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Goodbye Once (Broadway) from the Cast of Once (London)

Today, 21 March 2015, Once closes on the West End at the Phoenix Theatre. In addition to each and every creator and crew member that has contributed to the show’s success over the past 2+ years (including the show’s run at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre), we thank the cast members that helped bring this beautiful story to life each night:

Florence Andrews, Valda Aviks, Jack Beale, Declan Bennett, Fiona Bruce, Jamie Cameron, Mark Carlisle, Kieran Cunningham, Zrinka Cvitešić, Arthur Darvill, Brandon Ellis, Phoebe Fildes, Ryan Fletcher, Matthew Ganley, Helena Gullan, Mathew Hamper, Allison Harding, Daniel Healy, David Hunter, Ronan Keating, Aidan Kelly, Katrina Kleve, Dogan Mehmet, Gareth O’Connor, Michael O’Connor, Loren O’Dair, Tim Parker, Miria Parvin, Tim Prottey-Jones, Sophie Reid, Jos Slovick, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Christina Tedders, Alex Turney, Jez Unwin, Gabriel Vick, Stuart Ward, Ruth Westley, Robbie White, Jill Winternitz, Tomas Wolstenholme, and the fabulous Ivankas: Ceyda Ali, Emily Beacock, Rosanna Beacock, Mia Jai Bryan, Pacha Busby, Rebecca Connolly, Juliana Cotton, Pacha Ann Green, Tigan Hawes, Nancy Ann Jeans, Honey Joyce, Demi Lee, Gemma Loader, Audrey Newman, and Ruby Payne

Fare-thee-well, Once West End!