robert antoni


#Captain America: Civil War#「Who They Really Are」
#Steve Rogers#Captain America
“I thought everyone I had known was gone.
When I found out that she was alive.
I was just lucky to have her.”
#Tony Stark#Iron Man
“(I love you, Dad.And I knew you did the best you could.)
That’s how I wished it happened.”
#Natasha Romanoff#Black Widow
“I know.I didn’t want you to be alone.”
#Sam Wilson#Falcon
“The people that shoot at you,
usually wind up shooting at me.”
“For people to see you…as I do”
#Clint Barton#Hawkeye
“you’re doing me a favou.
Besides…I owed a debt.”
#Peter Parker#Spider-Man
“when you can do the things
that I can,but you don’t…
and then the bad things happen,
they happen because of you.”
#T'Challa#Black Panther
“Vengeance has consumed you.
It’s consuming them.
I am done letting it consume me.”
#Bucky Barnes#Winter Soldier
“I can’t trust my own mind.
I think going back under is the best thing,
… for everybody.”

After Ordering “Tall Iced Coffee with Soy Milk”

As when the night of moons and stars
     Drove me to toil and strife,
Hunger and thirst and hopelessness
     Brought me Starbucks tonight.

The beans’ roast gives the strong, bold scent
     Of baristas named Bernice––
The beans, and the cold, white soy milk,
     And the counter splashed with grease.

Who asks of me my order now?
     It would be more delight
To have asked for a croissant or scone
     Than sip this drink tonight.