• Lachlan:Go on. Ask him.
  • Liv:Ask him what?
  • Chas:Nothing, love. Go and get your tea in the caff.
  • Chrissie:You're not even trying to deny it. (slaps Rebecca)
  • Rebecca:Ow!
  • Charity:How's that for a birthday present?
  • Liv:(to Robert) What are you hiding now?
  • Robert:Nothing. Aaron knows, okay?
  • (Rebecca slaps Chrissie)
  • Chrissie:Ow!
  • Moira:I'm off. Before I give both of them a slap.
  • Chrissie:I always knew that you were a bitter, jealous airhead! But to try and steal my boyfriend...
  • Rebecca:Oh, your boyfriend who left you for a bloke? He never loved you, Chrissie.
  • Lawrence:Look, can we continue this discussion at home?
  • Charity:No, please. Carry on.
  • Chas:Thanks for this, Robert. Can you give me a list of all your exes so I can ban 'em in advance? Sort your daughters out, Lawrence!
  • Ronnie:Come on, Rebecca. Time to go.
  • Lawrence:It's okay, Ronnie. I can take it from here. Come on.
  • Robert:Oi. I thought you said you were gonna shut him up.
  • Rebecca:Yeah, well, at least I don't have to fake it any more.

Hubert Robert - Swimming Pool, Surrounded by Colonnade - 1770

Hubert Robert - Ancient Ruins Used as Public Baths - 1798 

Hubert Robert - Le Pont triomphal - 1782

Hubert Robert - Architectural Landscape with a Canal

Hubert Robert - Colosseum, Rome  - 1780-1790

Hubert Robert - Ruins with an obelisk in the distance - 1775


This is a film my two friends and I created in a week for University of Central Florida’s event Campus Moviefest. The actors Gordon and Drew have put forth a tremendous amount of effort in helping make this a reality, and I could not have made it as awesome as it is without their participation. The film is about an encounter between two gay men facilitated by a gay dating app. I wrote it to explore the emotions and interactions between two strangers meeting for the first time through an app. More specifically, I wanted to illustrate the contrast in expectations and reality between someone wanting a relationship and someone wanting a hookup. I would appreciate it if you all would watch the movie. If you enjoy it, please share it with your friends.

Thank you all for your support!