re doing. He storms over and grips Robert’s shoulder, “I think you should leave mate.”

“Sirius?” Robert turns to him, looking confused. Sirius’ eyes are focused on you; Robert looks between the two of you, “Is everything okay?”

“It won’t be unless you leave,” Sirius growls.

“Okay,” Robert drawls before walking away.

Once the coast is clear Sirius pushes you up against the wall, “What were you doing?!”

You shrug calmly, and he continues, “You know how much I hate it when people flirt with you don’t you Y/N?”

“Just as much as I hate it when girls flirt with you love,” You whisper back at him.

“You’re mine,” He growls into your ear before placing a kiss on your neck, and slowly makes his way up to your lips, “Only mine.”

You hum in response and he pulls away. He takes your hand and begins leading you up to the Room of Requirements.  


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I don't understand why some of the characters are being so horrible to Rob, considering Charity has done worse than he has and he has looked after Noah for her, without getting any thanks. Also this storyline is basically Vanessa/Adam/Kirin 2.0 with the baby

Okay, so I have been sarcastic about this in the other ask I got, but here is my honest opinion.

I don’t think just because you’ve fucked up yourself you are not allowed to call out others on their shit, or dislike them for the shit their done.

I don’t like the idea of keeping score.

Charity is probably the least responsible character we have on Emmerdale right now. I mean, we haven’t seen Noah for how long now? And she doesn’t seem to give a shit. She went to Dublin and no mention of Noah.

So I get it, she’s fucked up, too. 

But listen, if I fuck up, let’s say, I don’t call you back because I forgot or I fell asleep, does that mean I can never be mad at you for not calling me back?

I know, the Dingles do bad shit all the time, like none of them are truly honorable characters, right? But I do get that you protect your own, and I do get that Charity really doesn’t give two shits.

Vic is another matter now, I wish she would be a bit more loyal to her family, but okay….

I actually don’t think the baby is Ross’s, to be honest. I think she either is not pregnant at all or it’s a third dad, or she will just take off with the baby and that will be it or she’ll die.

 I don’t understand how can you pick a side here? Even I, with my unconditional love towards Magnus (and, I love Alec too, but it’s not even close to how much I love Magnus), totally understand both sides.

Alec should’ve told Magnus. Because, he has to trust Magnus with his own decisions, just like he asked Robert to trust his, without any promises. Because it is his boyfriend and, despite it being more of a political matter, it still is very much personal. Because, Magnus, people he loves and a whole race can die because of this.
But, it’s also completely understandable, because it’s important for Alec to look after his family, the institute, because this information might be the beginning of a war, because he didn’t want Magnus to lie to his people.

Magnus has every right to be pissed as well. Because, he told so many things to Alec no one else knows and this was the first time he has ever opened up to anyone like that. Because he has trust issues and insecurities. Because, they talked about trusting each other completely. 
It’s also understandable why he compared Alec to his parents and the Clave at that moment. Because, during a heated argument, when you’re hurt beyond belief everyone says things they regret afterwards. But, I don’t appreciate people saying it was a good roast either, because it was truly unfair and offensive. 
Plus, Magnus should’ve listened to Alec and what he has to say, instead of storming out. But, I also understand why he did it. Because, that’s how Magnus deals with arguments like that. He tries to keep a straight face and is being all sassy and he’s trying to get out of there as soon as possible to go somewhere else to cry and break things far from the person he had the argument with. He does that, because he doesn’t want to seem vulnerable and, even though his walls started slowly going down, when he is around Alec, they want straight up the second he thought Alec doesn’t trust him.

There are no right or wrong people here. There are just two boys, who are in love with each other, but whose issues, jobs, other parts of lives came in between them, as well as a misunderstanding and somewhat a lack of communication at that specific moment.

The only way my lightweight, alcohol allergic MC made it through Robert’s rout was very straight out the following:

  • Ordered a Rootbeer at Jim & Kims. Neil nodded bc hey, money is money and it’s on the menu.
    • The Game is totally Robot League Soccer. I demand that level of niche amusement.
  • When Robert asks if MC likes shots, he just.. 
    • “Listen, man, i’m allergic.”
    • “Allergic?”
    • “Yeah, as in I drink booze, i die. I’ll buy you a round and we can talk about League though!”
    • “…pf, sure.”
  • End up talking about stupid shit that’s happened during matches to a bunch of teams, and the people who work on the bots and how people only focus on the drivers. End up walking to the cul-de-sac. He invites MC inside.
    • “Nah man, you’re drunk as a skunk. I’ll help you inside if you need help up the stairs, though.”
    • He laughs at MC, says seeya.
  • The whole time of hanging out with him and Mary is drinking Virgin [non-alcoholic] drinks and throwing sarcasm and dark humor with Mary and Robert. 
    • Added benefit of being totally sober to laugh ass off at Robert’s antics and also being totally sober to get into said antics.

Basically i was sitting there like “i have never and can never have even one alcohol. what if i was just there having a water or Shirley temple and they teased me and i just ‘yes  but i will remember EVERYTHING’”

Little Dragon

Was it requested: Yup! Find it here!

Fandom: Game of Thrones

 Robb Stark/Targaryen!reader

Your gran will burn my house down.

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of abuse, non-smutty bed sharing, marrying to get out of bad situations, etc. Kinda just be on the look-out with this one. 

Summary: [the requests itself]  Hey I know you’re probably busy doing other peoples imagines but I was wondering when you finish if you wouldn’t mind doing a robb stark imagine like where the reader is daenerys little sister but Robert baratheon had captured here during the rebellion so Robb meets her when Robert comes to ask Ned to be hand of the king. Since he hates targaryens so much he’s just really mean to her but Robb gets protective of her. Sorry if it’s confusing love but you’re imagines are so good I hope you can doi 

Author’s Note: This one’s a bit long, 2000 or so words. Also, I think I strayed a little too far from the original request, so yike, I hate myself. 

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Aaaaaa thanks so much @taoshay !!!  I don’t think I ever could x-x especially with sweet people like you reminding me of my Mac love! I hope you have a lovely day as well (and Deacon too ;D) ♥


Thank you @assassinshadowgirl !!! Such a sweet ask! Glad you’re enjoying the Mac fanarts, I love him so ;~; And omg, I’ve not drawn him without the beard because even while in progress drawing him it’s the weirdest thing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE but here you go, a freaky no-goatee Mac doodle :) ♥