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Sherlock Holmes Masterpost

Here is a compilation of my favourite Holmes and a bit of historical background. I know these are not to everyone’s taste, but these are dearest to me. They fill my mind and my heart.  And these are really only the tip of the iceberg. Please click pictures for captions.

From the Civil War press conference this afternoon–

ANTHONY RUSSO: In this movie, there’s a remarkable sequence where Robert Downey Jr. plays a 20-year-old man … which is pretty incredible!
[Everyone laughs]

ANTHONY:  He plays someone who was around the age he was when we all first saw him on the screen.  
RDJ:  Aww, it’s nostalgic.
RDJ:  Very expensive nostalgia, I’m told.
ANTHONY:  And It took us months and months of work on that shot to make it work.  It’s very complicated, taking a human face and changing the human face in a way that looks realistic.  And in fact it was the last shot we completed in the movie, just dropped it in the movie maybe five days ago.
KEVIN FEIGE:  On Robert’s birthday.