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1. Your favorite MH character. #Monster High Challange

Robecca and Operetta from the beginning. Today I’m sharing the room I made for my first Robecca almost a year ago and my touched up second Robecca with a flower crown I made. It’s pretty rare that I work on a doll all by myself and I’m actually quiet proud of this one. ヽ(๑◠ܫ◠๑)ノ

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how much emotions!
monster high fan art. don’t know who draw it, sorry guys

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Steam Lim

Thats going to be her name😂 it’s a very lame attempt to pun with a place here in Singapore Sim Lim Square where you can get hardware and stuff.. I’ve not actually been there, but I should at least once.

Along with the cool features, this doll also has a lot of limitation in articulation. It is the Ghouls Alive Robecca doll.

The special feature in the shoes are a huge reason why I decided to paint the doll looking down. I wanted her to look good at a low angle shot

Clara finally has a companion now ^^


Late Night Inspiration

…for taking a bunch of quick lil’ photos of my new and some old Minis. I’ve been hunting down Robecca and Twyla for a good while and finally got them both. Although I only collect the Original Ghouls, Ragdoll Frankie had to be part of my Christmas decoration. I also decided to get Pattern Skelita, because she’s a better match with my costumized normal sized Skelita. Plus: Toralei. She. Is. Gorgeous. (>^u^

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Some more photos of Skelita