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biggest flirt: robert sugden

  • Ashton and Bryana Break Up: Broken Home
  • Luke and Arzaylea Break Up: Hey Everybody!
The Zodiac Signs As IZombie Characters

Aries; Julien
Taurus; Vaughn Du Clark
Gemini; Major Lilywhite
Cancer; Eva Moore
Leo; Blaine Debeers
Virgo; Peyton Charles
Libra; Evan Moore
Scorpio; Lowell Tracey
sagittarius; Holly White
Capricorn; Clive Babineaux
Aquarius; Ravi Chakrabarti
pisces; Liv Moore

“Emmerdale” should get more credit for being witty, because ...

while Robert unequivocally has golden locks, and Aaron is very much a baby bear, Aaron is the one whom has tried coincidental beds in order to find the right fit.

  • Victoria Sugden = All wrong and, yet, kind of right.
  • Jackson Walsh = The urge to rebel against what should feel natural.
  • Ed Roberts = Too soon to last.
  • Robert ‘Jack’s son’ Sugden = Just right. (Sorry, Holly, and all of the one-night-stands, Finn included, you don’t fit this wordplay.)

I think about this often and have to stop and laugh with a tear in an eye for Jackson.

What I’m not here for: Not seeing Robron’s date to an amusement park.

What I am here for: Seeing Gordon’s house being smashed.

Who really needs to stop making bad decisions: Cain.

emmerdale really are incredible at portraying the realism of grief and projecting the powerful relationships and connections between the villagers through every piece of sadness and heartfelt emotion:

  • the show beginning with victoria laid beside her mother in law, being a comfort to her through the night and a protective angel furthermore
  • the dingles and the bartons rallying together to take care of the farm despite the bitterness that may be still present
  • the blaming of each other and themselves, the anger and uncontrollable tears - this is almost always the first reaction in the cycle of the soul destroying loss of a loved one and it’s done SO well in this damn soap
  • the robron reunion, robert instantly jumping off the sofa to cradle his boyfriend. the comforting hug and the way they held on to each other spoke volumes - it was I missed you, I’m here for you, I’m sorry, I love you
  • bartsugsy being such a strong, supportive family!!
  • aaron rushing without hesitation to console his best friend because he needed him; with robert following closely behind, them being part of the situation TOGETHER, a team
  • aaron with tears in his eyes as he pulls adam into not one but two huge hugs (their bond is so special)
  • robert being beside vic, taking on the role of looking after her whilst he allows aaron some time with adam, telling her he’ll take care of him because he knows how much of a good heart he has
  • robert bringing vic some comfort food from diane, the remaining sugden’s sharing that grounded link
  • the fact everyone else had the same idea, the rows of casserole dishes alone gave a true to life sentiment - a small, close knit village sharing their sorrowed thoughts in the form of food
  • aaron and adam in the pub aka their safe haven, the place they can let off steam and that adam did in trusting the one person who understands and will help
  • noah and moira, it was so touching - him offering kindness, important words and cards (once again, like children always do whenever there’s pain and agony around)
  • cain and moira, gosh there’s just so much love and hurt and resentment and heartbreak there, him hugging her and her hitting him, totally different but both on the same level

I don’t think I can praise emmerdale enough for the past two days, this was a worthy follow up and it showed what they do best. you know the writing, directing and acting has been done well when you physically feel emotionally worn out!

  • Robert: Here you go.
  • Holly: Thanks.
  • Robert: So, where do you want me?
  • Holly: Somewhere else.
  • Robert: Not sure I understand the motivation for that.-to Aaron- There you go.
  • Aaron: Wow, look at you, picking stuff up and buying people breakfast. What have you done with Robert?
  • Robert: Trying to keep on your good side, aren't I? In case you attack me next.
  • Aaron: Oh, come on, what do you want me to do? Go and find Andy and unhit him? Because I wouldn't even if I could.
  • Robert: No, that would never do. Can't not have tension in my family.
  • Aaron: So, he killed your mum and shot your dad. It's hardly the first time, is it?
  • - Chas arrives -
  • Robert: You're not gonna say anything, are you?
  • Aaron: I don't wanna keep things from her.
  • Robert: Even if it's for the best?
  • - walking over to Chas -
  • Aaron: How are you?
  • Chas: Hang on, hang on. Ooooh! Good now. -to Robert- Air hug.
  • Robert: Cheers. So how was your...thing?
  • Chas: Yeah, good. Helpful. I feel almost completely de-mentalled. So, what has been going on here?
  • Robert: Oh, you mean me living in the pub?
  • Chas:, I already knew that. Yay! What else?
  • Aaron: Nothing. why?
  • Chas: Just making a conversation.
  • Aaron: Right. stuff, isn't it?
  • Robert: Yeah.
  • Aaron: (phone rings) Hello? Oh, yeah, I am, yeah. Are you there now, yeah? Give us just two minutes. Cheers. The guy with thhe copper piping has turned up. So, he's on the clock.
  • - Aaron leaves, Robert wants to leave -
  • Chas: Ah, no. Bag duty. You've escaped, love.
  • - Robert leans down, Chas kicks them away -
  • Robert: That's helpful.
  • Chas: Tell you what would be. You spilling what the matter is with you and him.
  • Robert: There's nothing.
  • Chas: Robert, don't be boring.
Book Recommendations

I’ve been looking down the Book Recs tag and I honestly didn’t get that far down it. But I was noting off authors and book series. There are over 100 listed here.

Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance books to read after you’ve finished The Dresden Files

These are listed alphabetically by author. Some authors have been given on their own without a book series, or have appeared multiple times for different things so they are just names for you to look in too. By no means a complete list, but I may add to it as time goes by.

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I’m just gonna put it out there with all the new girls in 5sos life. I know they’re happy and they deserve great girls and obviously they are good looking guys so obviously they should have pretty girlfriends but seeing Bryanna and now Arzaylea I feel so self conscious like wow I’m quite unattractive what was I thinking before. ok rant over thank you