robecca steam


Steam Lim

Thats going to be her name😂 it’s a very lame attempt to pun with a place here in Singapore Sim Lim Square where you can get hardware and stuff.. I’ve not actually been there, but I should at least once.

Along with the cool features, this doll also has a lot of limitation in articulation. It is the Ghouls Alive Robecca doll.

The special feature in the shoes are a huge reason why I decided to paint the doll looking down. I wanted her to look good at a low angle shot

Clara finally has a companion now ^^


Late Night Inspiration

…for taking a bunch of quick lil’ photos of my new and some old Minis. I’ve been hunting down Robecca and Twyla for a good while and finally got them both. Although I only collect the Original Ghouls, Ragdoll Frankie had to be part of my Christmas decoration. I also decided to get Pattern Skelita, because she’s a better match with my costumized normal sized Skelita. Plus: Toralei. She. Is. Gorgeous. (>^u^

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Some more photos of Skelita


I got artsy!

Some of my favourite Monster High ghouls and Ever After High girls sketched by me! The ones that aren’t named within their picture are Honey Swamp and Operetta as humans. My OC Asha is the daughter of Madame Vastra from Doctor Who, so she’s technically an alien. o(^w^)o

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Monster High stickers, scanned and edited by me.

Huge files, just open the pictures in a new tab.


Some of the concepts that went in to the ‘Save Frankie’ campaign for Monster High’s ‘Freaky Fusion’. At first they wanted her to look remade. Then they asked her to look more dead. Then she looked TOO dead…I’m not sure where we ended up. It was eventually handed to an artist who had more time on their hands.

The version of Frankie lying on the table was colored by another artist. Name forgotten unfortunately.