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Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland, Rober Downey Jr, Russo Brothers on the set of #AvengersinfinityWar with Stan Lee!

Masterlist (Tony Stark X Reader)

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 T O N Y   S T A R K     O N E  S H O T S

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R O B E R T   D O W N E Y  J.R  O N E  S H O T S

1.  Pool Side Fun
2. The Makeup Artist

ok but I’m not ready to the face the heartbreak if tony really does die in infinity war because just thINK how devastated peter is gonna be because we thought tHAT™ scene was rough we got another thing coming. I’m 99.999% sure the scene floating around about peter crying and saying ‘I’m sorry’ to tony is a direct correlation to this (◕︿◕✿)

Tony: Take off your shirt.

Steve: Why?

Tony: Please can you take off your shirt, ‘cause I can’t stop thinking, and then you just…

Steve: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Tony: Alright, okay, okay, okay.

Steve: [removing his shirt] Okay, okay, okay.

Tony: Fuck! Seriously? It’s like you’re photoshopped. Can I…?

[walks forward and touches Steve’s abs]

Steve: Ahh! You have cold hands. Now you take off your shirt.

Tony: No.

Steve: Yes.

Tony: No way. Not with all of that going on. No, thank you. Is there dim lighting somewhere?