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how much emotions!
monster high fan art. don’t know who draw it, sorry guys

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1. Your favorite MH character. #Monster High Challange

Robecca and Operetta from the beginning. Today I’m sharing the room I made for my first Robecca almost a year ago and my touched up second Robecca with a flower crown I made. It’s pretty rare that I work on a doll all by myself and I’m actually quiet proud of this one. ヽ(๑◠ܫ◠๑)ノ

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking monster high requests, i'd love to see a style swap of robecca and rochelle

I do them as my inspiration hits!! So feel free to keep sending them, I just may not do them if they just don’t strike my inspiration enough? Its not cos theyre bad, its just that inspiration is an abstract nebulous force of willpower so!!

but here they are.


I like how this batch of doodles turned out for the most part :)  I tried to challenge myself a little by drawing River (such a detailed character…), and by drawing Ghoulia and Cleo together (even though their interaction is pretty minimal here…).  Also, the thing Honey is looking at is supposed to be a praying mantis ^^;

Drawings like the one of Robecca are the type I tend to draw most frequently: one character in a standing pose, usually in a fancy outfit.  I should try and challenge myself a bit more often.