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Masterpost of podcasts please


-Welcome To Night Vale
-Alice Isnt Dead
-Wolf 359
-The Bright Sessions
-Wooden Overcoats
-Within The Wires
-Eos 10
-King Falls AM
-ars Paradoxica
-Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape
-The Black Tapes
-The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air)
-Jim Robbie and the Wanderers
-Greater Boston
-The Bridge
-Lake Clarity
-Dead Serious
-The Falcon Banner

-The Haven Chronicles

-Zombies, Run!
-The Adventure Zone

-The Strange Case of Starship Iris
-The Magnus Archives
-Return Home
-Alba Salix, Royal Physician
-Our Fair City
-Rex Rivetter: Private Eye
-The Stage Podcast
-The Grayscale

((yea my to listen list is long im tryna juggle taz and zr its not fun))

(((oh yeah i also listen to sleep with me but i didnt know where to put it so…)))


I’ve seen some stuff going back and fourth between the fandom about whether Sportacus and Robbie would be more of a dog person or a cat person

but as someone who owns a pet rabbit, I INSIST that a rabbit would be the PERFECT pet for Sportacus

honestly, Sportacus himself is pretty much a human (elf) rabbit 

They both have big ears and are CRAZY about sportscandy

Like Sportacus, rabbits are also very active pets that like to run and jump 

Also, like Sportacus, rabbits are very fucking cute 

There’s plenty of reasons why a rabbit would be a good pet for someone like Sportacus 

First off, Sportacus and his pet would share pretty much the same diet. The only thing a rabbit eats that Sport might not is hay and hay pellets 

Secondly, although rabbits require more maintenance than a lot of people think, it’s still not as much work as a dog or a cat. So, Sport can spend plenty of time outside during the day playing with the kids and saving people, and his rabbit will be fine as long as it has enough hay and water while he’s gone and Sport comes home by evening 

A rabbit’s sleep schedule is perfect for him. Rabbits are crepuscular, so they are most active in the morning and in the evening, and the least active in the afternoon and at night. The morning and evening is when Sportacus is home in the airship 

His living space might not be enough to a larger pet, but it’s enough for something as small as a rabbit. The airship has just the right amount of space for a rabbit to have playtime when it’s not in its cage/exercise pen. A rabbit doesn’t need to be walked like a dog, so there is no worrying over how to get it in and out the airship every day 

Just- PLEASE imagine Sportacus chilling with his rabbit during playtime. Crawling around with it, sharing some carrots with it…I mean, CUTE 

Actually…a rabbit would not be a bad pet for Robbie either. Rabbits do not make any noises, clean themselves are almost never need to be bathed, and are generally tidy and can even be litterbox trained. Rabbits are also the type of pet that are fun to just watch, and don’t necessarily demand physical interaction with you all the time like a dog or cat. However, rabbits can still be very sweet and let me tell you, petting one is the most therapeutic thing ever 

BASICALLY WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS, boyfriend AU where Sport and Rob live together and are the gay dads to two little bunnies, who are also gay 


I probably make way too many Silent Hill tees, but what can I say… it’s my favorite horror game series! :D

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Pets the Lazytown characters would have, with the help of my 9yr old brother
  • Sportacus: Either a cat or a rabbit. Probably a rabbit (my brother thinks the rabbit would also be a hero)
  • Stephanie: Steph would also have a rabbit
  • Robbie: Probably some kind of dog, maybe one that is like Sugarpie, like a pitbull or jack russel
  • Ziggy: A hamster (he almost said bear)
  • Stingy: A micropig. He'd put a matching bowtie on it
  • Pixel: A real mouse, to go with his computer mouse
  • Trixie: Some kind of lizard
  • the Mayor: He immediately said bird. Maybe a yellow parakeet
  • Bessie: A colorful parrot that's just as talkative as she is