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biggest flirt: robert sugden

  • Ashton and Bryana Break Up: Broken Home
  • Luke and Arzaylea Break Up: Hey Everybody!


The Zodiac Signs As IZombie Characters

Aries; Julien
Taurus; Vaughn Du Clark
Gemini; Major Lilywhite
Cancer; Eva Moore
Leo; Blaine Debeers
Virgo; Peyton Charles
Libra; Evan Moore
Scorpio; Lowell Tracey
sagittarius; Holly White
Capricorn; Clive Babineaux
Aquarius; Ravi Chakrabarti
pisces; Liv Moore


Red Dwarf Cast Messing about -AGAIN!- (Easter Egg)

anonymous asked:

I see people learned the word biphovic and everyone that dares to question or cant understand sexuality is a biphovic bitch? How about Robert being homophovic while had been married to a gay man? Rebecca wasnt the married one. Robert was. Remember when Aaron was in love with Robert and lied for him, cheated with him, forgave him after being verbally and emotionally abused by him and oh yeah held under gunpoint? But i see many of you have selective memory

Rebecca is biphobic Anon. It wasn’t because she doesn’t understand sexuality. She just couldn’t believe that Robert wasn’t going to leave Aaron for her. That Robert wasn’t going to jump at the chance to sleep with her. She couldn’t accept (I don’t think she still does) that Robert never loved her. So she belittled his sexuality, disregarded his relationship with Aaron, and kept trying to get in his pants, despite his continuous rejection of her. The people in the village have all displayed biphobic behaviour. While you can accuse them of being ignorant or misinformed, I refuse to believe that about Rebecca. She is well-educated, well-travelled, and led a boho lifestyle before moving to Emmerdale. Not that that makes the biphobic behaviour of the villagers any less excusable. Emmerdale should use their favourite medium of communication (Twitter) and explain that the village is full of idiots, so they’re trying to accurately represent biphobic behaviour. Or they should just stop!!! But they treat Robert’s sexuality as a joke or an afterthought, so I’m expecting that - Never!!!

Aaron has also displayed biphobic behaviour, as witnessed by the expression of his doubts and insecurities, regarding Robert’s bisexuality. This was very realistic and I could relate to it, because I’ve had that experience with partners. So I was really happy, because it looked like they were trying to represent the struggles of bisexual people in relationships. Talk about a total let down!

Robert suffers from internalized homophobia (too long for me to explain exactly what that is here, please look it up). It explains a lot of the homophobic behaviour he displays. Aaron also went through that, while struggling to come to terms with being gay.

About everything else you’ve accused Robert of doing…You haven’t watched Aaron’s storyline, when he first got to Emmerdale. He did a lot of horrible things too. I LOVE Aaron Dingle, but I refuse to disregard his bad behavior.

1. He threatened Victoria - Physically grabbed her and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone, he was a virgin. That was disturbing af!!!

2. You don’t know John Barton. He was Moira Barton’s first husband. The one she cheated on with Cain Dingle. Aaron lied about being physically abused by him. John almost went to prison for it. Aaron tried to blackmail Holly Barton into having sex with him, so he would drop the charges. Paddy intervening is what stopped it all. The entire Barton family, including Adam hated Aaron for a while afterwards.

3. Gaslighting (to manipulate someone by psychological means into doubting their own sanity) Paddy - He did this many times. Used his good nature against him. Stole and then sold his drugs (Paddy is a vet), hid the money, lied about it. He also beat the shite out of Paddy.

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“Emmerdale” should get more credit for being witty, because ...

while Robert unequivocally has golden locks, and Aaron is very much a baby bear, Aaron is the one whom has tried coincidental beds in order to find the right fit.

  • Victoria Sugden = All wrong and, yet, kind of right.
  • Jackson Walsh = The urge to rebel against what should feel natural.
  • Ed Roberts = Too soon to last.
  • Robert ‘Jack’s son’ Sugden = Just right. (Sorry, Holly, and all of the one-night-stands, Finn included, you don’t fit this wordplay.)

I think about this often and have to stop and laugh with a tear in an eye for Jackson.