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An absolutely gorgeous commission by the talented @tosquinha (Seriously, I can’t stop looking at it.) 

Based on my fic, Zanka - a Victuuri historical AU in 1800s, Edo, Japan. Yuuri is Aoyagi, a high-ranking male courtesan, and Viktor falls hopelessly in love.

The scene is from chapter one: 

As the translator turned once more, Viktor returned his gaze to the courtesan. The man was idly fingering the length of his pipe as he listened to the translator’s words. Despite his soft features, there was a sharpness to him, an edge, as though life had him honed into a beautiful, double-edged sword. Viktor felt his insides churn; buried under all those luxurious robes was a young man who probably never knew a world beyond the red lights of Yoshiwara.

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  • me: mm i love me some clawed the boo sea
  • you: i've never heard of him!
  • me: or pole hinder mitt
  • you: who
  • me: or fee licks mend else on
  • you: ???
  • me: head fart greek
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  • me: jewel mass a neigh
  • me: or to rain oh rest pee gay
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  • me: salt and cow dye
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  • me: yo hand a may
  • me: hen rye purse hell
  • me: cammy san sons
  • me: leigh oh dell leaves
  • me: and tony oh viviality
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  • me: france juice F. hiding
  • me: art oar oh markers
  • me: lend burns time
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  • me: and tonne brick nor
  • me: bed riches met anna
  • me: me kyle gull inker
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  • me: all hicks under glass urn off
  • me: rich hard S. trounce
  • me: yo hannah's bra mmmmmmmmmmmmms
  • me: ant on in vore jack
  • me: sir gay pro coffee elf
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okay i know it Doesn’t Actually Work Like That, but i love the fact that the Blue Eyes White Dragon and the Dark Magician are referred to as natural enemies by shadi (and I think others too).

because, before the Egyptian mythology of yugioh was really fleshed out, this is pretty easy to buy. Atem and Seto are adversaries. dragons and wizards are common fixtures in fantasy and often pitted against each other in stories. okay, cool. but then there’s the revelation that monsters, ESPECIALLY those two, are tied to human souls. and it just makes me laugh because I’m like 99.8% certain Mahad and Kisara never ONCE met each other but their souls are apparently ready to throw down on sight, any time of day, no questions asked, because their respective loved ones are engaged in an eternal pissing contest


They were clothed in the bodies of old men, restricting their powers so that they would only assist to the peoples of Middle-earth and not seek domination like Sauron, who was also a Maia. By inhabiting the bodies of Men they were ordered by the Valar to assist the people of Middle-earth through persuasion and encouragement, not force or fear. Being clothed in the bodies of Men they also became susceptible to all the weaknesses of a physical body, they felt hunger, pain, greed, sorrow, joy, and all other emotions and pains of Men.

Harry Potter / Marvel fusion~! Tony’s in Ravenclaw of course. I can just see him making magical objects, can you imagine how much trouble he would get into?? Though he could be in Gryffindor if he wanted… and seeing who else is in Gryffindor, he definitely would want to (ahemSteve-!)

Oh man, this one is a classic!

First Photo of an Exoplanet:

Above is the first photograph of a planet outside of our solar system - MCY 70117a, or “Planet Tennis Ball”

MCY 70117a is a Saturn-sized gas giant orbiting the binary brown dwarf Luhman 16, which is only 6.5 light years from our sun. It was photographed on July 1st, 2017 by amateur astronomer Marshall C. Yarnblob of rural Cornwall, England. 

“I built my telescope from some spare computer parts and a common bathroom mirror,” said Yarnblob, “It’s slightly better than Hubble due to the curvature of the mirror, which I discovered only after I had built the ‘scope. I built it to spy on my neighbor, who I’m pretty sure is some kind of Satanist, but when I pointed it to the stars, I realized its resolution was, by pure chance, flawless.”

Yarnblob offered his telescope to NASA and the ESA but was declined by both, who didn’t believe his claims. One thing is for certain- They believe him now. They also afforded him the right to name the planet, which he promptly called “Planet Tennis Ball” owing to the yellow hue and white curvy line around its equator, which experts believe is an atmospheric band of methane.

The Yarnblob Telescope is currently being moved - very carefully - to Dungeness beach where light pollution will not affect it. Said NASA head Lauren Logllamadachshund, “We hope to view the system’s other planets within the week, and to observe the exoplanets of Proxima Centauri in even greater clarity.”

Yarnblob has declined all offers of money for the telescope, stating that science is its own reward. He asked only for a conventional telescope in exchange so that he might further spy on his neighbor. “He’s up to something, I know it. The police won’t listen but I saw him building an altar, and I saw him wearing black robes. The man sacrifices babies, you mark my words,” said Yarnblob.

When asked for comment, his neighbor Aleister LaVey stated that he was not a Satanist, and that he only ever sacrificed one baby once when he was in college as part of a frat dare.

FIJMU News, 7/16/17

Hey everyone, are you ready for some Fun Ikesoren Theories???? Of course you are you’re reading the tag.

So as I’m sure all of you are aware, Soren’s RD (and POR, just purple instead of grey) design for the Sage class features a robe with long sleeves.

(Wow! It’s a boy!)

While it’s not a 100% perfect fit, as the official art and Soren’s model show the sleeves more squarish, the long portions of the sleeves cover more of the length of the sleeve (for lack of a better way of describing them), and the sleeves themselves are a little shorter, they greatly resemble the sleeves of a furisode.

(Modern furisode are absolutely beautiful btw.)

Those versed in traditional Japanese clothing will know that furisode today are the most formal sort of traditional kimono for young women. So why am I drawing a comparison between them and the robes of Soren, a man?

A lesser known fact is that, in feudal Japan, an adult man could wear a furisode

An adult man who wore a furisode did so to indicate that he was the lover of a samurai.

This is occasionally leaned into in Japanese media as a sort of fanservice-y method of implying two men are lovers. A good example would be the Nihon arc of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, in which Fai is shown wearing a furisode. (Fai is the heavily implied love interest of the other adult male lead Kurogane, who is a ninja from Nihon. Nihon is an AU fairy tale version of feudal Japan.)

(Fun fact: when I was searching for this page I read ahead and I had completely forgotten Fai punched Kurogane after this for saving his life. All my favorite cliches.)

So what’s my point? My point is that it’s a relatively well known trope in Japanese media that a furisode worn by a man indicates that he’s another man’s lover, and furthermore that said lover is a warrior. Typically, a sword fighter even.

Soren’s Sage outfits in both POR and RD could very well be influenced by this trope, with his robes being a more westernized adaptation of furisode with the sleeves, the distinguishing feature of the garment, being left intact.

(aka more proof that ikesoren is totally canon)

Boys (M)

→ immortal!reader x exo; aeon’s lovers

prologue - chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3

warnings: smut: threesome.

Detective Do stayed silent, in respect to your words and experience - finally. And with a small, silent sigh, you continued spilling the stories of your life, the stories of the lovers and all their doings that molded you into who you were today.

“I fled China that day in 1947. Jumped aboard a ship that took me to San Fransisco, sunny California, USA. There, I lived my first few years on the streets, molding my English into perfection and surviving on the sheer generosity of others. Until the day I finally scored work at a restaurant as a waitress, and my boss was nice enough to let me live in his basement until I had earned enough to get my own place. And just like that, I built my way up in life.

It was a warm spring day in 1956 when I stumbled upon amateur director Byun Baekhyun. His eyes widened when he spotted me and he was far from shy in that exact moment as he asked for my participation in his newest film where I was to co-star with an actor named Park Chanyeol. As I accepted this eager man’s proposal, I had no idea that during the process of making this film, I would become the center of a lethal, jealousy-driven love triangle.”

San Fransisco, California, USA, 1956


Baekhyun’s low, deeper than usual, voice drew the word out. You stared into Chanyeol’s dark, warm eyes with curiosity, your breath colliding with his as the both of you paused only millimeters apart, his heavy body lying over yours. It was odd to end a kiss scene right before the actual kiss, right?

“cut!” The former man finally announced after what seemed like hours. Without the usual smile or grin, Baekhyun shuffled out of his chair, eyes hard when he shot you and Chanyeol a quick glance before walking out of the studio, into the hall of wardrobes, taking a quick turn into what you knew was his own office. You parted from Chanyeol, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion before you sat up on the bed, reaching your hand out to your assistant; a silent plea for your white robe. The other remaining members of the film crew seemed just as puzzled as yourself and your co-star.

Without trying to explain his old friend’s behavior, Chanyeol jumped to his feet, taking the robe offered to him with a quick smile to the crew member. “Thank you, Robert.”

He then offered you his hand and helped you to your own feet. Once on your feet, you cocked any eyebrow in the direction Baekhyun had stormed off into, throwing silent questions at your co-star who had known the slightly reserved director longer than you had. Chanyeol kept silent, instead grinning down at you the way only he could. 

“Are you still up for tonight? I reserved a table at your favorite place.”

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